Why All This Chaos Now? (Part Two)

This Shift is happening now because we have asked for it to occur. It’s also happening now because we have accomplished what we came here to achieve. You see, the game of the third dimension has been fully played out, and played out very successfully. It’s now time to bring everything to completion and return Home to the heart of Creator. Everyone is going Home to the higher dimensions, but not everyone is going Home on the same timeline or with the same ease and grace. Going Home is precisely what the Shift is all about. 

The Shift is clearing away all that we (individually and humanity) are not. It’s clearing away all that we hold our attention upon that has nothing to do with who we are. This Shift is assisting us in rewiring our spiritual connections and realigning ourselves so that we can finally remember all that we are. However, this is not going to happen without some attention on our part. To complete the third-dimensional experiment we signed up for, we now have the opportunity to put our “selves” back together again. Learning to put yourself back together, rebuilding your Living Light body, is your journey Home. This task is possible, but attention is required.

Is this something to be happy about? Yes! 
Could you be excited? Yes!
Is it simple? Yes!
Is it going to be easy? Not exactly… but it does not have to be difficult either.

How this transition might be affecting you
As exciting and as wonderful as this transition is, it’s also creating difficulties for many people. These difficulties are occurring as the pace of the Shift quickens and we continue to hold tightly to our third-dimensional beliefs and habits. Judging others and ourselves, resentment, competition, prejudice and fear are only a few examples. There are many. These habits and beliefs are choices that belong to the dense, noisy third dimension and they must be released. As long as we continue to hold these limitations, and argue over “rights” and “wrongs”, as long as we believe in lack and see the world through a filter of “us and them”, we will experience the uncomfortable effects of the Shift within our physical and emotional bodies. What’s going on here is that as we argue for our limitations and hold on to old beliefs that no longer support us, we are creating a resistance or blockage within our four-body system that is causing us discomfort and if held long enough, illness and disease. 

As I mentioned earlier, the third-dimensional reality as we know it is shifting. Your awareness is expanding and it is becoming far more aligned and balanced as you move into a higher consciousness. But you can’t take your baggage with you. Humanity is waking up, and as it does the old structures that have supported duality, maintained separation and controlled the masses with fear are beginning to crumble. 

Just as this Shift is occurring globally, it is also occurring internally within each individual regardless of his or her beliefs, religion, commitment to spiritual growth or lack of awareness. Signs that you are being affected by the external conflicts include internal imbalances, worry, anxiety, physical illness and stress. You may notice yourself being more impatient and easily irritated. You may find yourself withdrawing from others. You may notice you are questioning thoughts and feelings that you have always experienced but never paid much attention to before now. You may notice that the lifestyle you’ve enjoyed for many years is no longer satisfying.
What if there was a way to allow the cultural agreements to crumble without us feeling lost? What if people really could come together for each other instead of fighting wars? What if you could make a difference and smooth out the inevitable transition so everyone could step into the fifth dimension? 

What if …?

This was an excerpt from

A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend 
by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett



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