The Etheric Body and Choice, Part 1

Jim:  Kuthumi, We’re receiving questions such as, ‘Am I doing it right?’  ‘I don’t know how to do it.’  ‘What is the etheric body?’  ‘How do I find it?’  One of the answers is: ‘By putting your attention into the clarity of the etheric space and not being pulled into that emotion or thought pattern, you have an ability to observe it intentionally and quickly let it go. But, many are still in the 3D habit of, ‘I’m not okay.’  Can you speak to that so people have a conscious understanding of the choice that’s available to them?

Kuthumi:  Yes.  It is all about the choice.  And, if you are reacting, you have already chosen from your emotional body. This does not change the thought that created the emotional response. In order to create a change, you must be aware that a change is needed and have the specific information of what is needed.

You will first notice the change within the mental/emotional body because it is very much energetically woven in with the etheric body. Then it is transmitted into your physical reality.  You are becoming much more conscious just by doing that little exercise of visualizing your etheric body functioning as if it were part of you from the perspective of your hand or your arm or your foot.  This is very, very helpful because it teaches you that you have access.  It brings a greater state of consciousness into the way in which the mental/emotional body functions through the physical body.  As these feelings surface, yes, they are part of the old third dimensional state that is no longer engaged.  Some of these unconscious thoughts and emotions and reactions will surface because they are being extricated from the energetic system from a non-physical state first. Then, you experience it in the body from the physical state.

It is being thrown out because, energetically, you are resonating with a fifth, sixth, seventh dimensional energetic template and state of consciousness.  What is being ejected are those thoughts and emotions that were not conscious at the third dimensional levels.  They are of that dimension, of that realm, but because they were not conscious, you could not eradicate them from your entire energetic system. 

You have come into this embodiment to be in a physical, individualized expression of your Soul Spirit.  Those third dimensional thoughts and emotions lay dormant in the other fields of your energetics because they must be made conscious in the physicality in order to be removed from the physical.

This is an excerpt from a conversation between Master Kuthumi and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.



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