Anchoring More New Life, Relationships and Illusions

Especially since the Spring Equinox, we have been releasing a lot of our old beliefs, old wounds (including those from other lifetimes) and anchoring more and more of our Soul; our Divinity. By now you should feel very much in the New, with more insights and awareness about what you are creating. In the last few weeks, we have been downloading high vibrational codes that have greatly affected our physical bodies. This translates to possibly more headaches (especially in the 3rd Eye and Pineal Chakras), sleeplessness and other “anomalies” that may feel like irritation, yet is so essential for our continuing transformation.

We are greatly encouraged to be firmly grounded between Source and Gaia. This helps integrate the high dimensional energies and helps us help Gaia evolve as well. Being in the body is essential and is a shift for many who want to go Home. Hey, remember you signed up for this as a cosmic volunteer and much happens through you. If you are not entirely in your body, then you aren’t able to fully transform. Remember that our Ascension job is to bring Heaven to Earth; not Earth to Heaven.

Every thought, feeling and action creates a vibration on Earth and affects not just you, but everyone including Gaia. This is why we have been clearing the old, limited programming and have been reminded over and over again of Who and What we are truly. It hasn’t been easy and has called for us to make some difficult choices. Yet, we are seeing how this is resulting in a New Life and a New World. There is still much to do, as we are in the midst of creating our Hearts’ Desires and a new, higher dimensional world.

Because every thought, feeling and action affects all else, we are encouraged to not focus on old life, negatives or anything that lowers our vibration. As you know, we create our world; what we energize becomes manifest. If we worry, that which we’re worried about becomes manifest. If we see ourselves and others and Gaia as whole, we create that and in time, Divine Time, it too becomes manifest. Every time we complain, gossip, post some sad story on Facebook or anything that is not Love, we add to the duality of 3D. So what do you choose to create?

If you claim certain truths, know that this limits you. When you say, “This is my truth,” you set that in stone, attach to it fervently, and you stop your evolution. Rather, be in the Moment, for what is true now may shift tomorrow. Perceive what resonates and know that everything shifts according to one’s consciousness. If you are holding onto a belief, based on past experience, you are stopping your evolution and of course, creating the cycle over and over again until you can see through New eyes and New perceptions. If you can be the Compassionate Observer and realize that everything is an experience that takes you closer to your Soul and Divinity, you then are in the Flow and you allow yourself to continue to evolve. So before you take an action or have a thought, be still and ask if this action or thought takes you higher or if it keeps you in the old.

This weekend, a most powerful opportunity to integrate more Christ Consciousness and Resurrection into the Light Being you are, acknowledge your gifts, give thanks for all you’ve accomplished thus far and be willing and ready to accelerate your evolution even more. As you place your attention on this, rather than on doubt or the past, you begin to experience your life as a Divine expression of Soul even more than you already do.

One area that is being affected now is relationships; be they marriage, business, friendship or however you see as a relationship. You may see that a relationship has come to an end; that it no longer matches your vibration. You may see that it’s time to allow your relationship to evolve into a new form. The higher you are in Love, the more Intimacy you want to create in a non-attached way. You may be guided to either leave it or allow it to evolve; without controlling it or having old expectations placed on it. Remember that the most important relationship is the one with your Soul; first and foremost. From this, you are guided and everything else is created from this Divine Relationship.

While we have an opportunity to take action toward a dream/vision, do make sure it is aligned with Soul/Love and not from ego-desire. How do you know the difference? Guidance from your Soul will keep repeating and not go anywhere until you take an action, however small. Ego desires are fleeting. So if you wait and have Patience, anything of the ego will dissipate (think instant gratification). The Soul Essence of Patience is required here, as is Stillness and Trust. Anything that is confusing or you have to do it immediately is not a path to take. Take no action if there is inner conflict within it.

If you are still and quiet (meditation helps), your Soul will guide you. If something doesn’t flow, if you don’t feel Joy and if it brings up conflict, this can mean it is not yet time or it is not the right step to take. Feel it. Do you feel expanded when you envision a step forward or constricted? Go with expand; stop when constricted and let go of any rules you place on it, for rules definitely are not a part of the New, nor is holding ourselves back out of fear of what others may think. Are you still living for others? If so, it is time to let that go on a deeper level. If you have old thoughts surface that hold you back from manifesting your New Life (I call this negative self-talk), release them in the Sacred Rose as they come up.

What is it that you value? Perhaps make a list of these. Does your New Life include them? Remember, New Life is created by honoring your Soul Essences; your values. Go beneath the surface details and see the essence that is embodied deeper; at the core. For instance, do you want your New Life to be borne of Joy? Passion? Love? Respect? Abundance? Honor? Integrity? Peace? You are asked to go deeper in all circumstances and find the essence of it. You see, the details of something are merely a manifestation of the soul of a matter. Fear creates a certain set of surface details; Love creates a certain set of details. We have been so focused on the details (of the old) that we get stuck there and then try and control or manage them, when the real change asks us to go below the surface and shift our perception, release or integrate a different essence/value. To create New Life, perhaps take one essence/value and focus on it; be it; for one day. And the next day take another and do the same. This does more to create your Soul-desired life than anything else. Dreaming about, wishing, trying simply does not work. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see.”

The present energies are helping us quicken to be more fully aligned with Soul, as we leave behind limiting thoughts, beliefs and patterns. The old thoughts, beliefs and patterns are illusions and create. This means you can change them and whatever you change them into then creates your life. So we have a choice…create from old thoughts, beliefs and patterns or create from Soul Essences. If you find yourself defending them (the old) in any way, you are attached to the illusion of old truths/beliefs and therefore, will not be able to rise in consciousness until you allow them to shift. So be aware whenever you become defensive or try to explain to others why you are doing or not doing something. Defensiveness is of the ego. As is the need to know what, why, when, where and how. These are details and they keep you stuck in the mire of attachment.

Since we are more in New Life than in the old, here is some of what you may be experiencing:

•    No interest in peoples’ old stories or complaints
•    A desire to simplify more and more of your life
•    A major shift in diet; not being able to eat much or eating much lighter and healthier
•    Wanting to either move or create a different space more aligned with your vibration
•    Detached from the world view and detached from others’ choices and actions
•    Taking better care of yourself; following your own rhythm
•    A change in sleep patterns
•    More sensitivities including hearing, seeing beyond the Veil into other dimensions, being sensitive to noise and crowds and certain sensory experiences
•    More Clarity and Knowing
•    A decrease in wanting to have someone else’s words guide you, and rather, honoring your own Guidance
•    And much more…

Continue to open, keep your vibration high and know everything is aligned with Soul and occurs according to Divine Order and Divine Time.

I will be travelling over the next few weeks, so I’ll “see” you in about three weeks.


betsy. 24th May 2013 9:22 pm

"So before you take an action or have a thought, be still and ask if this action or thought takes you higher or if it keeps you in the old." Wow. I felt this today. You stated it so very well, thank you, Kara. I'm so grateful. Much love to you!


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