Worry and the Economy

Question: One of the things I know that worries a lot of people, even those who consider themselves awake, is this whole question about the economy. Our lives are based on a financial structure. We go to work to earn money to pay for the house and all of the other things that we need to survive and enjoy ourselves. If the economy is crumbling as indeed it is, how will this financial structure be different?

Jim: This is a tough question because there is a lifetime, or more, of beliefs and programing wrapped into how we perceive and move around within this thing called money. Some people believe that as the Shift unfolds, a bag of gold will fall upon their heads and they will be fine and taken care of. Others believe that a whole new monetary system is coming into place that will provide for them. And there are still many who worry and fret or believe they must work very hard to achieve their goals and dreams. Still other "lightworkers" believe that the ideal solution is no form of currency at all. A common thread among many is having their attention on their future life and asking the question “What if...?”

Let’s rephrase the question: "What will the future look like and how much money am I going to have?"

As this separation between the third dimension and the higher vibrations begins to occur, you will get to choose to move around in higher, faster vibrations of Light anchored within your body. As you walk through your day in this brighter field, you will begin to find that things just work. I know that is a funny thing to say: "Just believe it is going to work." It might even sound trite and woo-woo. But I bet you have had experiences in your life where you've found yourself facing what appears to be an absolutely disastrous situation one moment, and then had something unexpected occur that completely unravels the disaster that was threatening you. I cannot quite define how it is going to happen, because the "how" is not clear - and actually not really that important. There are multiple possibilities, and they are all personal to the person doing the creating. YOU.

Effectively, people will soon wind up in a much, much better space than they might currently be experiencing. However, it is still going to take a little bit of time for this to unfold. You may be losing your house right now, and for me to say, "Trust me, it is going to be fine,” really doesn't seem to be very helpful. But if you could just step back and look at your situation from a higher platform, with a more neutral perspective, you would recognize that this transition in the world economies and governments that we are currently experiencing is going to take some amazing twists and turns. Any changes to the status quo, even those that are necessary, are always challenging for us humans. And while it is not possible for me to provide you with something more tangible right now than repeating "Something WILL work out for you," what I CAN tell you is that two to three years from now (2012) there will be a very different system in place than what we have right now. Moreover, there are multiple possibilities for how we will arrive at that point, but since I do not offer predictions, I cannot say which one is going to unfold.

Response: It is up to us.

Jim: Yes - it is up to each and every one of us. So how would YOU like it to be?

One thing I can tell you with great certainty is that if you sit and worry you will experience worry. Worry doesn't get you anywhere you want to be. Worry begins to deteriorate the physicality of the body. It is an extremely invalidating vibrational field. The goal is to stay in present time. You know your rent may be due tomorrow but you are not in tomorrow.

You are living right here - right now. So if you sit here today and worry about what might happen tomorrow you will experience worry today AND you will continue to attract worry into your life tomorrow. You do have an alternative, however. You can choose to say: "I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow but right now I am going to ground, clear my space, take a number of deep breaths and just see what my possibilities are here."

If you can hold that level of focus in a present-time space, possibilities begin to flow into that more open, easy space. If you focus upon and hold on to worry, you simply create a space of more constriction and worry, and therefore will never see the possibilities that could answer the question and move you into wellbeing.

I hope this makes sense to you. It is very important that we all make this distinction, for we are in a time of fine-tuning every action, every emotion, and every thought in every moment.



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