Choosing Happy

The concept of choosing your feelings may sound odd. Feelings are feelings, right? They just happen to us. Well, we can in fact choose how we experience our emotions. We are not victims to the energy that moves through us, the energy in motion, our e-motions. Sure, they happen instantly and unconsciously at first, like a wave that rushes through the body...until we decide to increase our awareness and be the creators of our lives, instead of the victims.

Choosing does not mean suppressing or denying how you really feel. Grief, anger, sadness, fear... they all play profoundly important roles as message-bearers. Feeling it, acknowledging it, and then choosing something new is key. Ignoring emotions or slapping a happy band-aid on them may keep them submerged where they could fester, keep you stuck, alter your perceptions, and make you sick.

Rose is in constant overwhelm. She loves what she does and she does it well; however there is more and more and more to DO. She is working 12-15 hours a day, every day and she is wearing down emotionally. Her biggest nemesis is her equipment. Her PC is crashing, her printer chews up paper and her CD duplicator rejects discs she knows are fine. Rose has deadlines to meet and her equipment is out to get her. She is losing her amusement and feels anxiety most of the time.

Last Wednesday she had a full-blown crying meltdown when the fax machine jammed. Rose was ready to quit it all and die. Friday something changed.  Rose took the morning off and played. She recognized a strange and unfamiliar emotion and consciously chose to call it Happy-Ease. When she finally entered her office at 1pm, she felt better than ever. It was time to call the equipment companies. Well - she was shocked at the results. The computer guy had an easy fix and the duplicator just began to work perfectly all by itself!  The printer began to print. And the fax-faxed! The connection between her mood and the mood of her equipment was undeniable. Now Rose sets her tone before entering her office and steps away if she notices feelings that don't feel good.  Her overwhelm and anxiety are disappearing and she's experiencing more Happy-Ease.

Self-Coaching Tool:

Wear the Word. The habit of being victim to our emotions is strongly engrained in our belief systems.  And we must choose differently if we are to become the leaders, healers and mentors we came here to be. Try this:

    1 - Begin to consciously notice times when you are feeling lousy and the results around you. There IS a direct relationship. Then notice times when you feel great and how that affects your world.

    2 - Write a list of words that you would like to experience (no analyzing, judging or censoring - just be wild and write down anything).

    3 - Each day, close your eyes and randomly place a finger on one word.  Wear that word all day, like a coat or hat. It may be uncomfortable or strange at first. Just play and be easy as you do this. You are re-wiring your internal system to become more fully who you truly are.


angelk 17th February 2010 8:02 am

Beautiful. I love the loving reminder through Rose's story of how we create EVERYTHING in our lives. Namaste

Judi J 17th February 2010 11:14 am

What a great article. The energy in your words resonates to the reader in a powerful, joyful way, that's for sure. It is all about allowing and choices. Once one realizes that they have the power to choose, doors begin to open. How wonderful. Love and Light, Judi


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