Ain't It Awful

The next time you are waiting in a line, listen to the conversations around you and notice if people talk about how bad it is?  IT could be anything: the weather, the long line, their joints, their last haircut, their doctor, ulcers, job, wives, kids, husbands... People often enjoy congregating and complaining about how awful IT is.  In doing so, they perpetuate their condition. (Law of Attraction, you know.) They are repeating their thoughts over and over and over, magnetically attracting like-minded people into their vortex of pain and making their pain very real. As this pain is made more and more dominant in their thoughts and lives, eventually that is all they experience: pain.  If you would like to begin to break your own painful thought patterns, begin by listening to what others talk about. Pretend you are a scientist and notice how what they are saying (and, therefore, believing) is impacting their bodies, minds and emotions. Doing so will offer insight into your own.

Recently I attended a celebration at a student’s home for an important job he had successfully completed. As I wandered about, I stopped at a particularly interesting conversation. One man was telling another about his physical aches and pains in great detail. The listener was very empathic and even moved his body closer to the speaker to better engage with him and share his own diseases. Soon the postures of both were identical - arms crossed, legs bent. There happened to be one ailment the listener didn’t have that the speaker was describing in explicit detail. When he finished hearing the story of woe, the listener said with a look of disappointment, "Oh, I don’t have that illness, yet!!" Yet!  Well, if he continues to think and talk the way he was demonstrating at the party, it certainly won’t be long until he does. He received, with great openness and eagerness, enough energy and details of the illness that if a minor symptom ever did appear, it easily could be labeled as the ailment itself!

You may have also experienced the reverse of the "Ain’t-it-Awful-Syndrome." This one occurs much more rarely than the first. You see, "Ain’t it Awful" is culturally supported and considered politically correct. Entire industries depend upon it. Imagine someone in your office walking through all the departments talking about how great they feel today and how they have an abundance of money, are going on a super vacation to the islands and how they just had a great workout. In a very short time, this person would have no friends and would be the subject of gossip. It just isn’t acceptable to talk about how great life is, but if you watch the very few who do, you’ll notice one very important thing about them. They are happy and healthy, vibrant and joyful.

My suggestion? Be on the look-out for these rare birds. Snap their picture in your mind’s eye and begin to do what they do...that is, if you also wish to be happy and healthy, vibrant, prosperous and joyful. Or, I can give you the telephone number of the doctor’s office that party-goer frequents. I’m sure you’ll meet him very shortly.  He’s the 40-year-old who looks to be 100.


bodhisattva 24th January 2011 7:52 pm

I agree with you Jim, except that if the person who is spreading the "ain't life grand" perspective is really coming from a place of "ain't I grand - in other words feeling superior rather than basking in the glory of a well lived life. Someone who genuinely loves life is a pleasure to be around, while someone who is coming from ego isn't so grand to be with!:)

Nikola 26th January 2011 3:53 am

Once upon a time a buddy have told me in a poker table, don't say things like sh*t and such or you activate bad attraction..

Well sometimes, I do and it happens in reverse...


Kudos to the post, pretty much what you say is what you




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