Being Present, Challenge=Opportunity & Smoother Times Ahead

For the last week or so there have been some very big energies, magnified by solar activity, which has been affecting the Earth's geomagnetic energies which are currently polarized, and our own electromagnetic energies, activating duality within our thoughts. So, what this means to me is that we are have conflicting thoughts between old thinking and New expanded thinking. This is how I'm handling it: I am using an ongoing Sacred Rose to remove those old limiting thoughts and every time I notice I'm thinking of some old fear or limitation I replace it with "I AM Love;" or more simply, "Love." Amazing how it transforms the energy form, for that is what thoughts are. Please don’t see this as a battle between ego and Soul; it is merely a realignment of ego and Soul blending as One. This is also how Mercury and Saturn retrograde are helping us. And then it takes us to make different choices that are aligned with self-Love. Things don’t happen magically; it takes action on our part. We align with Source and Soul, which elevates our consciousness, and then we take one step in the direction of our Heart’s Desires. So, it is a matter of releasing and at the same time, integrating high dimensional energies. Yes, during this time of revisiting the old, we are also downloading Source Love.

You might notice also that you are revisiting some old energies and patterns you thought you had completed. Remember, we evolve in a spiral, so while we keep moving upward, we come around and meet certain points on the spiral to help us either clear more of the energy or show us that we have completed and transformed that old belief, emotion or pattern. With each passage along the spiral, we may go deeper within that energy as we release in layers. It may very well feel as though we are revisiting last year’s tremendous releasing, healing and physical manifestations. That is the purpose of planets going retrograde, it allows us to revisit, go deeper, realign and recalibrate according to the strides we have made as we have become more aligned with Soul. Some of the physical manifestations that we thought were complete and seem to be resurfacing are headaches, sinus issues, digestive issues, vertigo, nausea, achiness and more. One person called it Ascension Flu. Whatever you call it, it is for the purpose of releasing, revisiting and realigning.

You may feel really impatient with how slow things may be going in regard to your New Life and Dream(s). Have Patience; we're realigning. As you keep clearing your space of old beliefs, wounds, patterns and anything that is not Love; including people; as you love yourself, you continue to attract more New Life as it is aligned with your New energies. For while you are releasing anything that is not Love or loving, you are filling up with more Light; more Clarity; and New perceptions. Consciousness creates your New Life; so as you make choices aligned with your Heart’s Integrity, you create your New Life. Be Patient and instead of wishing things were different or thinking nothing is changing, stay in the Moment and do your work. Soon New Life appears a bit at a time; soon opportunities present themselves and bit by bit we are in New Life. While it may seem incredibly slow; there is purpose to that, for we are building a foundation of Love; so that when New Life comes it is grounded in the New Reality…Heaven on Earth. We cannot push to make it happen, for that is the old way. As we are ever present and aware, we see where we must make changes to be more aligned with who we are becoming.

As we stay in the present moment and observe, we see the Truth in ourselves, others and in situations. As we do this, old illusions melt away quickly. When we are not present, it is easy to be swept away with old thinking and old patterns. Realizing also that there is no separation between us and Gaia and other people, and as we are completely in our own Light, that Brilliance shines out and blesses the Earth and all others. We don’t need proof of this; it is a Heart-knowing. It helps to detach from what the world view is, for where we put our attention is what becomes manifest. The more we energize Love; the more it is created in our world. As the saying goes, “Hate begets hate; fear begets fear and Love begets Love.”

In the past few weeks, it may have felt as though we were kind of lost; suspended between New and old life. Well that’s where we are; in between old and New Life. How we handle challenges tells us a lot about how far into New Life we are. Do you remain the Compassionate Observer and release what limiting patterns and energies are reflected back to you while centered in Love or do you fall into feeling like a victim of circumstance? Remaining detached from the challenges while addressing the underlying energies is the New way of handling them. When we fall into judging our circumstance as good or bad; we realize that that is the old way of handling challenges. Remember that challenges are opportunities for growth…if we choose to look at them in the New way. Challenges will always present themselves for our infinite evolution (Ascension isn’t a destination; it’s a journey of Awareness). Always look at the underlying message, instead of attaching to the good/bad judgment of an event. In this way, you move through in Grace. Remember that every challenge is an opportunity to rise in Love.

However you choose to be in the world sets the tone for your future. We have plenty of opportunties to make choices now and those choices create our New Life. We are constantly planting the seeds for our future; it’s all based in consciousness. How do you choose to be in every moment? What and where do you resonate? If you have fear; that will be created. If every choice is based in Love and Expansion, that is what will be created. So be in your Integrity always and hold true to your vision of New Life. What is your vision? What essences do you want it to be created from? Every time you judge, whether it is another, the government (and other societal institutions, mores and concepts) or yourself, you add that energy to it; judgment holds things in place because judgment is a thought based in duality. So anything you complain about energizes it.

For the next few weeks, you may feel the ebb and flow of energies. You might not have a clear handle on where you’re going. And actually that is just perfect during this time of recalibration. It also is a time of the dissolving of ego into Soul, so you may feel as though you have no control over anything. Celebrate this, for control is a subset of fear and fear is of separate ego. You may feel very lethargic and your energy may be very low. The purpose of this is for surrendering to what is. It’s the separate ego that wants to go-do-go-do. The Soul likes to Be. So follow your energy; it is your best and truest guide. In a few weeks, you will feel energized (generally speaking) and it will feel as though things are moving forward again. Till that time, observe, without attachment, what comes up in you (or others as a mirror) and transform the energies if need be. And trust that a lot is going on beneath the surface. Trust the process, surrender and know that you are flowing in Grace.

For this next week, the energies mellow a bit and it will be easier to let go of whatever you have been “working” on. As we move closer to moving forward, there very well may be new opportunities that arrive for you. Take a step forward. Stay in your center and speak your truth. You may find that your words carry the essence of Love, no matter what the circumstance is. This is because our Soul is leading the way and our Soul is nothing and knows nothing but Love.

Do realize that we are all One and that there is no hierarchy in this. No-one is lower or higher than you. Within true spirituality, there is no separate ego, hidden agenda or control. Everything is given and received freely from and through the Heart. There is no need to toot one’s horn, for that is separate ego. Therefore, it is important to be in Discernment and do feel another’s energy before buying into what they’re selling. Just as high dimensional beings must be invited, this holds true for being in the physical plane. No one of a higher vibration will interfere with your path or choices; and they will wait to be invited in order to share their gifts with you. We all are co-creators, creating and sharing from the Heart of Source.

We truly have entered a New time and a New way of Being. The old will grate on you so that you want to remove yourself from it as soon as possible and yet, everything and everyone is evolving according to their Soul Plan. There are those who are holding stubbornly to the old ways. This is fine, for it is their choice. We help by being the best we can be in every moment, while allowing others to be who they choose to be without judgment or criticism.
We are ever-evolving and truly we, Gaia and all are in Grace as we flow forward in our Ascension. By letting go of resistance, we make our journey a graceful one. Here is a beautiful quote from Gavin Harrison as shared by a dear friend, “The Buddha in Me sees the Christ I AM.” And I would add that the Buddha in Me see the Christ I AM in you!

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COBALT 5th March 2013 10:38 am

:smitten: Brighton, or Antique?

shapeshifter 5th March 2013 10:53 am

Thanks Kara, for telling it like it is.

Kara Demonet 5th March 2013 12:26 pm

Thank you, Shapeshifter! I appreciate your comment. :smitten:

happyodg 5th March 2013 5:38 pm

The polarities have been soo strong for me lately~~ thank you this is dead on! I have gone from feeling so competent and sure to doubt, fear and negativity sneaking in. I send gratitude for helping me get some grounding back with myself and the universe. :)

Kara Demonet 5th March 2013 11:53 pm

Thank you for sharing your experience. It's a pretty amazing time and after the Full Moon; things might get even more intense. So keep your grounding and stay centered in Love.

Love, Kara :angel:

betsy. 24th May 2013 9:02 pm

Even though these messages may be 'old' by now or I feel 'late' sometimes in reading them, I still feel them to be so beautifully resonating. I love that your messages are so truthful, yet filled with such love. Thank you so much, Kara. Much love to you!


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