The Message of Darkness

Dear friends,

I am Jeshua, I greet you all. It is a joy for me to be here in your midst. We are connected as brothers and sisters. Collectively, we bring a new wave of consciousness into the world. Feel that for a moment within yourself.

You are a torch bearer; you carry an inner light within you. See before you that you hold a torch of light that spreads into the darkness. Initially, you are called upon to spread this light within your own darkness. As soon as you are born here on Earth, which is full of fear, of illusion, of distrust against life, you take part in this world and in its attempt to escape from deep feelings. From the moment you are born, and throughout your entire upbringing – your early youth and adolescence – you are challenged to try to hold fast to your light and to who you really are and feel. And what a huge challenge this is!

How wonderful it is that you are present here with your torch of light; that you have come through! You might think to yourself: “It has cost me a lot”, or you might think: “I have not come through at all, I feel alone and abandoned”. But we see you standing here, so know you are not alone. Many like-minded friends and guides on “this side” are here with you. We see you as a torchbearer, so trust that!

Life gives you, to begin with, your own portion of “darkness”, to call it that. You are faced inwardly with fears and outwardly with events that you seemingly cannot handle. Yet, it is precisely those events and those difficult emotions that attract your deepest knowing, your core, your inner light. It is especially because of the “dark night of the soul” that the light of your own soul becomes visible to you. It is not a light from outside you, but only the light from within you that can guide you through the dark night of the soul, because it throws you back upon yourself and your own inner resources. All the external things you could possibly hold onto fall away. You are sitting alone “on bare ground”. You can get help only from within yourself, from your own inner strength.

Each of you here knows that experience of being thrown back upon yourself, of having to let go of everything, and of being reborn in the light of your soul in order to experience the new morning: a new start where a larger part of your soul is present on Earth. That is what the dark night of the soul also does for you. Besides the fact that it asks of you to give up all external certainties and to look at deep, sometimes very dark emotions, it also brings you to a new vista, a new consciousness of reality. When you have arrived at that point, the light of your torch shines not only for you, it also lights up a path for others, often without your knowing it.

You do not have to do much to achieve that, for it happens naturally. Your consciousness is changed because you have discovered the meaning of love and compassion within yourself. You only really learn the true significance of that meaning when you yourself are in a deep pit. Then you understand the power of an outstretched hand, the lack of prejudice, the meaning of friendship, and you learn that first of all within yourself. When you have experienced that gentleness toward and within yourself, it accompanies you through the contractions of the birth process and you are born anew as a new self with a soft and open heart, a “connecting” self. Not a self that must fight for survival out of fear, but one that may be completely present in serenity and gentleness. Then you become a lightworker, someone who helps shape the new era on Earth.

I would like to say something about that new time, because it is now sprouting on Earth. It is no longer a future vision – it is now, here! Because of your efforts, and because of the efforts of many who undergo the same process as you, a new Earth is coming to fruition. You have long awaited this event. Not only in this life, but during many lives where you were led by the promise, the vision, of a new Earth where your soul can completely connect itself with being here; where you finally feel at Home on this small, but very unique planet.

Sense for a moment to what extent you feel that achievement already, the degree to which you already know yourself to be connected with the Earth. The more you are present here with your soul, the more the Earth gains momentum, wakes up, and flows along with the new light that you came to bring. Do not underestimate yourself. Yes, what you do with your torch of light is for you, but it is also for the Earth and for everything alive on Earth. You bring the Earth along by who you are.

You are a lightworker – you bring light on to Earth. Imagine that you are sitting on the ground in a beautiful setting in nature. You feel the peace, the harmony of the Earth beneath you. You make a connection with her, the soul of Earth, and you feel that Earth also longs for change, for a growth in consciousness. It wants to achieve this in connection with you and with humanity as a whole.

Earth is also involved in a dynamic process; feel that for a moment. Allow the soul of Earth to appear before you in the form of a human or an animal, and stay with the image that arises spontaneously in your mind. Ask her for what she longs, for what she wants to achieve in her evolution, in her growth process. Ask her what you can do for her at this time. How you can support the soul of the Earth in its development.

What does that answer do for you? Do you sense that what she asks of you is also what nourishes you, what connects you with Earth, and what gives you rest and harmony? The art of living in the new Earth is that you are fully connected with her being, which also lives in you as a human being; that you are connected to your own human nature as an earthly creature.

The new human is fully grounded and present. He or she respects the rhythms of Earth and nature inside and outside themselves. Feel the power of the new Earth flow into you. It already lives in you and in Earth itself. Go along with the new, for it invites you. The new Earth wants to grow and wants to bloom.

Often, the dark night of the soul leads a person to the threshold of the new and that is certainly true for you. I speak with you as the souls that you are. You have been on this path for a long time. You have made a long journey through many lifetimes on Earth. You have kept your light burning while you had to contend with deep experiences of pain, desolation, and rejection.

Now, on the threshold of the new time, you are further challenged by the old energy, the heaviness that you have long experienced on the old Earth. But you will now release and leave that, and you can only say goodbye to something when you honor it, when you can appreciate what it has brought to you and you let it go in love. All the pain that you have collected in this and previous lives needs your blessing so it can be released. Only then can you pass over the threshold, free and unburdened, as the angel that you essentially are.

Therefore, respect the dark night of the soul and the message it carries with it. When you now experience this darkness, let it see how strong you have become, the many steps you have already taken on your inner journey. This pain, fear, sadness, depression – whatever it is – you are bigger than that! You can have compassion; you can bless it. That means you can put out your hand to it and say: "You are good as you are; I understand you. I do not struggle against you; I give you a place within me. You are a reminder of the old days and I have learned a lot from those experiences.” Know that it is because of all those peaks and valleys you have lived through in your lives on Earth that there is now a wisdom which has matured within you; you really understand from within what love means, and compassion and strength. They have become a living reality for you.

That is the Christ consciousness which then awakens in your heart, in your being. That is what carries you across the threshold of the new time, when all your ideals will finally establish a rhythm and a pace that suits you and Earth. The importance here is that you see how valuable is the dark night of the soul, which you still might be experiencing. It is something that needs to be again seen in the light of love and understanding. Then it can relax and dissolve while you take with you the wisdom from the past. That is the fruit of your journey on Earth.

So when you are struggling with dark emotions of fear, or you wonder if you actually belong here on Earth, or when you feel like a stranger and experience loneliness and nagging doubt, then see that as a child. Let it take the form of a child's face that expresses all the emotions that still live there. Reach out your hand to this child and bless it. It is so worth your attention and love. But do not make doing this something more difficult than it has to be. The dark night of the soul is an almost necessary event before you pass over the threshold to the new Earth.

Take the hand of this child who carries the heaviest emotions; accompany it, support it, yet do not forget who you are. You are the loving, understanding parent who holds the hand of this child. You can see farther than she or he. You can already see beyond the threshold. You feel the upsurging life force of a new reality awaiting you. Give serene attention to this child who still might resist or is fearful. On the other hand, remain aware of the new reality that is now taking root on Earth.

I, and all who are here with me, honor and respect you. Feel our reverence, here in this moment. Thank you for your presence here today.



Toni 16th December 2016 10:11 pm

There's no heavier place than the dark knight of the soul. Loss or grief is the feeling. It’s ironic really because when embraced it neutralizes past dna experience creating the zero point field that connects one back to soul via higher self. A neutral point between positive and negative.

Previous to the ‘60’s humanity was not allowed to grieve, especially men. The dark night of the soul was embraced after death. Without grief, events circle round bigger creating more grief until we create a critical mass event where it can no longer be suppressed. Clear your grief or die so to speak.

The old pattern was usually one polarity experience per life… hero/victim, rich/poor, weak/strong etc… we required death and many lives to rebirth into the polarity experience to complete to yin/yang wholeness within singularity. Thus creating a spiral rather than a linear circle, to new dimensional levels of awareness and experience…

We can create many lives within one life now. Though no one else can do it for you.

Hugs :thumbs:

Rayofhelios 17th December 2016 11:58 am

[This comment has been deleted at the user's request]

soulofwolf 18th December 2016 7:03 pm

I have stated very similar things to many and I call it "The Blessings of the Dark." I like to work with those at or around their dark night so they learn to appreciate the gift they are receiving and learn balance to transcend the duality. GREAT article!!!

Toni 19th December 2016 1:35 am

I usually experience apathy before I get to the grief point of “I want to die”. Once its all clear with embracement then release, I receive the soul info regarding why I created the experience and my energy refreshes itself.

I gather if one stays in apathy for too long it would amplify into depression. Depression usually sets in when grief is blocked and can’t flow…

Each to their own of course. :)


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