Re-balance Your Divine Creative Energy, Part 1

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend.

Due to the planetary Shift of Consciousness that is occurring within the planet and within each of us, we are now reaching a point in human evolution where the present masculine patriarchal phase is about to end. Instead of continuing as we have in the third dimension with alternating masculine and feminine cycles, we are moving into a new cycle of consciousness. This is one in which masculine and feminine become one balanced Unified Field of consciousness. In order to enter and hold yourself in the vibrations of a fifth-dimensional reality and bring the Unified Field into wholeness, the masculine and the feminine within you must first be in balance. When this is accomplished the structure of the masculine creative energy will begin to be the structure in which the feminine creative energy can flow, grow and expand. The feminine energy can then direct the masculine energy into an expanded structure, which in turn allows the feminine to create within that new space. It’s an ongoing expansion of masculine and feminine that allows for amazing opportunities and a joyful creative process. This new level of balanced masculine and feminine creative energies is where we are headed, although sometimes it doesn’t appear that way.

This unification and rebalancing requires the original essences of the feminine and masculine to be reestablished within you, and therefore also upon the planet and within all of humanity. This original essence or template is what you lived and demonstrated but forgot at the Fall of Consciousness. This is the divine aspect of who you are. This is known as the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. You hold both within your fifth-dimensional experience. It is the divinity you share with All That Is.

The wise, knowing Divine Feminine nurtures and offers the life-giving safety of the crucible (symbolically and in reality). It’s that aspect of divinity that has to be reestablished first. This original Divine Feminine aspect of Creator will open the space within the fifth dimension for the Divine Masculine to enter and be present in its full glory, as it was originally created. At that point the Divine Masculine will take its proper place in perfect unison with that feminine aspect. It’s the Divine Feminine who does this because the Divine Masculine is not strongly present at this time in the third dimension. The masculine is still operating from that place of dominance, inequality and control. For that masculine structure to be dismantled and transformed into the divine, it takes the feminine to set the energetic balance, make it available for the divine image of the masculine to enter and take its proper positioning not only in the creative process in the physical realm, but also within the physical body and all of humanity and Earth.

Anna comments on rebalancing

(Anna, Mother of Mother Mary, is a member of the collective known as the Teachers of Light*)
I am very pleased to be a presenter at this time. Aeons ago, before I walked your Earth, there was a separation, a fracture that took place within the creative realms of form. There was a mutation that began to occur within the energetics of the creative process. This split and fracture was in the energies that held everything in operation, and held everything in unity. Part of that fracture was within the energetic positioning of the masculine-feminine unit. It was in that fracturing within the energetics that there came an aspect of domination and submissiveness. This polarity began to creep into the energetics of the creative process.

To be the evolved, Light being you came here to experience, there must be within you the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. We bring in and show to you the importance of this. It is the Feminine, the matriarch, the wise one, the teacher who will open up that space within the fifth dimension that allows for the Masculine to enter and to be present in full power. Never dominant over, but in perfect unity with, in perfected divine Love.

I cannot tell you strongly enough how important this is. This collective of Teachers offer you specific tools to once and for all eliminate the third dimension and embrace yourself as that perfected divine image. For if the Golden Age is to reign and there is to be peace and love and harmony on your planet, as you so desire, this presence must be here in the physical, in every energetic aspect of the fifth dimension and above.

A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend 
by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett



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