Practical Tools for Making Separations - Part 2

“In releasing, you let go of the clinging, and you are made whole again. In releasing and honoring what has been, there may be tears, but there will also be doors opening to future possibilities.” - Quote from Jesus, Love Without End by Glenda Green

Last month I shared a tool that can help you make separations from others whom you find yourself thinking about long after you have left their presence.  This month I will share another tool with you that will enable you to give others back the energy they left with you while at the same time calling your own energy back home to you where it belongs.

Jen enjoyed her daily lunchtime walks with Jeffrey, or at least she mostly enjoyed them. They talked about work projects, sports, pets and family dramas. Those were the parts Jen enjoyed. The aspects she didn’t enjoy included Jeffrey’s flirting and inviting her to have dinner with him. She liked him but not in a romantic way.  In class, Jennifer used Jeffrey as the subject for this Energy Tool.  The following day at about 2 p.m., I received a phone message from Jen. During their daily walk, Jeffrey “out of the blue” apologized for bugging her and hoped they could still be friends! Jen never spoke to him about her irritations, but simply gave him back the attention and energy he had left in her space.

Making Separations - Tool # 2

1. Clear your space to play. Ground and Run Energy.

2. Be comfortable in the Center of Your Head.

3. Imagine or remember a white Rose.

4. Think of someone you’d like to return energy to.

5. Visualize putting him in this Rose and watch what color the Rose turns. That is the color of his energy in your space.

6. Create another Rose next to the first one. This Rose represents you. Notice the difference.

7. Give the command to your friend’s Rose to collect up all of his energy from your Rose.

8. Give the command to your Rose to collect up all of your energy from his.

9. When the Roses are finished exchanging energy, thank your friend and explode his Rose or make it disappear. His energy will return to him where it can benefit him.

10. Now find your Rose again. Fill it with gold and allow it to enter your body. It has the wisdom to travel and refill your system with the energy it has just gathered.

11. Take a moment and completely replenish with your Golden Ball of Light. Be sure to fill those areas of your body that you may have noticed responding to the energy work.

Remember, keeping a person in your conscious awareness or even your subconscious awareness does not benefit either of you.  



Irena 20th October 2009 12:12 am

Thank you so much, this is Exactly what I needed to hear/read practice! All is so perfect!

Thank you again!

with Gratitude,


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