The Healing Power of Peace

Beloved one, each and every one of you is the Christ essence; otherwise, you would not be here. Take that deeply to heart. What does it mean to be of the Christ essence? It means that truly you are not limited by time or space or by what the brothers and sisters say that you have to do. You are not limited by anything except your own choices, and you are free in every moment to choose anew, as I did.

I went through the crucifixion experience in order to prove that one is not the body. You are not the body. You have created the body in order to express the divine power of Isness. You are the creators of the body. Now, I know the bodies scream at you sometimes and say that they are in charge. But in truth, you are the one who has the choice to take the deep breath and to say, “No, I will abide in peace.”

In this moment right now, allow yourself to take a deep breath and to feel the peace that comes with that deep breath. You do not have to pay golden coins for the peace that comes with the deep breath. It is a divine gift that you give yourself. The very first thing that you have done when you took the incarnation was to take the deep breath. Some of you saw the great power with that deep breath and you allowed the vocalization to be quite powerful. Some of you came a little more quietly, but the very first thing that you do in this human incarnation is to breathe.

Part of the essence of humanhood is to breathe. With the deep breath you allow yourself to abide for a moment in peace. Allow yourself to take another deep breath, just an easy breath, just to feel the peace that comes with it, because there is healing that comes with peace. For a moment or so you can set aside all of the worries. You can set aside all of the demands of the world.

Any time you feel that the world is too much with you, allow yourself the deep breath. There were times in my lifetime that I took myself away from the multitudes, even away from the disciples, and communed with the Father with the breathing. I allowed myself to return again to the place of peace, that place where you receive divine guidance.

Even in the Garden of Gethsemane I took myself apart from the disciples and I prayed, I did the deep breathing, and I listened. And there was silence, and there was peace about the morrow. And with the peace I knew that I had to go forward. I also knew that I was not going to be alone on the next day with all of the happenings that I had intuited; I knew the probabilities.

I had been speaking a truth that was necessary -- and still is necessary in this day and time -- of the divinity of each and every one of the brothers and sisters and how they are not—and you are not—under the thumb of government and leaders and of situations; that you are Love expressing, creating.

The idea that you are loved with an everlasting Love and that you are free to create any and all dimensions of your life did not go along with what was being taught in the Temple. The ones who were the rulers at that time, and thought they had the power, decided that this rabble rouser needed to be silenced. So I knew the probability of what was going to be happening on the next day.

And in the silence of the deep breath and in the peace, I knew my strength. I knew my wholeness. Any time when the world is too much with you -- and I know that from time to time the world screams at you that you must do such and such or be such and such -- allow yourself the deep breath first of all. It is the first step. It is a powerful step.

Then listen in that peace. Listen for guidance. If no guidance comes, breathe again. Keep on breathing. It is a good thing to do for the body; it keeps the body going. (Smile) And listen. Abide in the peace of that breath. That is the simplest of all things that you can do, and it allows you to touch into the divinity of you. Breathe and feel the peace.

If you remember nothing else from this message, remember my suggestion that you take a deep breath, over and over if necessary, and abide in peace, because there you will connect with the divinity of you, with the true power of you. The peace that you feel is your power.

Others can taunt you. Others can judge you, but they cannot destroy your peace. Only you can destroy your peace, and only you can bring it in with the deep breath. So I highly suggest that you allow yourself, as often as you remember, to abide in peace and to listen, because there are many unseen ones, angels you will call them, loved ones perhaps who have laid down the body, who want to let you know how much they love you.

Perhaps there were ones of the loved ones who did not know how to love you when you were small, and perhaps they passed on the generational teaching that to be hard with you was to make you strong. All it did was to challenge your spirit and sometimes bring you down a bit. Now that they have laid down the body, they see things differently and they want to tell you how much they love you.

They want to tell you that they understand now that it was an agreement that you would come together and to be born into a certain family, that there was agreement that you would serve each other. And now they understand that the greatest power of all is not the abusive, hard power, but the greatest power of all is love.

They love you, and they wait to tell you. Sometimes you are so busy and you are listening to other voices -- the voices of the world -- and they cannot get through. But as you take the deep breath, and as you abide in peace, you will receive a knowing, a knowing from your guardian angel, a knowing from a loved one, a knowing from your inner self, your higher Self, that will guide you and see you through whatever is going to be in the next moment or the next day, the same as the strength I received on the evening in the Garden of Gethsemane.

You are the I AM Ego that has been forever, and after the purpose of time has been fulfilled—because there will not always be time—after the purpose of time has been fulfilled, you will still be the Isness of divine love. So no matter what happens in this year—and there is a lot that is going to be happening in this year—allow yourself the simplicity of going within to the place of peace and call upon me. Always I will answer.

Now, in order to know my answer, you have to listen. You may ask of me in that place of peace, “What should I do? What is my next step? Am I worthy?” And sometimes when I answer you, you are off doing something else that the world has said must be done by three o’clock in the afternoon or whatever time is designated.

Listen. Take the deep breath. Abide in peace. Call upon me. And listen. Always I am with you. There is no place that you can be that I am not. If you descend into the depths of hell, the deepest place of worry and doubt, there I am with you. If you ascend into the heavens and you feel the joy of living, there I am with you in that joy. And I will tell you, joy and trust are good places to abide. 

The other suggestion I make unto you—I have said many other times—is to laugh with me, tell me a funny, a joke. No matter what you are going through, allow yourself to step out of it for a moment or so and to see the humor, the ridiculousness of whatever is going on; to look for the humor in any situation and allow yourself to laugh.

Because truly, even as you go through this lifetime and you feel the heaviness from time to time of this lifetime, know that you have lived many other lifetimes and know that if you choose, you may have another lifetime, either here on holy Mother Earth or any of the other most wonderful planetary bodies that you are beginning to acknowledge and beginning to know about.

Any incarnation, whatever form it may take, is a choice. You always choose where you will go. You choose who you will be with. It is a choice. There is no great master directing where you have to go. There is no great master, no great referee in heaven who says you have to incarnate 89 more times before you will be qualified to be an angel. Already you are the angel in human form. There is no master who has more power than you have.

“Wow! Gosh! I’ve gone to all of these channelers and I’ve listened to all of these masters, and surely they must know what is coming up in this year, and surely they must know more than I do.” No, they do not. Every moment is open to improv. That is how powerful you are. Every moment is open to choice. It is open to improv; every moment.

Now, there are ones who can look at probabilities and they can say, “Based on what has been past history, there is a probability that in this year X, Y, Z are going to happen.” But it is only a probability, and you are the one who chooses whether it comes into your reality or not. 

Never do you choose wrongly. You make choices. Every moment you make choices in order to create and in order to play with your creations; not to suffer the slings and arrows of the world; not to suffer.

I did not suffer on the cross. That has been a story handed down to you so that you would feel guilty, that somehow you were part of a collective consciousness a long time ago that wanted to and had the power to make me suffer. But I did not suffer. I looked upon the world, as I looked upon Jerusalem, and there was a bit of sorrow that I felt because brothers and sisters did not yet recognize their power and the power of love and harmony.

And that is where you stand now in this most pivotal year. You look out upon your world and there is a bit of sorrow that you feel, perhaps, that the brothers and sisters do not yet understand how to live in peace and in harmony. But how are they going to know that unless you example it for them, unless you live in peace with yourself. And from you then it spreads to others.

We have often spoken of the great Love which allows you to be, and to be all that you choose to be. You are the expression of the one Source, the Creator. You have chosen that you will be here in this year and that you will usher in a new way of looking at everything, because you will smile; again, a very simple thing to do; not always easy if someone is pounding on you or if it feels like the employer is pounding on you; but to smile as if you know an inner secret, because you do.

You know that you are not the world. The world is of your making, and you can change it moment by moment. You are not the body. You use it, but it is not your master. The friends, co-workers, acquaintances all have their own perspective of things, and it may or may not resonate with you. It does not have to, because their journey of awakening is different than yours.

Their other lifetimes and their experiences are different from what you have had. What they have brought with them into this lifetime is different than what you have brought into this lifetime. So you cannot judge another one’s journey, and they cannot judge your journey. They may try. Oftentimes friends and colleagues will judge, but how can they judge when they have not walked in your sandals? They cannot know what you have experienced either in this lifetime or in other lifetimes. So they judge imperfectly.

You allow them to say what they are going to say, and then you smile. And they wonder, “How can they smile when I have just said that they are the most uninformed, misread, un-understanding person who ever walked the face of the Earth? How can they smile? And they even look like they love me, and I have just used a lot of four-letter words. How can they smile at me?”

Easy, because you know who and what they are at the soul level. It may not be what they are acting, but in their essence, the deepest part of them, their true being, they are the Christ, and you recognize the Christ and you love the Christ. You may not love the actions or the choices that they make, but you love their being, and you can smile in the midst of whatever is coming down.

This year you have had prophecy that it is going to be a most changing year, and it is, because you are changing, you are ready. You are ready for the peace that the world does not know, the peace that passes the understanding of the world. You can go to your inner Self, the place of peace and silence within, and know that always you will be taken care of. I guarantee it.

No matter what you face, you will be taken care of and you will come through it healed, whole, and knowing your divinity; not as the world defines everything, but as your divinity defines it. This is the most wonderful year that you are creating.

You have known, in other lifetimes, the process that has led to this year. You have been preparing for the consciousness of this year all other lifetimes, from the moment you descended into density, from the moment you began to forget who you are, from the moment you decided you would identify with your creations rather than identify with the creative Source that you are, from the moment you descended into density and forgot who you are.

You started a process which is now coming to fruition. It is a process of Light, more and more Light coming into your experience, more and more Light coming into your body, more and more Light coming into your relationships, more and more Light coming into your heart, to the place where you walk every day with the smile on the face, because you know who you are and it feels good.

I know that which you are. I honor that which you are. I love that which you are, always and forever.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



LordJesusChrist 28th March 2012 4:30 am

The Good Force be with you!
As the Prince of Peace, I thank you for sharing the message I want to impart. Peace be with you!
Live forever and prosper! Alleluia! Amen! ******* My Good Wisdom
:thumbs: :angel: :coolsmiley :smitten:


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