Changing Your Past, Recreating Your Future - Part One

Excerpted from a webinar series.

Did you know that it is possible to rewrite virtually everything that has ever happened to you? Or that you could also create a future that is very different than the one you may have set in motion? It’s perfectly true. You can change your past, and you can recreate, or direct the future. But you cannot change your past while clinging to the third-dimension.

Most of us, however, choose not to change our past but instead we choose to relive our past, over and over and over. So the operative word there is “choose”. We choose not to change our past. But we can make a different choice and experience a different result.

You know that what you put your attention on is what you get. And when we couple our thoughts and emotions and begin to rethink the thought and wrap it around the emotion over and over again, we create an attention point that the Law of Attraction simply says, “I will give you more of what your thoughts and emotions are focused upon.” It may be something we desire, but many times it is an experience we don’t desire. And, we put what we don’t desire out in front of us and say, “Please, God, don’t let this ever happen to me again!” The Law of Attraction smiles and creates more of it for you to step into. You flawlessly recreate your present and your future based upon your past. It works perfectly every time. When you understand the dynamic, the possibility of rearranging everything about who you are and how you play is very available.

The past is made up of an emotion (or a collection of emotions) and a thought (or a structure of many thoughts). For example: I have an experience where somebody walks around the corner and if they have a blue shirt on I immediately do not like them! Do I know them? No! Have I ever talked to them? No! But I don’t like them! In real terms, what I don’t like is the blue shirt the person is wearing, because my father used to wear a shirt exactly the same color when he yelled at me, beat me, screamed at me, invalidated me, and made me feel embarrassed! We each have a relationship with an event in the past—a piece of information: my father used to yell at me—and we also have an emotion attached to that event: fear. When Mr. Blue Shirt walks around the corner I have an instant reaction based upon a strong, highly charged thought/emotion combination, and I re-experience my past right now.

This is the process where we take information, or a thought, couple it with a strong emotion, and then relive it over and over again, thereby fully anchoring it into our space. Do you know anyone who relives their past over and over and over?

Now, in the fourth dimension, emotions only exist in present time. You cannot have an emotion yesterday, and you cannot have an emotion tomorrow. In the fourth dimension, you can instead access information from the past, bring it into the moment, and then simply observe the information without coupling any charged emotion to the information. By contrast, in the third dimension, we see the blue shirt, re-experience the emotion and instantaneously relive the past in the moment. We keep it in our space and revisit it repeatedly. As you step into the fourth dimensional space, you have the opportunity to neutrally observe the blue shirt and not couple it with the emotion. You have the ability to recognize that it is not your father, and it is not twenty years ago! Decoupling the emotion and the information is hugely valuable as the drama and noise of the Shift rapidly increases.

Let me give you an example—this is a true story.

A number of years ago a woman came to me who looked extremely defeated; she was slumped over, had no self-esteem, and did not appear to have any value in her life. “I’ve been to all kinds of people,” she confided sadly, “and I can never solve my problem!”

After relating her long story, Jane finally told me: “When I was four years old, my mother said to me, ‘I wish I never had you!’ And then, six months later, she died. My father had died a year earlier. I’ve been in this painful, confused place my whole life, and I have no idea what I did so badly that my mother wished she had never had me.” A fifteen-second event that occurred more than three decades earlier had been driving virtually every moment and experience of Jane’s life.

I said to her, “Is it possible that what you think occurred actually never even happened? In fact, from where I’m looking at you, the event you just told me did not happen that way at all!”

Jane was a little stunned at that, and said, “Oh yes, it did happen that way! I’m
very clear about what my mother said to me.”

“Would you like to walk around that event with me, and together we can see how accurate that memory is?” I invited. When she agreed, I said, “You remember that your mother looked at you and said, “I am so sorry that I had you.” What you didn’t know is that she had just found out that she had cancer and had only six months to live. Her statement was really not about you. It was about her. Your mother was saying, “I’m going to abandon you into this world and I am so sorry that I ever had you!”

At that point, Jane burst into tears and sat there for twenty minutes virtually unaware of anything but the energy leaving her space—energy that had seriously affected every aspect of her life for 34 years!

The truth is that the beliefs we hold about our past rarely happen the way we believe they did! But when a strong thought is coupled with a charged, negative emotion, the combination drives our reality.

To be continued next month.


kay 3rd February 2013 9:44 am

Thank you, Jim. I've heard you speak before about the magnet getting stronger the more we wrap a thought around an emotion, and it's a very good way to understand and consciously utilize the law of attraction.


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