De-Charging the Magnetics of Issues

Zadkiel: The first application I would like to address is the eighth Ray application of clearing. It is in this application that you are able to clear all obstructions; all prior beliefs, thoughts, and emotional patterns that restrict you from obtaining a higher, clearer state of consciousness and awareness.  What has been taught to you through your scientific community is what is thought of to be the norm.  It takes a level of consciousness to go beyond the norm in order to use the higher applications.  In this clearing process you will begin to see how you created those beginning patterns and issues. Then it will be an easy step to create other patterns that are outside of the norm. From that state of consciousness there will be no state of norm.  It is just a state of creating certain patterns that will accomplish what it is that you desire to create. 

Jim:  What I just heard you say is the eighth Ray of Creation, as a tool for clearing, will neutralize and clear the magnetic glue or connective-ness to those unbeneficial belief structures?

Zadkiel:  Correct. I am sure that on occasion you have worked with an issue that you wish to clear and you have done certain ceremonies and certain processes. Then another portion of the issue or the same issue reemerges in a different configuration and you wonder, “What is that all about? I thought cleared that issue.”  The issue has previously been raised and looked at, but the adhesion that holds it within your electromagnetic field has not been removed. This issue will cycle.  You may not have the same response to it as before.  You may not have the same emotions tied to it or the same thoughts tied to it as previously.  You may see it from a different state of perception, but it will continue to cycle. The effect it has will vary according to your state of consciousness.  When working with these patterns and these eight Ray applications, the magnetics that attract the issue into form are removed so it no longer can continue in that cycle. The magnetic attraction is de-charged.

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This is an excerpt from a conversation between Archangel Zadkiel and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.

We would like to thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Zadkiel to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


Toni 13th June 2019 6:44 pm

Hmm... guess you want everyone to do your course before you give them the secrets of the 8th ray...Don't you have enough money yet Jim?

I would consider the 8th ray to just be the final layer at the core of issues. It's easy to clear if one drops into grief & puts it to death. It removes the emotion that densifies thought into ones issues.

It won't matter how many courses or how much money we fork out to others to fix or heal us. Ultimately we won't evolve until we do our internal work & release these e motions ourselves. We can't go around them anymore... we can only go through them.


Toni 13th June 2019 7:55 pm

“I was talking to Anger the other day & she told me her real name was Grief.”.. from a movie I watched. Don't remember which one. I watch so many movies. :)


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