From hypersensitivity to high sensitivity

Becoming the angel that you are

Many people are hypersensitive. They cannot stand the noise, aggression and hasty pace of modern society. Often they suffer from psychosomatic disorders and insomnia. What other folks take for granted, for example going to a family party, is quite a chore for them. Simply doing what other people consider normal often turns out a disaster for them.

As a child they are often misunderstood and under-appreciated. Because it’s hard for them to stand up for themselves and because they easily dream away, school time is tough. Building a career and becoming successful according to society’s standards often doesn’t work for them. They more or less muddle along at the fringes of society. Participating in mainstream activities is experienced as exhausting and draining. Because of all this, their self image isn’t very positive; they often feel insecure and inferior. Their thoughts are gloomy and may repeat themselves endlessly.

Of course, this image is somewhat of a caricature. Yet many people will (partly) recognize themselves in it. Let us now focus on some of the positive traits of hypersensitive people. They appreciate peace and quiet and long to live in harmony with their fellow humans. They are sensitive to beauty, especially the beauty of nature. They are very empathic and open to the spiritual. They have a rich imagination. To their own surprise, people who are in trouble are naturally drawn to them and come to them for guidance.

What is the matter with these people? The answer is that they are not (just) hypersensitive, they are highly sensitive. In fact, they are angels in disguise.

What is high sensitivity?

Every living being emits a certain vibration or aura: flowers, the sun, people, animals, plants, and also human society at large. You are highly sensitive when your vibration, your aura is more refined and delicate than the vibration of human society.

Imagine a radiant, beautiful angel descending from heaven to be born in a human body in a modern metropolis. The angel has a hard time coping with the noise, the chaos and the ugliness of the world around. Where is the serenity and beauty of nature, where are the flowers? Where is the deep inner knowing, the sense of unity with the cosmos? The angel feels shattered and alienated. The world around does not nurture or acknowledge him (or her*). The angel starts to think that there’s something wrong with him and he becomes sad and depressed. As he does not feel at home here, he withdraws and vaguely longs for another reality. The people around him consider him to be a dreamer who does not want to face the facts of life. The angel’s light diminishes. Whereas he was a high sensitive at first, he has now become a hypersensitive.

You may wonder why this angel incarnated on Earth.

Many angels are incarnate on Earth and every angel has their own motive to be here. There is however one general motive: to help Earth. Through the presence of all of these angels, human society as a whole gains in light and sensitivity. The angelic presence raises the vibration of the world. This happens especially when the angels remember who they are and when their self-confidence is restored. That’s when their light will truly shine.

Now imagine that you are such an angel.

What can you do to become radiant again, to transform your hypersensitivity into high sensitivity?

Step 1 – Realize that you are an angel

Realize that you are an angel and don’t be afraid to show it. Believe in your own light, your creative abilities and overcome your fear to show yourself. This is the first step.

How do you do this? It’s important to connect to the spiritual. See the world from a spiritual perspective, remember the timeless realm of love and beauty that you originate from and to which you belong. You have always been in touch with this subtle, ethereal reality. Now take another leap and really believe it to be there. The moment you connect with it, you also get in touch with your own inner core and start to realize who you really are. You remember that your consciousness is eternal and that it is a magnificent source of light and creativity.

The moment you feel a part of this other realm, which is your true home, the judgment that human society places on you becomes much less of a burden to you. You realize that your stay here is only temporary and that this hectic, chaotic society will disappear one day and make place for a more peaceful, harmonious and happy society. What this current society thinks of you and expects from you is not so important anymore. More important is what you are here to do, how you are going to manifest your light in this world.

By sensing your true origin, you kindle your own light. Light is creative and transformative. You will notice that your environment will start to respond to you differently. Life will flow more easily and people will take you more seriously. You have taken a fundamental first step in the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity.

Step 2 – Become aware of your male energy

You are able to truly give your light to others only if you are also able to not give it. If you cannot say ‘no’ to people, your ‘yes’ has no meaning. Learning to set boundaries and to stand up for yourself is crucial. If you don’t do this, your energy flows into a bottomless pit and you will permanently feel weak and drained.

To prevent this from happening, you need to get in touch with your male energy. Many people who are inclined towards the spiritual, have a negative image of the male energy. It is associated with violence, oppression and aggression and considered to be not spiritual. As a result of this negative attitude towards the male energy, many spiritually inclined and hypersensitive people feel disempowered and unable to stand up for themselves.

The solution is to understand that there’s nothing wrong with the male energy per se; it is the imbalance between the male and the female which causes the problem. By regarding the male energy to be inferior, many people weaken their own strength. This happens particularly in sensitive women. Especially when you go through a process of spiritual growth, it is of prime importance to connect with your male energy.

As soon as you take step 1 and become more aware of who you really are, you will distinguish yourself energetically from your environment. Your light will be noticed. This will attract to you what I call energy leeches. These are people or other entities, for instance the organization you work in, who will feed themselves with your energy. They deprive you of energy without giving something back to you. If you’re not able to protect yourself in such an environment, you get stuck.

At this point, you need to use your male strength. Embrace the male part of you, your inner man, and trust him. Let him take the shape of a sword in your hand which severs the bonds between you and everything that deprives you of energy.

A common pitfall in using the sword of your male energy proficiently is the notion of equality. “We are all equal and therefore I should not distinguish myself from others, and share what I have with them.” The idea of equality is right to some extent. At the level of the soul we are equal. At the level of manifestation however we are not. Some people are more able to let their inner light shine through than others. By not acknowledging this, we give energy leeches free range. Especially people who radiate much light and who have much to give, should protect themselves. Be aware of who or what you give your energy to. Not everyone is ready to receive what you have to offer. Do not let your most precious gift be dragged down by people or organizations who do not match your vibration. Use your male energy for this purpose.

Step 3 – Realize that mother Earth is your friend

Many hypersensitive people feel resistance towards living on Earth. This resistance is partly due to the fact that they do not feel at home in modern western society. The energy of society does not match their own and they feel alienated by it. They want to leave; they subconsciously remember their spiritual heritage and long to be ‘home’ again. They want to go back to the peace and harmony of the heavenly realms, which contrast so sharply with the noise, fear, aggression and anonymity of present day human society.

Apart from this reason for feeling resistance towards living on Earth, sensitive people also have intuitions about what happened in their past lives on Earth. Often they carry memories within of war, persecution and other forms of aggression. They remember trying to be and do good on Earth and being violently rejected for it.

To overcome your resistance to being here, it’s important to distinguish between the energy of human society and the energy of Earth itself. To do so, find a beautiful spot in nature. Go there on a weekday when it’s quiet. Feel the energy there, the serenity and peace. Open your heart to this place in nature and feel all the energies present there. Apart from you there are nature spirits such as fairies and leprechauns, who work closely together with Earth. Now feel Earth itself. This is the Earth you came for, the Earth who reaches out to you and who wishes to support you. Open your heart to her energy and love.

By entering into this connection with Earth, you are able to truly take your place and shine your light in this world. You are able to change the world and make it more beautiful. There’s a place for you on Earth where you feel at home. This place will become a beacon of light that transforms the world around you.

Hypersensitive people hide for the world. Highly sensitive people radiate their light freely into it.

Step 4 – Use your female energy to become even more sensitive

Your female energy can make the difference between fearing someone and loving someone. It enables you to look behind the mask that someone’s putting on and see their vulnerability. In our hearts we are all good. God is in everyone’s heart. You can use the female energy within to become even more sensitive, to use your empathy to really understand what it’s like to be in the other person’s shoes. Understanding the other from within can help you put into  perspective their hurtful remarks or offensive behavior. It may help you let go of it.

This becomes possible when the male energy inside is strong enough to protect your female side. When we are hurt by what another person says to us, we are often not hurt by the words themselves, but by our own oversensitive interpretation of those words. Often people are not out to get us, it’s more that they blurt out something which isn’t aimed at you personally. Your male energy can help you to not take things personally. Your female energy helps you feel what is really going on in the other person. By using the female gift of sensitivity, we now see a lot of lights in this dark world around us. Becoming even more sensitive, we take a step towards the heart of our fellow humans, which is often warmer and brighter than we thought. By noticing the light in the heart of the other, this light will burn stronger.

Becoming even more sensitive works in two directions: not only do you get a deeper sense of who the other person is, they also get to know you better. They feel something sensitive, warm and beautiful in you that they had not noticed before; by acknowledging the other person, they acknowledge you. This is how you start to feel at home on Earth.

To be an angel is to be balanced

Every human being gives and receives. To stay spiritually and physically healthy, we need to be in equilibrium with our environment. The flow of giving and the flow of receiving need to be balanced. The moment we radiate more of our light, make the transition from hypersensitivity to high sensitivity and become the angel that we are, the flow of giving increases. We exude a creative and beautiful light and share it with our environment, often without knowing it. The energy we put out into the world wants to come back to us in the form of (physical) abundance.

This causes problems in many sensitives. Hypersensitive people often do not believe that life can be beautiful, rich and abundant for hem. They feel it would not be right, that they are not worth it and so they block the flow of receiving that wants to come to them. Religious traditions which teach you that it’s better to give than to receive, or that it is sinful to enjoy yourself, support this line of thought. Fear and doubt keep out the natural abundance that wants to come your way.

Be attentive of this. Check for yourself if you are really open to what the universe would like to give to you, to all the love that is there for you. As long as you do not say ‘yes’ to what the universe wants to send your way, you have not truly said ‘yes’ to yourself. Say a loud and loving yes to yourself, to all of you. Accepting the flow of receiving in your life will then become natural for you.


Melanie 18th July 2010 8:41 am

Thank you Gerrit, I love this article and really relate to it. It is no fun being hypersensitive and this article clarifies what the difference between that and high-sensitivity is.

Love, Melanie

cathwoodul 18th July 2010 9:34 am

Thankyou! I really relate to your message. Especially yes meaning more when you are able to say no.

Sweet Laughing Water 18th July 2010 9:54 am

thank you so much for this article and explanation. It came just in the very right moment. It confirms of a process that happened today in my life and that I made the right choice. Normally I would have walked away thinking that I am in the wrong place again. But I stood up to my fears and FACED the issue BEFORE turning away. I was happy I did this otherwise I would have ran away once more in my life like I did so often.

Also what you write about the soul wanting to go home. But in fact, I can fully identify with all you are writing.

I have the help from above at any time. And so it is, every time I request. Its amazing how this works now.
Thank you again for sharing. Lots of blessings, love & light
Ehey Esha Ehey Ain Soph

kay 18th July 2010 10:47 am

Beautiful message. Thank you, Gerrit.

syvilla ariana 18th July 2010 10:59 am

Dear Gerrit Gielen,

Thank You , Thank You, Bless you for your message you sent out into the world. I am the person you are talking about in the
I cryed and cryed to actually have a person you don't even know acknowledge who you are is absoutely breath taking. I cryed years and hours of emotional pain right out of my body. I am going to pin this article up in my house and read it often to remind my self who I am. I have to tell you I am on my second spiritual counsilor and we talk about and I learn about myself and actually know and have spent time healing things about myself that you talked about in this article, but it is not the same as reading about yourself. This really touched my heart. Thank you.
Sending Love, Light & Joy
Syvilla Ariana

Beloved7 18th July 2010 11:17 am

Thank you thank you thank you Gerrit for your time energy and love to help us understand the intangible part of our existence and lives. Peace and love from my heart.

Satya 18th July 2010 11:36 am

You have described our entire lives for so many of us. How wonderful that we are all awakening to who we are at this time; it makes all of us stronger, and so our collective angelic Light shines ever brighter.
And so it is!


msflattop 18th July 2010 3:45 pm

This is so beautiful, and finally something that validates my life so that I don't have to feel so out of place. What a profound message of love...thank you so much!


Ron Laswell 18th July 2010 3:52 pm

Wow! Gerrit, your opening paragraphs described my early life exactly.

So far, my 62nd year on planet earth has been very enlightening. Some weeks ago, for instance, while gardening on a sunny day, this channeled realization came to me: "I've always been this way. It has just taken me this long to more clearly see who I always was." Many spiritual favors have been presented to me. Like a warm spring day, the past fears are melting extremely fast for me.

My sincerest blessings to everyone else out there...may your journeys of self-discovery be exactly as it needs to unfold.

blj 18th July 2010 8:08 pm

Thank-you~and hello to my male's been too long

Justcausal 18th July 2010 11:59 pm

Dear Gerrit,

This channel opens my heart in gratitude and love. Thank you for so clearly defining the sometimes confusing existence of one `so sensitive' in this life. And how heartening it is to be communicating with so many other `sensitives' on our magnificent planet.

simon 19th July 2010 10:13 am

I would like to hear from those that have ADD, how going through this is affecting them? I've tryed grounding, the hardest is keeping foucused, any takers? Peace

journey333 19th July 2010 1:13 pm

Who are you and where did you come from?!!! LOL! YOU ROCK!! This was a most refreshing and clear post. Very openly received by me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminders and tips to staying on this crazy globe. I want to just go out and hug the ground right now. :)

With much love,

DonH SA 19th July 2010 9:40 pm

More Gerrit, uit Suid-Afrika.
Tx for an article way beyond. It understands, it shows, it helps. Note the personal responses. Me having a critical approach, I read the message/article (?) in wonder, excitement, hurried at first to see what is to follow. But then, the content deserves a lot of thought, for it is more than a message, more than just thinking, there being a golden depth herein not available every day.

journey333 20th July 2010 10:15 am

Don wrote:

"But then, the content deserves a lot of thought, for it is more than a message, more than just thinking, there being a golden depth herein not available every day.:

EXACTLY. Very well put.


Pedro Pacheco 23rd July 2010 12:34 pm

Your message is very good, brings much peace, quite liked it (I identified enough with it)
but I think using the word "angel" is very strong (extreme?), brings us the memory of those spirits of
  high spiritual worlds, pures.

"I think" that Good Spirits of Light, but still (very?) Subject to making mistakes, be more appropriate, simpler and more humble,
to designate the creatures that are exactly the conditions described in the text.

Or, "maybe," explain to the reader that the "angels" that the message refers, are not necessarily those spirits and pure creatures.
(Such as Jesus, for example, which are immensely far apart), but only where the spirits Good prevails over evil.

Much Peace and keep bringing us your beautiful Light and Wisdom ever!

(sorry for english from google translate) ;)

Fraternity hugs,

Pedro Pacheco

MICHELLESTAR 11th August 2010 4:55 am

Thank you so much for offering this article. It moved me to tears as angels surrounded me while I read, giving me full-body chills the whole time. I've had readings with clairvoyants that told me I am an angel (yes, from the angelic realm) but I didn't believe that was possible as I was so undeserving of such a family. As I read your article and identified with it, and as my guides and angels surrounded me and supported me, I now believe. And I feel so much better. It doesn't matter to anyone else but me that I believe. If I had accepted this about myself any earlier, I probably would have gone egoic with it. Now I understand that it's just knowing who I am, and reconnecting with brothers and sisters that is important. All of what you said here is true. I even tried suicide by taking a bottle of pills to escape, but nothing happened. I was then clearly guided to heal my past and move forward more deeply into spirituality. Yoga did this for me--I started 40 years ago. Now I feel more complete than ever. THANK YOU! Blessings, Abundance and Bright White Light to you!

maniktwin 25th December 2010 10:16 am

WOW. Pure beauty on Christmas Day. You yourself are an immense light and gift, your ability to heal via the written word is profound. If I follow what has been put forth here, my life will change and heal. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

temarica 24th January 2013 1:51 am

Wow thank you for your message. It really hits home. I have never seen myself so clearly and now have a road map to change.


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