The Waves Keep Coming - Part 2

As the waves of light step up more and more, light, wisdom, and knowledge become increasingly available to us. The more you can anchor the light and re-member "you" the quicker the awakening will be and the more "play" time you get to experience. You will enjoy yourself and become more fluid and flexible in assisting others.

For many, the coming months and years will be very confusing and emotional. Those who rely on the emotional patterns of sympathy and empathy in order to understand or experience others will experience a charged emotional electromagnetic pull into those feelings, beliefs and thoughts of others. Let me say that again: If you rely on empathy and sympathy you will find these charged electromagnetic patterns will pull you into the feelings, thoughts and drama of those standing in front of you.

Reaction Vs Response

Most of us can clearly remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard about the events of 9/11. As the event unfolded, two waves of energy moved around the world:

  • A 3-D Reaction wave of energy, steeped in fear.
  • A 4-D Response wave that asked, "What can I do? How can I help?"

The people in New York got the first wave of fear in their space, followed by the second wave which moved many people into a 4th dimensional vibration of compassion that involved no thinking and no conditions. All that mattered was that well-being was brought back into balance. These two waves are moving again and you have the choice of moving between them on your terms. You need to stay observant, clear and purposeful and hold a vibrational tone that keeps you above the vibrations of the lower three chakras.

Many of us are now dissolving and releasing much of these past/future time-loop patterns. You are losing or releasing memories, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and habits that no longer have importance to you but, through the Law of Attraction, they are still magnetizing similar experiences into your life. Have you found that old thought patterns are coming up through your reality?

These patterns are being taken out of your space, so don't try to stop the patterns or argue with them or ask why they are there. It is old stuff that is being released. It isn't important where it came from, so just allow yourself to let it go. Then shift your attention to something that is uplifting and be happy. If you can do that you will also find these patterns are being dissolved from the world around you. Soon you won.t even remember a lot of those old patterns because they're being erased from your 3rd dimensional time-loop.

As you remove a past experience that you were projecting into the future you will be moved right into a present time consciousness where the opportunity to choose is becoming readily available. If you ask why, stay in blame, or look for answers, you will find that those old emotional patterns get stuck. The more patterns you can let go of by just being happy, the easier you will get through the next few years.

An earlier article asked the question, "Do you know where you start and where you stop?" The aura of a balanced person extends about an arm's length away from their physical body. It radiates in every direction. Hold your arm out in front of you now and pretend you are holding a rose between your fingertips. Using your imagination, envision the universe starting on the other side of that rose. Do the same to the left and right of you and behind you, leaving a rose at each of those points, then place a rose above your head. If you trace imaginary lines and join all the roses you will create a four-sided pyramid around you. Its base will be running through your heart chakra and its apex will be about 18 inches above your crown. Repeat this exercise, only this time place a rose about 18 inches below your feet and connect more imaginary lines to create a downward-pointing pyramid. Connect the bases of each pyramid (base to base) at the level of your heart. This creates an 8-sided, diamond-shaped pattern around you called an octahedron. Next, fill the eight sides (8 triangles) with light. The space inside this geometry is you and everything outside this field defines the rest of the universe.

If you stay within this geometric template of light, you will not be the effect of other people's emotions, thoughts and erratic behaviors and you will not take on their feelings as if they were your own. Without this geometry in place, and without knowing where you start and end, you feel the effect of other people's energy. Outside energies have been influencing how you experience yourself all of your life. From inside your octahedron, other people's energy will feel more like a soft rain pelting against a windowpane instead of like being caught in a raging monsoon.

Remember: What other people think of you, or how other people vibrate, is really none of your business. Your business is only about you. Your safety, your joy, you enthusiasm, your education, and your ability to express yourself are all about you and your path. As you build this geometry and play in it, allow yourself to observe everything from within it. You are going to find that much of the 3-D noise and attention that you have felt from others begins to drop away.



Berniesongspirit 20th October 2011 2:50 am

Beautiful! & makes complete *sense* to me... I LOVE your rose octrahedron suggestion...
Blessings :smitten:

happyme 20th October 2011 10:14 am

Lol! I just posted a question on the forum about the mirror effect and energies, and I find in your article (waaay better expressed) that my thoughts are moving in the right direction. Now your excercise it is an amazing tool to teach everybody around us!

Thank you so much!

mudskipper 20th October 2011 1:49 pm

Oh yes oh yes oh yes!

Perfect timing, thank you Steve. A stroke of genius to use a rose to establish the Merkabah, so easy!

My previous efforts resulted in something like a wobbly ill-defined jelly in which I had, naturally, little faith and worse results!

Every blessing xxx

Mariù 21st October 2011 4:28 am

Very timely message. Thank You Jim!

ajnalight 25th October 2011 1:49 am

I have been having severe dizzy spells for 3 days now....they seem to be intensifying! Can't drive, can hardly walk....I know it's the energy as I am super healthy but also super sensitive to energy. I am not sick but feel the need to rest and absorb the intense energies hitting the planet....
So yeah I can definitely feel those waves!
Call me surfer girl!
Love love love


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