Releasing struggle from your life

Dear friends,

We are gathered here today to bring to you a message of love and hope, as we see how much difficulties you are experiencing at this time. I who is speaking am Jeshua but today I strongly represent the female aspect of the christ energy.

At this time, starting about four months ago, there is a huge influx of female energy in the realm of earth. This wave of energy helps bring about a new birth, a rebirthing of you as well as of earth. We would like to say a little more about the current developments, which often create resistance, disharmony and insecurity within you.

You are all enveloped in a deep inner transformation. This has been your conscious choice. There was a longing in your heart, even before you were born, to clean out the past and make way for a new energetic reality to be born on earth. You knew beforehand that this lifetime was going to offer you major opportunities for growth and healing. You sensed, before you started this lifetime, that earth was going to come to the end of a long cycle of power abuse and destruction.

You have been part of this cycle, in many past lifetimes on earth, and now you, as well as earth, have reached a point of departure, an opportunity to round off the cycle and move on. This is why you wanted to be born in this age and time, because this opportunity could only be seized while living on earth. The cycle could only be brought to a close by incarnating once more and integrating the energies of this whole cycle into this lifetime. Do you wonder why it is heavy sometimes?!

Before you can even get to this mission in a minimally conscious way, you first have to be born into a human body, into a personality that is partly shaped by external influences such as your parents, your community and your society. During your childhood, you generally forget who you are, as you are influenced and practically hypnotized by the convictions and anxieties of those who bring you up. Generally, you are surrounded by energies that are old and stifling, stemming from a tradition of fear and unconsciousness. Your original soul energy gets narrowed down and often it goes into hiding for some time.

Now, it has been your intention for this lifetime to rise above these restrictions and free yourself from it, and not just for yourself, but also to be the living bridge to a new level of consciousness on earth. You are here for yourself, but as you are growing and evolving, you are helping to lift the consciousness of humanity. You are supporting the movement of earth as a spiritual being and you are contributing to developments which affect your whole solar system and beyond.

But to be a part of this transformation and make a contribution to it, you first had to incarnate into an earthly personality, with all the burdens of tradition thrown into your lap for you to deal with. You are brave warriors indeed. We love you. And you have now reached a point that you truly and deeply wish to let go of the old. You cannot stand the energy of the past anymore. You are in the midst of the labor pain. You are being born again in this very body you have lived in for decades, but as a new You. You are actually in the process of reincarnating again while in this body, but now as the higher you, the expansive you that consciously wanted to be here to seize this opportunity to finish the cycle.

It is now your desire to let your deepest inner knowing, your true self, be born on earth and manifest itself with joy and creativity. This radical and yet ‘predetermined’ desire has brought you to the place that you are now and we know it is difficult. You are turning yourself inside out, leaving no stone unturned and to others you may seem to be walking to the beat of an intangible drummer.

A huge battle is taking place within you between the old and the new. You are carrying the old to its grave, but before you can do so you have to look it into the eye and make peace with it. Otherwise it will not rest in peace. So you have to face and accept the darkness in you and in the world, before you can rise above it and be free. There is no such thing as darkness really, but as you feel tied down by heavy emotions of grief, fear and anger, you seem to be dealing with the demons of darkness. However, you are mostly dealing with your resistance to look these demons into the eye, to face up to them and accept them as viable presences. They are a part of you, the part that got hurt, frustrated and misguided. They are calling out to you to be recognized and understood by you! You are their guide, not their enemy! As you resist them, they knock on your door even harder. Only as they are embraced by your loving compassion, can they find peace and be laid to rest.

As you are going through this immense purgatory process of facing your inner demons and making room for the new, your body gets affected by the movements of your consciousness. It may react in strange ways, giving you discomfort and pain, but generally, it is all passing. It is part of the purgatory process. Emotionally, you go through highs and lows and you are faced with deep fear and doubts as everything familiar seems to slip through your hands at some point. You have to let go of it all. There’s no balancing the old and the new. This is a genuinely new beginning. The only compass you can go by is your own soul. Especially lightworkers, who are the pioneers, will find little or no support and recognition from your environment. You have to rely on yourself. You know deep down where you are heading. You planned this before your birth. Your innate knowledge and instincts in this area will bring you home.

As a human on earth you have been hypnotized by the collective belief system and traumatized energy surrounding earth. The collective human notion of life fosters the idea that life is about struggle and suffering. “You have to fight to survive, you cannot trust your fellow human, you need to be vigilant all the time.” All these beliefs and emotional structures now rise to the surface, especially now that you want to let go of them. As you want to trust and surrender, your habits of distrust and control raise their head and protest. As you want to open up and express your innermost inspiration, fear of rejection seems to block you and make you mute. A lot of inner conflict is going on, causing turmoil in your minds and hearts. The old thought patterns do not die so easily, as they are embedded in your way of being. This is a gradual process and you are moving forward. The key to remember is that you cannot overcome the old by struggling or fighting

Letting go of struggle

You have gone through many lifetimes on earth in which struggle was your middle name. Many times you have tried to kindle the light of consciousness on earth and many of you were inspired by the christ energy in whatever form it took. You were deeply moved by its inherent vision of a better world, based on equality, peace and harmony. At the same time, you were deeply involved in struggle: you often felt you were different, and had to find your own way in life. You had to struggle to understand yourself, and then to express yourself in a world that, again, seemed to walk to the beat of a different drummer. You were “aliens” so to speak, ahead of the times, and in many lifetimes you were persecuted and violently rejected for your different way of looking at things. Therefore, spirituality and struggle seem to go hand in hand for you.

What is asked of you now is to release that struggle. This is a different time. This is your time. You are here now not to struggle or defend yourselves or convince anyone. You are here to release yourself and surrender to the birth of You, your grander Self who has been waiting for this to happen.

Many of you now feel a lot of struggle and resistance in your life, like things are not flowing easily. What you need to do is go even deeper into yourself and relax into that boundless Inner Being who is not of this world. Your soul energy is available to you and it can help you remember why you are here now. Remember how clearly you knew, before you jumped into this lifetime, that this would be a profound and meaningful lifetime, including the frustrations and difficulties. Remember that you came here not to struggle but to release all struggle and come Home. Home is in the here and now, where your consciousness dwells. Wherever you are, lies the possibility to release and let go of struggle. You can accept where you are right now, and let expectations go. This is who you are now. Stand behind yourself and comfort yourself with the knowing that you are very close to what you came to do here.

To get there, you only need to give up your resistance, the idea that you have to get somewhere through struggling. You are so tied up with the notion of growing through pain that you actually think you are doing good work when you are suffering and trying and working hard on your spiritual growth. However, especially when you are confronted with heavy and dense energies from the past, the solution is to find a point of stillness within. It is not to “do anything” but to retreat into a point of neutrality, neutral awareness, “just being”. From that point, you will look at yourself and not try to change yourself. You just let yourself be.

One of the things that is still clinging to you from your last cycle of lifetimes on earth is a strong, male oriented energy of “doing”. Often you have been “warriors of the light” who wanted to change things for the better with great zest and passion. You were a bit overbearing there too. It is now asked of this male, action oriented energy to quiet down and enter into a new balance with the female side. The feminine aspect in this context is the carrier of lightness, ease and joy. It tells you to go with the flow of your feelings, to not focus so much on results as on what feels right to you now.

Allowing in the female energy will raise the question of how the flow of giving and the flow of receiving are related to each other in your life. Can you do what feels right to you and not mind other people’s expectations or your own internalized demands to yourself? Can you really take care of yourself and give yourself all that you truly long for in your life? This is not the typical lightworker’s question to ask. You have been focused enormously on the outside world, wanting to change it, improve it, etcetera. “What is my mission on earth?” and "how can I contribute to a better world?” – these are your favorite questions. And often you approach these issues with a warrior attitude that has become second nature. The idea that you are here also to nurture yourself, to enjoy and go with the flow of life, is hard to swallow for most of you! If you recognize this, it actually means that there is an imbalance between giving and receiving in your life. You are giving too much.

If you are giving a lot, working for the good of others and feeling very responsible for their needs, you are often struggling and you are “doing” a lot. You have trouble receiving and you are losing sight of your own humanness. You will likely end up frustrated and empty. To balance the male and the female energy, you need to get to that flow of living in which you feel inspired and joyful by what you do without feeling pressured to do so. Pressure signals that you are not free, that you are attached to results.
Whenever there’s pressure, withdraw and go into stillness.

Especially in these months, actually during the whole second half of 2007, a lot is moving on the inner level for lightworkers and it can be hard to find the right way of expressing or manifesting yourself presently. Instead of trying, struggling and pushing at such a time, it is easier, lighter, wiser to stay calm and not do much at all. Just feel what is going on inside of you. This new birth you are going through asks a lot from you on all levels, emotionally, mentally and physically, so perhaps this is not the time to abundantly express yourself in the outside world. Surrender is the key here, and that’s what the feminine energy is all about.

You are right on track and we can assure you that the changes you are going through can hardly go faster than they are going now. Especially when you feel stuck and nothing seems so to go smoothly anymore, big changes are taking place on the inner level. Trust this and for once, stop analyzing yourself constantly! Go with the flow and trust.

Think of the physical birthing process of a child. Primal forces of nature are guiding this process. You cannot control these forces, you cannot decide when you are going to get a contraction, but what you can do is either resist it or go along with it. Going along with it means allowing the pain of the contraction to go through you and trusting that it will subside in a while and you can catch your breath again. What you can do is align yourself with the inner flow of your feelings and therefore make the whole process more easy and gentle. So, instead of judging yourself from an external viewpoint, measuring yourself up to all kinds of expectations and demands, feel what is really going on inside of you. Feel the truth of it and see how your external reality adequately reflects this.

I now would like to invite you to travel with me for a while. I would like to take you to a future reality which may help you feel more relaxed and trustful in the Now. Just travel with me in your imagination. We are going to visit the New Earth. 

Visiting the New Earth

The New Earth is an energetic reality that is gaining more foothold gradually, thanks to your inner work. Now let us enter that world and draw in its energy. Just imagine yourself walking through a lovely forest with beautiful old trees and a soft breeze on your skin. You sense how the burdens of the past, the burdens of your current present, have dropped from your shoulders. You are a different you. You have already been born into the New Era. You feel light, with a clear inner knowing, and you realize it has all been meaningful. You have learned from everything you went through and your soul has become deep and wise because of it. You feel light and comfortable and your heart is open in joyful anticipation. You enjoy nature and as you feel the earth beneath your feet, you sense peace and calmness. Something has changed on the planet. People have now learned to live in harmony with nature.

Now you are approaching a settlement, a small community, in an open area that blends in naturally with the forest. This is where you live. You feel your heart open up as you realize who live there with you. These are your friends and soul mates. Your kinship is old, you have met in many lifetimes and they are like brothers and sister to you. It is always a blessing to be with them. You do not have to pretend or hide yourself in their presence, you can simply be who you are. You understand each other easily and you speak with each other almost telepathically, using very few words.

You have your own house there too. Take a look at it. Somewhere in that place there is a spot just for you and you go there now and take in some of the details of your house. Is it big or small, what materials is it made of, and especially….how does the house feel to you? Earth has offered you the materials to build it. Feel how the colors, materials and the view nurture you. This house is an energetic extension of you. Whenever you feel the need to withdraw yourself, you sit in this house. It allows you to enter into a deep connection with your own Being, while you are safely held by earth.

Now we are going to take a closer look at the group of people you are involved with. In the middle of this settlement there is a square, where people meet and join for mutual activities. This place holds the “energy of together” and there is something going on there right now. Let’s go see what it is about. You approach the square with a sense of curiosity and people welcome you with an open and loving smile. There is a grand circle of people holding hands, and two people immediately make room for you so that you can participate as well. You sense a deeply vibrant energy running through this group that you are part of. You sense the unity, the fellowship and the joy that you have made it together. You are now the inhabitants of the New Earth and there is much to do for you. You are engaged in various activities, in the area of building, growing food, communication, healing, whatever your area of expertise is. But all activities are pursued against the background of an all pervading harmony. No struggle, but peace. You let yourself be guided by your intuition, in the moment. There is plenty of room for play and relaxation as well.

Here you are, together, and you can feel how each one of you has gone through that birthing process that we described today. An old identity has made way for a new presence. You have been born into the light of the New Earth.

And now you hear a call coming towards you. As you stand there, joined with your brothers and sisters, you hear a call from the old earth crying out at you. It is your call, from the present, as we sit here today. As you are gathered here, feeling tired and worn out sometimes by the intensity of the birthing process, you can asking your future self and your soul family “over there” for love and support. You in the future can feel this summoning and you are able to send love and wisdom to the old you. Close your eyes and do this for a moment. Be that future self and send love to your present self. And you may sense that the group energy in that future reality knows exactly what you all need right now, for they have been you and have gone through that dark night of the soul.

Now change the perspective and come back to the present. Be on the receiving side. Accept the love and consolation coming from your soul family, and rejoice in the fact that you have indeed “made it”. Feel the respect they are paying you, for you are the ones who persevered and kept faith in yourselves as you gave birth to the New Earth. Ask your future self whether she or he has a message for you. What is important for you to know right now? Let the answer come to you, easily, lightly. There need be no words, or images, just feel the energy. Visualize how your future self takes your hands and looks you into deep the eye, transmitting hope and trust to you. Sense how you can truly let go, go with the flow of the labour contractions and take your time to integrate and ground the new energies.

We believe in you! Take it a day at a time and dare to be truly sweet and gentle for yourself. As soon as you turn hard on yourself, by being impatient and critical about yourself, you slip back into the old energy of struggle. You can release it now, the time is ripe for gentleness and kindness toward yourself. Be the face of compassion for yourself, and your radiance will bless others as well. Be the angel that you are and all else will fall into place.


joshua 29th May 2008 1:37 pm



Bernie Blinn 30th May 2008 12:19 am

Dear Ms Kribbe, I strongly resonated to your message! As one who struggles mightily to accomplish the goals of this lifetime,
I recognized that it was no accident that I had "found" your posting. What spoke to me is illustrated in your concluding statements:
"be the face of compassion for yourself and your radiance will bless others as well." Thank you from my heart!

Mariù 30th May 2008 4:58 pm

I haven't read in a while a beautiful message like this. Brought tears to my eyes. The words of Jeshua vibrate in me and I could only say yes, yes and yes. Every word was perfect and the most needed for me today. Thank you Jeshua, Thank you Pamela. Deep gratitude for you both!




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