A Sense of Disconnection

Jim: Master Kuthumi, in my reality, I’ve got a sense of disconnection. I’m attributing that to integrating this information more on a higher level than on a physical and conscious level. I’m suspecting that’s probably happening to a number of people. Would that be correct?

Kuthumi: That would be correct. You see, you have to create the wiring within the physical body in order to sustain these higher energy frequency templates. The spin mechanism tool is very helpful in achieving that. It is a process that requires your attention and it requires time in your realm for these things to be brought into perfect balance, so they can be experienced in the wholeness in which they are. That was the purpose of installing that template in the last class.

As we proceed we will begin to connect the physical with the non-physical and make it very usable and sustainable so there aren’t those highs and lows and times of disconnection. You walk not only in a state of awareness of who you are, but you are truly, energetically, very bonded to the first and second Rays of Creation at a level that you have not experienced while you have been embodied in a third-dimensional body.

Jim: Yes, I understand.

Kuthumi: There will be some expansion into the awareness of that first Ray. It will not be just a concept. It will be a vast, energetic resource that brings you fully into the awareness of your relationship with Creator and that part of you that is godly, your essence and your vastness – that you have not been able to achieve nor sustain previously. Since we have worked so diligently and your students have worked so diligently in these last several months, you are able to sustain a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness more easily. There is no past or future. There is just the now.

Right now, there is imbalance in the system. You have times when the energetics in the upper chakras are very powerful and transforming. The disconnect is when those energetics cannot flow freely with the vibrational rate that is in the higher chakras, and when there is a variation in the vibrational rate in the lower chakras.

You are in a physical body having this experience. But you are, in reality, a vast being of Light. You do not consider what happens when there is imbalance in the physical and the non-physical components of who you are. Nor do you consider how that causes great disconnect and the lack of ability to transform the entire system when there is a vast discrepancy in the vibrational level of the system.

It is important that attention be now brought to that part of the physicality that is the bridging between you as a spiritual being and you having a physical experience. That can be brought into complete alignment and the body can begin to function more thoroughly from a fifth, sixth, and seventh-dimensional reality.

That is what we were trying to get you to understand at the very beginning of this experiment. That there had to be changes within the physicality: in the molecular structure and in the energetic functioning of that body. It stands to reason that we must begin to work with the energetic system that is housed in the physical body. That is the bridgework, or the gateway, into higher consciousness.

Jim: Very exciting.

Kuthumi: Yes, it is. There is programming that is learned through the environment and life experience. Most of that programming is of a fallen nature. It is a programming of separateness and ‘less than’. That magnificent energy and radiations of the color red and the vibrancy of that energy cannot flow completely through the system because it is disconnected at that first chakra. Many things occur because of that disconnect. There is a misalignment and a separation between the mental and emotional body. It is through that disconnected mental body that the thoughts continually hold separateness and do not allow, or allow very little of, convergence or merging into wholeness or unity.

It is in that first chakra that the rational mind is very present and becomes very skilled in creating a third-dimensional experience. Because the rational mind and the ego take precedence and rule that chakra’s energy, it puts limitations on the Soul and the Soul’s evolvement.

As we begin to look at the thought system, a different vibrational unit can come into existence through the Higher Mind. Then the rational mind begins to lose its force or its grip on reality.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.



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