Silence - A Powerful Tool for the Shift

As this amazing Shift of Consciousness continues to unfold in and around us, the noise and drama becomes louder and more distracting. In your imagination, take an energy-photo of the world now and compare it to what was happening a few years ago. The noise and drama is indeed increasing and intensifying. But you don’t have to be affected by it. Silence is your power. It is both the tool and the sanctuary that will keep you sane and intact.

Recently on NPR there was an interview with a scientist who studies the effects oftechnology on humans. He observed that many young people who are continually using communication devices are losing their ability to be quiet and alone. They are texting, Skyping, calling, and FaceBook-ing so much that when the device is not demanding their attention, the kids quickly experience the absence of dialogue as loneliness. Their reaction then is to immediately initiate new exchanges to fill the quiet. They have forgotten how to appreciate their alone time and the value of silence. I can’t help but wonder how that affects their wellbeing.

Have you ever been in a conversation where the person you are talking to doesn’t stop talking long enough for you to contribute? How does that energy feel in your space? Or perhaps you’ve received emails from someone who isn’t filtering their words and includes so much irrelevant information it is difficult to understand their point? Do you practice any of these noisy habits?

Imagine being in a conversation with a noisy person with your Rose up, observing from your Higher Mind or Center of Your Head. You sit before them in this quiet, centered, detached space. Watching and waiting can be a very powerful response to their noise. Not reacting when someone is throwing energy or demonstrating other charged emotions is not only empowering for you, but can be a huge healing for them. By healing I mean you are not offering them resistance nor anything to argue with. You are not adding fuel to their fire. You are instead demonstrating another way of being. Very shortly they will have worked themselves up, through and then over their intensity without getting it all over you. Or, they won’t and instead they’ll move on to someone else who may or may not choose to wallow around in the mud with them.

Have you ever been in a meeting where the “perceived leader” is really not the “true leader?” The true leader is the quiet one. She is the one who silently, patiently waits and watches, stays in her space and knows exactly when and how to respond. The true leader is not the one who does most of the talking.

We are all being asked to step up and be the leaders and teachers we came here to be. To do this we must walk through the noise and drama of the third dimension while we hold the higher aspects of the fourth and fifth dimensions. Once we master this quiet observation we can observe, choose and act from the platform of wisdom, grace and compassion.

In a recent class taught by Archangel Michael (in the Level 3 program), he emphasized the critical importance of each of us being aware of where we have our attention and how we are moving through this important time of Shift. He said a citizen of the fifth dimension is the master of their every thought, emotion, word and action in every moment. Sound impossible? We’ll see. Consider the power of silence.


COBALT 26th October 2012 12:34 pm



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