Why Many Archangels and Masters Appear as Male

Excerpt from the interactive book: A Course in Mastering Alchemy: Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend

Someone in a program asked me this question. It’s a very good one that has been asked many times, sometimes with a charge, and sometimes simply with curiosity.

Many Archangels and Masters appear with names such Metatron, Uriel, Michael, Kuthumi and El Morya. These are all masculine-sounding names. These Great Beings are often represented in paintings as men - white men. However these Great Beings don’t only hold male energy. The countenance humans have assigned them is male because that was what we could relate to at the time. In other words, these dynamic Beings of Light have a masculine expression because, until now, that's all humans could accept.

As explained in Lesson 5, at the time of the Fall of Consciousness it was necessary to create an energetic field or structure to hold and prevent the Earth from falling into complete elimination. That structure became known as the third dimension, and it was very dense, conditional and rigid. To guide the Earth back into its intended brilliance, a very powerful aspect of Creator, known as the Divine Feminine, was brought to the Earth and to its inhabitants. Before the Fall of Consciousness, Earth was a rarified consciousness of Light, not the physical form you know it as today.

The Divine Feminine’s guidance took on the role of the matriarch. Its purpose was very clear and focussed, yet it operated within the rigid and fear-based structure of the third dimension. The Divine Feminine’s purpose was the survival of Earth and humanity.

At that time those in female form ruled, protected and helped humanity to survive, and this global matriarchal culture prevailed for a very long time. Its focus was on the continuation of life. While this goal was accomplished, the global culture that survived was very much out of balance with regard to the masculine nature. As the matriarchal domination and control continued, the masculine could tolerate no more and eventually rose up and took the power. The tables were turned and the global culture shifted from female-dominated to male-dominated. Of course there are still some rare cultures on the planet today that are of a matriarchal nature.

During that transition into patriarchy there was third-dimensional resentment, resistance, anger and retaliation. The patriarchy took command and the feminine was dominated and subjugated. When Great Beings such as Yeshua and Buddha came to the planet, they had to speak through male forms and with a masculine point of view because of male-dominated culture and society. The family and culture did what the males demanded. Businesses were run by men. Religions and educational systems were also dominated by the patriarchy. Look at the Middle East today; it hasn't changed much. Countries such as Egypt and Turkey are going through tremendous change, and they all have a male-dominated energy. I once asked Yeshua, “Why did you say ‘I and the Father are one.’ Why not the Mother?” He explained that at the time he walked the Earth that was the only way he could be heard. JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books has mentioned that she chose to use only her initials instead of her full name so her gender was not a factor in the minds of her audience. It isn’t just the men and boys who have been unready to embrace a balanced and strong female. Many – not all – women feel safer hiding behind their men, giving their seniority over to the masculine energy and not stepping up to create their own dreams. Others may go in the opposite direction and reject anything male. Many women even have the habit of blaming men and the patriarchy when their plans fall through.

This is now changing. As the critical mass of balanced feminine and masculine creative energy is restored in both men and women, and personal power is taken back into our own lives, we will see non-gendered images of these Great Beings of Light. They are gendered only because of humanity’s current limitations. You walk beside these Great Beings of Light who love you beyond your wildest imagination. They are your friends and co-creators. They can only accomplish their plans if each one of us steps up to the plate. Only those with a human body can place the final puzzle pieces into this grand creation. These Great Beings are thrilled because you came here and said, “I will change this.” It was the big determined humans who stepped up and said, “Send me!” And here you are.

This is an excerpt from the interactive book, A Course in Mastering Alchemy, by Jim Self and Roxane Burnett



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