Let joy be your guideline

I am Mary and I represent the female aspect of the Christ being. I greet you all today and I would like to have you share in the joy and peace that is available for you and that belongs to the very essence of who you are. You are not here to suffer, to struggle and merely survive. You are here on earth to have joy, to be who you are and experience the miracle of that. You are beautiful as you are. Nothing needs to be changed or improved. All is well. Let it get through to you.

The essence of creation is joy. God did not create you for a grave and weighty purpose. She created you out of joy and a zest for exploration. She wanted to find out about life through you. You are all the expression of God’s love and creative joy, and that’s why you are allowed to experience that, every moment of the day. I invite you to reconnect to this original flow of energy, God’s joy of creation, which pours through each and every one of you.

You tend to make life too heavy and serious.
Imagine that you are not here to achieve a goal, but simply to be yourself, including the parts of you that feel dark, doubtful or stuck. Yes, those parts are welcome as well, they are part of this experience, the complete experience of duality in all of its aspects. 
Trust that it leads up to something beautiful, something magical, to a new world. You are ever moving and transforming yourselves. There is no fixed purpose, no final destination. You are constantly on the road. Now enjoy being on the road, enjoy the changing currents of life, and such a heavy burden will be lifted from you.

I ask you to go back with me in time, to the moment before you were born on earth in this body. Do not doubt whether this is possible, just travel along in your imagination. It does not matter if you think you make it all up. Trust yourself and allow yourself to feel how once upon a time, you were free of the body. You were independent of the physical form, you felt unlimited and anything was possible. Life was magical. From this dimension of great freedom, you felt a pull coming from earth. Your attention was drawn, of all places, to this tiny planet with such grand potentials; potentials of both light and darkness, love and fear. You felt a pull. You wondered about the nature of reality there and you sensed you had something to do with it. You felt there was something there that you wanted to experience.

As a free spirit, you decided to take the plunge and incarnate on earth. Feel how even now, having gone though so many experiences on earth, there still is that original sense of interest, wonderment and attraction you once had. Feel how special it is that you are here now, that your consciousness has narrowed itself down to fit into an earthly body, perceiving reality through physical senses like eye, ear and touch. This particular way of perceiving reality is not the natural one; your original perspective is much wider and less limited. Yet you chose this limitation, because something incredibly valuable was to be found in there.

You are here on earth to express the freedom and magic of the spiritual realms you come from. You are here to bring it into form and matter and make it available for experience to both yourself and others. Yes, you are carriers of light, where light stands for freedom, ease and joy. And you have been on earth before, with the same desire and impetus to kindle the light of creation here and spread joy and insight. Allow yourself to feel it again. Know who you are. You need not be or do anything special here, you don’t have to achieve anything except to remember who you are and allow joy to fill you again. That is your job: to get back to your original state of wonder and joy amidst energies which seem to point in a wholly different direction.   

You have been put under pressure. The reality of earth, the way people think, the beliefs of society can weigh heavily on you and soak you in forgetfulness for a while. Remember, you are divinity in the flesh. Light is pouring through you right now, through your hands, through your eyes, feel it. It has never left you, but all of you have been told at some point of your life that this light cannot flow freely into the open. You believe you have to hide it and keep it inside, for fear of being “different”. The constraint to be normal, getting locked into what other people might think of you, that’s probably the worst prison on earth.  It’s not being in the body that limits you so. The true limitation comes from allowing in the many heavy, fearful beliefs of society and have them diminish your divine radiance.

My wish is to show you a way out of there, and the key is: dare to receive joy again in your life, feel that it is your birthright! It is simply who you are. You are the joy of God made manifest. And to be so, you need not have achieved anything, in the worldly sense of the word. You only need to be one with who you are. You need to feel that you are fine as you are here and now. There is nothing you fall short of, there is nothing lacking. Embrace the totality of who you are now, your fears, emotional blockages, and yet, at the same time, the deep sense of wonder and vitality at the bottom of your being. Life itself flows through you and wishes to impart on you its many miraculous gifts. You have undertaken the journey of incarnation in this body, in this society, in this material dimension. That is enough. By that, you already have shown your great courage and faith. Now trust that you are allowed to receive everything you need in your life. Feel the pure joy of being in this moment. Let yourself relax into it.

Imagine that from now on, there is nothing you “must do” in your life. If you would really grant yourself that freedom, your life would consistently flow smooth and easy. I understand that this runs counter to much that you have been told by your parents, teachers, employers, etcetera. Society imparts on you that you have to work hard and diligently to develop the necessary skills and abilities to cope with reality. It tells you to keep small and focus on what is possible rather than on what you dream and hope for. Not only society tells you this, even a lot of spiritual teachings have a rather stern and disciplinary outlook on how to achieve enlightenment.       

Imagine that you release the very idea of goals and achievements. Imagine saying to yourself: I am as I am, and I am completely okay as I am. What liberation! If you can allow yourself to be this relaxed, things will start to flow in your life, and you will see that exactly the opposite happens from what society tells you to expect. Things will start to happen for you without having to work hard for it. If you can be at one with yourself and accept things as they are, you will invite a flow of peace which will bring miracles into your life. By accepting yourself as you are, you say “yes” to life, to being here on earth, and you allow yourself to receive anything you want simply because you are who you are, an indelible part of God, cherished and loved unconditionally.

If you find that peace in your heart, and let go of your tense and high strung expectations, then you allow the magic of life to take care of you. You surrender yourself to her flow and rhythm. I say to you, to start finding fulfilment in your life, to start finding the right job, the right relationship or the right house to live in, start by allowing yourself to experience joy again. The simply joy of being, the joy of being you. Spirituality is all about simplicity and ease. It’s about feeling like a child can feel, not thinking of tomorrow, but just enjoying the present and doing whatever it feels like.

I know you believe that this is not possible anymore for an adult. That is such a tragedy. There is such sadness in the fact that you have felt obliged to relinquish the most spontaneous and carefree part of you. Reach out your hand to the child within, that has saved your spontaneity for you. Deep within, it is still there, the child that wants to play and enjoy itself, the child that wants to explore life and trusts that all will be well. This child knows that earth is a safe place for you to express yourself. Feel it and let it speak to you again. Perhaps it wants to give a message to you right now. If you do not feel anything yet, that’s fine too. What matters is that you are willing to reach out to that child, that you say yes to the original flow of spontaneity within, to your soul’s inspiration. You are filled to the brim with notions that this is not possible or desirable, that you have to turn outwards rather than inwards to find guidance in your life. But it is not so. Life is to be lived according to other tenets.

True creative power, truly manifesting positive creations in your life, always happens from a state of simplicity and ease. It is precisely when you feel totally relaxed and divinely careless about things, not forcing yourself to do or be anything, that you attract the most positive changes in your life. If you would simply cherish your dreams and desires, and then let go, and have things run their own course, your trust will draw them to you. You will not even wait for them to happen, as you will be much to busy enjoying yourself in the present. Life is exquisitely simple.

We are with you and we understand very well what you are going through. We ask you to trust this message and have faith in the kindness of life and the joy that flows through every living being. Take a look at nature. The animals, trees and flowers are all inherently geared towards the expression of beauty and harmony. They do not doubt themselves. They value themselves in a perfectly natural and peaceful way. Connect to that natural energy of validation and know that you are held within that same web of life. You are safe. God is right here with you, and will never leave your side. Dare to entrust yourself to the magic of life, which is nothing but the divine flow of your own soul, and enJOY!


Edith 12th September 2008 1:19 pm

This message really gives me help for my situation and state of being in these last weeks. Thank you for letting the information flow to us, who we are searching for what we have already. I will start from now on to feel happy and satisfied and letting other people feel the same freedom to be.Love from Patricia.


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