Connecting to your inner boy and girl

Dear friends,

Thank you for being here today. Together we celebrate the New Era. It is present already and it is growing and evolving because of your inner transformation. You are the forerunners, the pioneers who help birth a new consciousness on earth today. In the present stage of your inner transformation, there is still much confusion inside of you. You have one foot in a new reality, a new way of conceiving and experiencing things. But the other leg is “in suspension”, in a vacuum so to speak. It cannot get back to the old and familiar ways, but at the same time you are frightened to make the whole switch and go forward with both feet on new ground. This new paradigm of consciousness is unknown territory and it does not seem to resonate yet with the outside world, the traditional values and habits which you learned at school or at home.

A large part of society still seems to embrace old and worn out belief systems, fed by fear or the need to control. But a lot is changing and much that was self evident before is tumbling down and falling apart. In western societies, many people experience a lack of meaning in their lives. People have also started to pay much more attention to the inner aspect of what happens around them. They are interested in psychology and spirituality. They are less focused on mere external success and material wealth. Especially in affluent societies, people discover that success and material wealth do not necessarily create true happiness and real contentment. Success is different from fulfillment. You will feel truly fulfilled in your life when you are able to connect with and express your own soul energy. That is what creativity essentially is: discovering what your soul energy is about and expressing it on earth through your own unique gifts and abilities. This is what makes you truly happy inside, warm and radiant. And at that point you will touch others and they get to see who you really are: an angel of light. You have then become an angel who consciously brings light to the earth realm that is so often overshadowed by illusions which prevent you from seeing the inner light in every living being.

You all have chosen to be here to give shape to your soul energy on earth. Especially in this stage of history, you are not solely here for yourself. Your inner development is such that you have much to share with others. Presently, much is happening on a global and planetary level. Huge shifts of energy are taking place and can affect you in your daily life. Whenever people are changing their consciousness and start to think differently, when they ask new questions and doubt the existing order, they are inviting a new energy into their lives. A new dynamic will enter that more often than not drastically alter your lifestyle and circumstances. Now, part of you wants this and is constantly trying to achieve it. But other parts of you resist the new and do not want to go along so easily. These are the most fearful and distrustful parts of you. The inner tension and conflict that results, causes a split in your consciousness, and in the consciousness of millions of people who are in the same process. This can cause the atmosphere around the earth to be heavy with resistance and tension at times. It is resistance towards change and movement, and it is part of being a human being. Even if you live a very conscious life, you can be affected by this heaviness, because at some point it resonates with fears and doubts that you have not let go of.

How do you deal with this inner conflict and how do you let go of old fears and belief systems? How do you connect to your own soul energy and find a way of expressing it in the world? Today I would like to approach this question by talking a little about the balance between the male and the female energies within you.

Every soul has access to both the male and the female energy. Essentially, the male energy has to do with the aspect of manifesting yourself outwardly, in the material world. Male energy is related to focus, discernment and the power to act. It enables you to take up space, to be an “I” with clear boundaries. The female energy is naturally inclined to turn inwards, to the inner dimension of things. It is related to feeling, inspiration and transcending the boundaries of “you” to connect with others. The female energy is flowing and receptive and when combined with the male energy, it leads to the highest form of creativity. Balance between the two enables you to realize your highest potential.

The feminine energy is in a sense the energy of the unmanifested, the realm of the potential. It is also the source of true inspiration – heartfelt desires that spring from your soul. Your feminine energy is the bridge to your soul. Your soul is formless. Just feel this. At this moment you experience yourself as having a body that enables you to be part of this reality. You have eyes, hands and you are either male or female. But you can feel that although this way of being is now a part of you, it is not all that you are. You are that which ensouls the body, the form. You bring it to life from within. But you, in your essence, are formless, you are pure consciousness, one and undivided. Feel the freedom and bliss of it! Feel how you, as consciousness, are totally independent of your body and that you have freely chosen it to be part of this reality for a while.

You have temporarily merged with your body for a reason. You are here because you want to be here. The flowing, unbound energy of the female wanted to enter into a dance with the male energy of manifestation and form. The male energy enables the soul to enter and experience this specific physical reality. It helps the soul to express itself creatively in this particular realm of earth. The masculine and feminine energies are the building blocks of creation and if both play together in peace and joy, they bring forth beauty and fulfilment.

However, in many of you the masculine and the feminine have become artificially separated and they are not working well together. Roughly speaking, you can either have too much male energy or too much female energy. If there is a surplus of male energy, the female energy gets suppressed and there is too much focus on manifestation in the outside world and being recognized and valued by others. You are cut off from your soul energy, the living flow of feelings and emotions which constantly tries to tell you what you need and truly want. If you are identified too much with the male energy, you are caught up in the expectations and demands from the outside world. Essentially, you are driven by insecurity and you try to handle that insecurity by forcing yourself to comply with standards not your own. You do not feel truly safe and nurtured by your female energy and seek to establish an external sense of safety by being competitive and controlling. All of this makes you very dependent on how others think, feel and act. Disconnected from your unique inner guidance, you get a tense and anxious ego that constantly needs recognition and wants to be in control all the time. It lives by a false image of power that suffocates the soul.

People who are overbalanced towards the male are afraid to surrender to the formless, flowing nature of the feminine energy. In your society, that as a whole has a surplus of male energy, this fear is apparent from the fact that people are neurotically busy all the time. They hardly take time for themselves, spent freely without a purpose. Everything seems to have to be ordered and planned, with an almost compulsive efficiency. Also, when you long for something and you truly feel you would like a particular change to happen in your life, you want to act upon it immediately. You often do not take enough time to let an idea or purpose grow and evolve and gradually be birthed in your reality. It is like an organic process. The inner dynamics which are set in motion once you set your intention to do or have something, are governed by an natural rhythm that you cannot force or control. Because of a dominant, or disconnected male energy you are inclined to think and worry far too much. Your thoughts jump up and down like crazy. This leads to a general restlessness, a sense of emptiness and lack of inspiration in your life. You are not really trusting your feminine energy. She seems to want to head in a very different direction than you. Your emotions tell you for instance to let go of things, take time for yourself, and communicate more openly to others. At a certain point, you will not be able to ignore this call of your soul anymore. If you try to live solely from the male energy, you are heading for a crisis in some form, whether it is illness or some other discomfort. This crisis will essentially be an opportunity to find a new balance between the male and the female in your life.

What happens when the female energy stands too much on her own and does not sufficiently connect to the male? As opposed to a tense and controlling ego, this will lead to a weak and wobbly ego. Being overbalanced towards the female means that thing easily are “too much” for you. You are reacting to other people’s energies in a highly sensitive way. It is hard to say no and set clear boundaries around yourself because the male energy of taking up your own space does not seem available to you. It is hard to even know what you want as you get easily drawn into other people’s moods and desires. Having a surplus of feminine energy means that you are empathic and that it is easy for you to understand what other people feel. You are also capable of going deep into your own emotions and moods, but you feel unable to really express yourself emotionally and creatively in the world. You have insufficient access to the male energies of self-consciousness, standing up for yourself and feeling centered and focused. The female energy, which is naturally flowing and receptive, needs to be anchored to a well defined “I”. This is what the male energy can give to her, if the female part is willing to trust him and let go of her fear to be a separate “I” with its own needs and clear boundaries.
This is feared by the female energy in many people, especially women, because women are taught that it is a good thing to be sensitive, sweet and compliant (whereas men are taught that it is right to be tough and competitive). But if they do not develop that male ability to be centered into one’s own being, their creative energy will be squandered and fragmentised.
Their soul energy will not get adequately expressed and this creates sadness in the soul, causing melancholy and depression.

This era asks for a rebalancing of the male and the female energies. It is important to realize that the female is in a sense basic or primary. I do not mean this in the sense of “better” or “higher”. The feminine and the masculine relate to each other as represented in the yin-yang symbol: both are equal and complementary. But the feminine energy within you is the bridge to your soul, your formless essence. By connecting to your female aspect, you open yourself up to your deepest inspiration and you get in touch with your purpose of being here.

Just imagine that you are now connecting to your female energy. Imagine that she is seated in your heart. Feel a soft, warm energy in your heart that is very familiar to you, very close to who you are. You feel that energy in your heart and now imagine that she creates an opening at the back of your heart. From there she connects with light, the light of Source, the light of your soul. Take a moment to feel this. Perhaps you are seeing angel like figures or guides, it does not matter what you see. You just need to feel the presence of loving, cosmic support, the presence of Home. This is how you channel your soul energy. Just sense the lightness and lucidity of that energy. It enters your heart and now you may notice how close we actually are to you. We “from the other side” are part of a reality that runs right through yours. You are actually a part of that other reality right now. Your greater or higher self is there now while it merges with you on earth.

Now imagine that you are calling upon the male energy inside of you. You ask this energy to help you ground and connect your heart energy fully to the reality of earth. Feel the power of the male energy gently and easily flow into your arms and legs. It creates clarity in your being, self confidence and focus. You feel how it anchors your heart energy to your body and to earth. The masculine energy gives you the qualities of courage, discernment and stability. Realize that your male aspect loves to connect with the female aspect in this way. It wants to serve the female energy, to enable the soul energy to embody itself in time, space and matter. Protected and enveloped by the male energy, the feminine energy feels safe and joyful. Feel how heaven and earth connect inside of you.

We go a little further on our inner journey. Imagine you are now walking through a beautiful forest. The sky is deep blue. It is autumn and the trees are starting to lose their leafs. Yet the sun is still warm on your skin. You enjoy walking there and after a while you notice a nice spot to sit down for a moment. Perhaps there’s a bench or a soft spot beneath a tree. You sit down and become quiet. You breathe consciously and let go of any tensions you feel in your body. You feel how the earth carries you. You become still and peaceful within. Then you hear the sound of gay children’s voices in the air. It moves you and makes you smile. You notice two children are walking towards you. They are a boy and a girl. And they walk towards you in a determined way, for they want to give something to you.

They are now standing next to you and their faces look happy and carefree. Then the girl steps forward and gives you something. It may be a thing but it doesn’t have to be. She may also simply radiate something by her presence or with her eyes, reminding you. What is she reminding you of? What quality is she vibrating as she looks you in the eye? What she gives to you energetically is more important than what she physically hands to you. Absorb her energy and thank her. Then ask her to sit down next to you on your left side. You now focus on the boy, who also wants to give you something. You look at him and you receive his gift. It may be a symbol, an object or a feeling, or maybe he simply touches you and you know. You feel his message and take it in. You thank him and invite him to sit down at your right side.

Feel how these children are a part of you. They are always by your side to remind you of who you are. Their original qualities belong to you. Now take their hands, holding them in your lap, and let everything inside of you that feels old and worn out, dissipate. Fear, worry, gloom, just imagine how the earth opens up and takes it from you. It becomes neutral in her womb. Allow the new and fresh energies of the children to enter your energy field and bring back to you your zest for life and your childlike sense of magic and trust. When we come return to the present in a moment, you do not have to let go of these children. They are a part of you and they keep alive your original inspiration. Any time you feel tense, uncomfortable or dissatisfied, you can connect to these children. They can let you know how to rebalance yourself. When you go to that forest again, or any other spot you like, you may see just the girl or just the boy wanting to address you this time. Trust whatever your imagination comes up with. Just keep it light and playful. This is not supposed to be a serious exercise. It is just play. It is a means of connecting to the powerful core energies of the female and male within.

You are all working to create a new balance between these two energies, which have become so alienated and misunderstood in your society. Anytime you reconnect the two and recreate that balance within, you radiate this out to others and help bring about a lighter and more loving consciousness on earth. We thank you for this. We love you deeply.


Ather 26th June 2008 5:29 am


Dear Pamela, the article is very interesting and practical. :thumbs:


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