Bringing About Peace, Harmony and Unity

A Conversation between Jim Self and Yeshua (speaking through Joan Walker).

Jeshua: Greetings. It is I, Jeshua. You on this Earth plane are at a juncture that is about to bring great change in the consciousness and in the way in which life operates on your planet. It replicates the situation that occurred on your planet in previous times when humanity was not able to hold a state of consciousness and a state of knowing to create different outcomes.

This time is completely different because you have those embodied who are empowered to create change significantly. You have access to many of those beings who can collectively make a difference in an outcome that has been prophesied for a long time.

Much was misunderstood in regards to the teaching that I brought forth and the energetic components that I seeded over two thousand years ago of your time. The natural, humanistic state of consciousness that was in play at that time was very much from a third dimensional state of reality. Good-bad, less-than and better-than played out significantly. One of those instances was in the destruction of the great libraries that were held in Egypt. After my passing Alexandria was overtaken by zealots who called themselves Christians. They were very much a part of the impetus to create dominance through their misunderstanding and misuse of their power in numbers. This was a sad day because it then set the foundations for a false premise for Christianity to be based on. That continues to play out in your world today and causes the same type of friction and war and destruction. The teachings of Mohammad have also been much misaligned and caused the foundations of those principles to be misunderstood and misaligned.

At this time you have many factions on your planet where great friction, misunderstanding, war and destruction is taking place. There are many factions in great disagreement on all levels; not just the religious community but on all levels. My desire is to return and open up another space within this Christed** Matrix that will assist you and those who are now embodied to make significant alterations to this warring that takes place in the name of God.

The triangle I wish to introduce within this Matrix is composed of color and sound as well as conceptual principles that must be established at this time. This triangle I bring forth from the yellow Ray, which is a very complex Ray. It is associated with the nature of Christed Consciousness. This Color Code or Ray affects the solar plexus. It also affects the mental body and the emotional body.

This yellow affects the mental body by providing mental stimulus to search out solutions that bring about peace, harmony and unity within the experience. It affects the emotional body by creating emotions that reflect the thoughts of peace, harmony and unity as part of the creative process. That great, massive emotional body begins to function as it was intended to function. Not in separation but in unity.

Another part of this triangular configuration is the Air element. The fresh Air element of new thought and new emotions can create solutions for unity within these factions.  It will not be done through arguing or presenting specific avenues of thought. It will be done through the wisdom and willingness to provide a new thought system that encompasses all and provides the wisdom to create a different solution outside of war.  The Air element is much like the Water element. Air has a fluidity but it also has another component that Water does not. It is not confined by the limitations of forms and therefore provides an openness. It is necessary and very pervasive within the creative process in form.

This Air element along with the yellow Color Coding can be transmitted very easily throughout the consciousness of the world. It is also enhanced by sound. We had you work with the sound of ‘Om’ during a previous class. That is a good sound to employ because it radiates and helps bring forth more of the Soul Essence which is then able to embody this higher consciousness and this greater vibratory level. It stimulates the mental body in the creative process. To tone Om is good. The other tone that is a very viable tone to be used in this triangle is the tone of ‘Ahhh’.

Om, along with the color yellow and Air, opens further the solar plexus and the first Triad. This then stimulates the lower chakras to function at a much higher vibration. This triangle brings greater awareness of the ways in which Unity is created within the body and within the physical realm; within the consciousness and within the non-physical realms of all Creation. There is no limitation. There is only expansion and creation in complete Unity and Peace and Harmony.

** The word “Christed” as the Teachers of Light use it does not refer to any religion or any person, fictitious or real. It is a supreme consciousness available to all.

This is a conversation between Jim Self and Yeshua as they prepare to teach a class together.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Yeshua to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.



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