A Powerful Influx of Multidimensional Light

On this day, September 3, we begin yet another powerful phase. Some call this a gateway and yet, that is an old term as we are to move beyond labels. So suffice it to say that it is an influx of high dimensional energy that is weaving through us, awakening any dormant Soul Codes, which are actually Source Codes. What this means is that this energy awakens and empowers our Divinity. This further awakening will flush out any area in which we do not believe that we are powerful sovereign beings of Love. Then this is immediately followed by another even more powerful download on the 9th (9/9), empowered by the Full Moon on September 8. The current upgrade takes us up to September 9th, then on the 9th another one begins. It is essential you stay awake, aware and grounded and set your intention to receive.

During this time, each who wishes to receive, will have their Christ Consciousness, which is Source Consciousness, more empowered. For those just waking up, it is the beginning of activating their Christ/Source Consciousness, which brings great Awareness into what is not aligned with Soul. This Light, beginning today, accentuates anything that is not balanced or is in disarray. As each purposefully receives this Light, it flows through the body and then moves into Gaia for an upgrade of Her New Earth Grid. So stay open, remove any resistance and doubt and know that you are exactly where you need to be for the higher purpose of raising the vibration of Earth and those who live in your area. And know too that there are leylines throughout Gaia and by flowing this Divine Light into your local leylines, they travel throughout the globe in an interconnecting web. Intend only the highest evolution for all.

As part of your evolution, the Light will show you where you are holding yourself back in limitation. It takes Courage and Commitment to be willing to let go of mental constructs, comfort zones and those who are not moving forward out of fear. These folks love to point out all that is wrong in the world and in others as if to make themselves better and higher than others. This is a trap of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. Speaking of the 4th Dimension, do know that it is much like the 3rd Dimension in that it is quite dualistic and is rife with entities and psychic energies. I stay completely out of that place and rather, focus on higher dimensions of Love, Light and Unity. I choose not to prolong duality in my own space and, as you know, each being chooses their own path. While I honor each path, I don’t have to partake in it. And so Discernment is key here.

I notice a great many are still very focused in their intellect, craving more and more information. This is why it is important to read with your Heart and then decide if it keeps you in dualistic thinking or unified feelings. Stuffing the head with information prolongs the process. It is my intention that you feel beneath any words I share and not simply read with your intellect, for each letter I write is filled with Light and Love, which helps each to evolve more into their Heart and Soul.

Many feel as though this whole Ascension path is taking way too long; that surely they must be finished by now. Yes, it has been long and will continue and then there will be a new level of Ascension to begin, for Ascension is infinite and ongoing. So take a breath and be patient, stay grounded in the New Now without wishing it was over. Some just want out and certainly that is a choice. Please remind yourself, if this is you, that whatever is occurring within and around you is for the sole purpose of evolving; this is what you signed up for before you chose to incarnate onto Earth at this time.

Many are fully in the New and the old life seems a distant memory. These folks are completely detached from dualistic drama, focused only on their Ascension Path and forward movement. When one is completely immersed in their spiritual evolution, they see the Truth and that Truth is Love and they know that everything is perfectly aligned in Love. Each day is exciting to see what it will bring, which is based on their consciousness. So truly Ascension is an inside job. And as you choose to put complete Faith in your spiritual evolution, everything else falls into place…much like a tuning fork. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your Joy factor? What is your Passion (for unfolding and ever-changing life) factor? This will help you see where you are. If you are wishing and hoping for something different, you are not fully in the New. When fully in the New, you are Joyous in What Is. And when one surrenders to What Is, it allows more shifting into the New.

Do you still think Abundance, Joy or Love exists outside of you; as something to get or hope for and not your natural state of being? If so, this energy that is present now will help you shift that, if you choose. When you truly know that you are Abundance, watch how life shifts, for you then have aligned with the Soul Essence of Abundance as your birthright. And whatever Truth you hold within will be manifest “out there.” If you say things like, “I can’t afford this or that” or “I wish I could do or have that,” etc; you are aligning with lack consciousness. If you have meditations and dreams of being in a beautiful place and/or receiving something of personal value, know that your Abundance Consciousness is being upgraded.

Know too that the Light we are receiving is multidimensional. There is no need to focus only on the 5th or 6th Dimension, as we are multidimensional beings, receiving Light from whichever dimensions we are ready for…from the 5th through the 13th. Perhaps there are some of you even receiving from beyond the 13th; yet the 13th Dimension is really the highest for our current Earth bodies, generally speaking. This multidimensional receiving will upgrade the knowing that you are Love and nothing else and you trust the process and willingly release all that is not Love. It is the Light of Agape Unconditional Love. It holds no judgment and no duality. While you observe duality in the world, you are not attached or driven by it. There is no fear, no control, no wishing or hoping. There is only Wholeness; only Love, Compassion, Understanding, Patience…basically all the Soul Essences and life reflects that.

As we receive this wonderful Light, there is a quickening of the release of old energies. It goes easily if you do not resist. If you attempt to keep things in place, you may very well feel it is all so painful. Remember to be the Flow. And do know that you will receive only as much as you are ready for. If you are ready, and certainly many of you are as indicated by how much of the old you’ve released, there will be new perceptions (away from duality like good/bad, easy/hard, low/high, etc.) and new revelations, as the Light does bring forth more Awareness and more information (probably in the form of feelings, colors and symbols; not words usually). There will be a new or expanded Awareness of New Life and what that means to each individually.

As a multidimensional being, you may receive a lot of creative ideas and may be overwhelmed with what to do first. Let it sit for a while and see what is shining the brightest and where you find yourself vibrating in Joy and Passion. You see, because we are on Earth, things need to be done one at a time in a linear fashion (unless you want to be scattered and ungrounded), while the higher dimensions continue to flow in in multiple ways, constantly creating. Taking the new inspirations forward will be different too. In the old, we would market and advertise. In the New, all is based in consciousness. You bring to you what you are.

By now, you probably feel so very different from who you have been. Just remember that there is no right or wrong or shoulds or should nots. Flow with your own energy and stay in the Now. From there/here you will be guided. It is an amazing passage we’re in and each day brings more opportunity to be more. It’s best to flow with change, for that is the New Way of Being.


Atrest 4th September 2014 9:56 am

Awesome, awesome and awesome. Thank you very much for this wonderful information. It is all that I feel and having you confirm those feelings makes them even stronger. Much blessings to you.

Peter fox 4th September 2014 10:20 am

Totally in accord with Atrest except I would add one more AWESOME!
Thanks,Kara,you are doing an awesome job- that's five! Love, Peter.

Brenda Hoffman 4th September 2014 11:56 am

Thank you Kara for helping us understand!
Blessings, Love and Sparkles,

Kara Schallock 4th September 2014 12:49 pm

Thank you, Atrest! I appreciate your comment!

Kara Schallock 4th September 2014 12:50 pm

Haha; Peter! Awesome! Thank you!

Kara Schallock 4th September 2014 12:51 pm

Thank you so much, Brenda. It is much appreciated to share this space with you.

Love, Kara

Connie 51 5th September 2014 12:32 am

Dear Kara: I felt another opening, and a powerful infusion of high muliti-dimensional energies flowing in. I was looking to see if any of you, whom posts here in Spirit library would have any imput as to the nature of this infusion beyond from Beloved Source. And this explains perfectly what I'm noticing in this now moment. Thank you Kara for sharing this insightful message. Namaste

Kara Schallock 5th September 2014 9:19 am

Thank you Connie! It's pretty powerful...each inflow of Light gets more and more intense!

Moon Spirit 5th September 2014 10:36 am

Kara, I always resonate with your messages but this one in particular seems to say it all.

I appreciate the way you worded this - that those "who wish to receive" will have their Christ consciousness more empowered. There is a degree of surrender to our Divine Will that's required (letting the ego serve instead of control us), and many are not getting this. We need to welcome these energetic downloads into our BEing; they don't just "happen."

Also, we need to get out of our minds (thinking) and into our hearts (feeling) and I'm so glad you brought this up. So many people are focused on satisfying their intellect with more and more info, as you mention - but this just keeps them in duality - us versus "them." Our minds can only understand so much; we need to get into our hearts and FEEL our way through this process.

I could definitely feel the energy behind your words. It's beautiful!!!

Many thanks.

Kara Schallock 5th September 2014 11:33 am

Thank you, Moon Spirit...you are absolutely correct! Too many are still dwelling in their heads; too bad; you can't get from 3D to higher dimensions intellectually!

spiritdiver 5th September 2014 11:41 pm


Thank you so much for this poignant message. The 3rd in particular and all this week has been so much energy, direction and information coming in for me. Then I read your confirming article here re: download!

Wanted to ask you Kara, are there Ascension symptoms that may be experienced with these downloads? I have had the spark headaches near left ear over last year (which seem to have dissipated now) along with moments of such extreme exhaustion in and out where I have to lye down for an hour in middle of some days...I have never taken so many salt baths in my life! But what's new is, is chest pain and lungs as though tightness in trying to expand for day then gone for week or so. Would love you comment to know if you, or others have experienced this as well.

Looking forward to the cleansing Pisces Full Moon and then will be open for fully receiving on the 9th!

Thanks again Kara for sharing your work which gives me greater excitement and joy on my path in knowing there are others out there experiencing the same.. we are all heading towards the same miraculous way

keryndawer 6th September 2014 3:21 am

Spectacular message Kara :) I loved, and felt the loving intent, of every word!!! Thank you.

"...this energy awakens and empowers our Divinity." I never quite grasped what it meant to have my Divinity awakened and empowered, but your message helped me finally get it! It is to become aware and able to use (functionally) our Soul Essences, that is, the traits within us that are Divine or God-like: kindness, compassion, love, patience. In this way we bring the benevolence of God to Earth :)

Thank you Kara.

Blessings, Love and Light to All~~

Ascension lightbody 6th September 2014 3:39 am

Hi Kara, thank you for all of your messages this messages are really awesome and always helpful.one of the person commented that she had bad headache, it's true because I was also had right hand side headache at 3 of September.But after that day I am feeling so good it's really big influx of light Awakening happen.
Thankyou so much Kara"...... :angel:


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