What Drives You? What Drains You?

You are here to make a contribution to the world. And this Shift of Consciousness we are in the midst of is pushing us all to identify and demonstrate that contribution.  Whether you know it or not, you already have all the information, skills, motivation and passion to do so. The trick, however, is to uncover that drive and allow that inspiration to lead you to your right-work. Discovering that work can sometimes be a major challenge in itself.  Unfortunately, most of us choose to live by default rather than do what is necessary to discover and demonstrate our purpose. That choice, though unsatisfying, is typically the path of least resistance. It is easier to stay put than to take the minor action that may lead us to our work-joy.

Jack has a full and busy life of service.  He volunteers for three non-profit organizations and is on the board of a fourth. Jack is a successful business owner and enjoys his family.  Even though he has organized his life around giving, Jack isn't satisfied and continually questions his contribution and purpose.

Jill on the other hand, experiences the other end of the creative spectrum and is dissatisfied with a "dead-end job," isolation and a string of incomplete or failed projects.  Whether your life resembles that of Jack or Jill, discovering and demonstrating your passion is probably a major desire of yours.  In fact, in every free webinar we offer, I hear people ask the same question, "What is my purpose?"

So how do you begin to identify your purpose, contribution or gift? And then, how do you find the courage to make the changes necessary to act upon it?  Accomplishing the former allows the latter to unfold quite naturally. A person in pursuit of her passion is a powerful force, a force that pushes against all previous programming she has lived with.

A Tool to Play With

The first step in identifying your purpose is to become aware of your current situation and those aspects of it that drive and drain you.  Begin a written list and as you move through your day, make note of what moves and motivates you.

(1) What makes you want to move forward (even if that tiny movement is just off the couch)?  What ignites your fire (even if that tiny fire is just a match flame)?  Be amused and curious.  This isn't a test; there isn't a right or wrong answer.  You don't have to tell anyone. What are your motivators - caffeine, friends, deadlines, the gym, a messy house, a sunny day, fear of failure, lack of money, someone's approval?

(2) Now make note of those things that drain you.  What do you currently include in your life that takes your energy away - deadlines, fear of failure, friends' drama, a messy house, a sore body, worry?

Just notice with curiosity and amusement, and write these drainers down.

(3) Next, begin to notice your Internal Response to each of these drivers and drainers.  Are you judging yourself, or beating yourself up because you are motivated by money or caffeine?   Getting to a place of observing without judging is the key to change and will allow the shift to wholeness to occur.

(4) The next step toward your right-work and passion is to take one simple, easy, do-able action — even if that action is just turning off the television and taking the dog for a walk.

You are great!  You are here to add to All That Is and this Shift of Consciousness is pushing you to choose what moves you vs. what mangles you.  When you shine the light of amused awareness upon what you do, you can then make a different, empowered choice.



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