Money Matters

You’ve probably heard this before: "Your relationship with money is a direct representation of your relationship with your personal power."  "Your relationship with money also reflects your ability to receive and your ability to truly honor your deepest self." "The amount of money you have isn't as important as how you relate to what you do have." Blah, blah, blah. You have heard all about money and the Law of Attraction ad-infinitum. And you know it is all true, so why are you still in the lack situation you’ve been in before?

The answer is different for everyone. The answer lies in old programs that run through our belief systems. Let’s begin simply to untangle one possible pattern.

Maggie was in debt, had a messy home and was continuously resisting paying her bills; so much so that she listened to the Mastering Alchemy free webinars via pay phone because her service had been discontinued. Although her finances were the most urgent issue she wanted to resolve, we began working on other, simpler aspects of her life first - areas that were less charged and had fewer long-time limiting beliefs than money did.

We first came up with a system of bill paying; actually, it was a system to deal with mail, including bills. When Maggie picked up the mail from her PO Box (which was less than once a week), she either left it in the car for days, or dumped it in a heap on the already-full kitchen counter. Unread subscriptions, cards, sales catalogs, letters, and bills remained there for weeks or months, unopened. She admitted resistance, overwhelm and a growing sick fear of opening her mail and facing her financial woes.

As she slowly, gently created orderliness and structured a daily routine to prioritize her mail and her time, Maggie began to like herself more. She began to feel as though she was in control of her life. When she began liking herself, she also respected her needs more. Once she stopped resisting money and her bills, and instead began appreciating them as a flow that simply moved in and out of her days, more and more came to her. Additional prosperity flowed to her because there now was room for it to flow. If the lake is filled with sand, the creek has a difficult time flowing into it and instead turns it into a marsh of mud.

Self Coaching Tools to Play With

1. Notice your thoughts and words pertaining to money. Keep it light and notice if you judge your thoughts.

2. Begin replacing the word money with power (as in harmonious personal power). You might begin to notice your core beliefs about who you are.

3. Notice how you treat money (personal power) when you have it. Do you stuff it into your frayed and torn purse? Do you continually count and recount it, wishing there was more? Do you hide it or stash it away to use later?

4. Notice the people with whom you have chosen to surround yourself. Are they demonstrating themselves abundantly? Can they have the good things? (It isn't necessary to actually have a high income in order to radiate wealth.)

5. Educate yourself about the maintenance and upkeep of money. For example, do you have an active and growing savings account in addition to a checking account? Where are you looking for financial advice? Who are your advisors when it comes to money? Are they prosperous or are they friends who are also struggling?

6. Watch those who radiate prosperity. What words do they vibrate at? Certainty, Grace, Elegance, Sophisticated, Kind, Available? Practice wearing those words as you move through your day and notice how those words feel versus those you used to wear (Worry, Lack, Hiding, Sloppy, Disorganized).




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