You Are Society’s Teacher

Dear friends,

I am here with such joy. Feel my joy. I love to see you all here united as brothers and sisters. This is what the New Earth is about. When people meet each other with an open heart, when they join together in a circle like this, something new arises, something much more than the sum total of the individuals. So feel the energy that you have created together in these past few days. It is your energy.

Take pride in yourselves, you are the carriers of the Christ energy today, and I want to pass on the torch to you. Imagine that you are holding a torch in your right hand and hold it out in front of you, do not be intimidated. Now look around you, what is the first thing you see? Do you see other people around you? There are people around you who want to enjoy and receive your light, because your torch burns like no other, you are unique.

Sometimes it makes me sad to see how you hide your own torch, your own light, which is so much needed now on Earth. I appeal to you today to stand up and show your light to the world. It will deeply fulfill you to do so, it is your mission, your true path.

Now, when I say to put your light out into the world, I know it scares some of you, because your dealings with the world have not been smooth; they have been difficult and painful at times. Some of you would rather withdraw from the world. You feel you do not belong there; you do not feel at home there.

You feel that you can be yourself only by leaving society behind, but society is waiting for you. You have to travel into the dark to change it from within, and you do this within yourself. I have asked you before to look behind negativity, behind destructive behavior and see the fearful child within yourself. I ask you to now do the same with society. Do not enter into a struggle with the energies there. Enter into it with a sense of peace. When you struggle with society, you are still in the realm of duality.

You feel there are aggressive powers in society and that you are either its slave or its opponent, but both these roles are within duality. You do not want to be a slave of society and for some lifetimes you have become somewhat attached to the role of warrior, of the rebel fighting against the norms of society. But your true role today is neither of those roles. You are not society’s slave. You are not its enemy. You are society’s teacher, and you teach from the heart. This means that you look beyond outer appearances and go straight to the heart of things, of situations, of people. As a teacher, you know and understand that your energy will not always be received or appreciated, and you accept that, and so you do not feel rejected by society. You are very self-aware and act from love and compassion and, most importantly, you know when to act and when not to act. You do not have to change the world. The need to change things comes from a place of dissatisfaction or even judgement. You are truly here to be teachers of love. I am passing this torch on to you and ask you to be in the world and not of the world, to always find your truth within, but also to be available and ready to share it with others.

I now ask you to see the energy of society as a child and to give it the face of a child. There is such a lot going on at the moment; the collective energy of humanity is in a state of confusion. Now give it the face of a child. Think of the old structure that is still active: the hierarchies, the misplaced authority. And even if you think it is all very ugly, see if you can find there the face of a child. If you look deeply, you can see a lost child imprisoned within the aggressive male structures of traditional society. It is, in fact, a male child who has become alienated and separated from its own heart. Feel the sadness of this child for a moment. He lost his way a long time ago. He longs for his mother, the mother energy, and at the same time he resists it. He wants to be in control, wants to rule the world with his mind, with his ego. But it is a terrible state to be in and he is not at all happy.

So what would you do with this child? Right now, he is desperate and ready to change. Reach out to see what this child most needs, which is, in fact, you. The energy you carry within will heal him. So, talk to this child and connect with him. He is a part of you and a part of humanity, and you, too, are a part of humanity.

You all have played different roles throughout your many lifetimes on Earth. You have had lifetimes in which you were a victim of aggressive male energy on Earth. But there have also been lifetimes in which you were on the other side, in which you yourself expressed this form of male energy. It is part of your journey on Earth, so you have been both victim and offender. And today you are a teacher and leave both these old roles behind.

We are now here to redefine male energy. That is what is needed for humanity and for yourselves. You need your male energy to express yourself in the world, although both the men and women among you have reservations regarding male energy. The male energy has, because of the past, become associated with ego and aggression. But that is not its true nature and we need a new definition, a new feeling about male energy, because it is a necessary part of creation. Male and female are complementary energies.

So I ask you to now look at the male energy within yourselves. See if you can observe the figure of a male inside you. Allow the male energy to express itself in your body, whether you are male or female. Feel the natural strength of the male energy, its clarity, its perseverance, its power to express and manifest. You need this energy to bring your light into the world. Make peace with it.

I just told you that in the distant past you have had lifetimes in which you yourself misused the male energy, lifetimes in which you experimented with the energies of domination and power. On your journey as a soul, you came to deeply regret these lifetimes. You no longer wanted to have anything more to do with that energy, so you entered into a cycle of lifetimes being a victim of aggression and domination, because there was resistance within your heart against defending yourself. But you need both energies in order to have a full human life.

So today, I am asking you to no longer be afraid to use your male energy. Be clear, be visible to others. Dare to speak up, dare to distinguish yourself from others. Your spiritual feminine energy is about connecting with others, and your male energy is there to protect you when needed and to disconnect when it is necessary. Use both!

I would now like to end this talk by simply sharing our energies. Feel the gentleness in your heart and also your strength, your ability to be a teacher and to become the teacher you are. It is important to meet with others who are on the same path, like the people gathered here today. I want to encourage you to create circles of your own, to be together just enjoying each other’s company, sharing your gifts, and telling your stories. This truly helps you create new energy. It will support you.

Thank you all very much.



zorro 9th April 2013 7:38 am

The Lion ?, and The Lamb ? ! ! !

L.J. 9th April 2013 9:45 am

Lion and Lamb comment was awesome! Perfect.

Debra A 9th April 2013 10:20 am

This was a timely piece for me as I prepare again to join thousands to support the rejection of the Keystone Oil Pipeline through the U.S. It can be a difficult fine line to walk, being against something but yet counterbalancing that energy with being FOR something else - trying not to engage the power of duality in my mind and heart. I will make a copies of this and share it with fellow "protesters". Thank you!

zorro 10th April 2013 7:17 am

“ So today, I am asking you to no longer be afraid to use your male energy.”

Thank you, your words come at a most auspicious time. At this moment, all the inner planets connected with male/female identity are squeezed together, magnifying their combined power, between just 20° to 24° Aries, the Ram, a cardinal, initiating force. These are Sun/Moon and Mars/Venus, The Lion, Mars, ? (male) and the Lamb, Venus, ? (feminine) infused in a stellium with the magnificence of the Aries Sun (male) and Moon (female) conjunction. Our inner psyches are being compelled to come to grips internally with our polarity in a balanced expression at this time, and to exemplify it, and become comfortable in our own skins with it. What a powerful New Moon we have here!

valleyfever 10th April 2013 10:30 am

So very beautiful. :smitten:

betsy. 26th May 2013 4:53 pm

Beautiful message and so very true. Thank you so much for sharing, Pamela. Much love to you!!!


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