As a reminder, I share only what Soul shares with me and only when I'm guided. If you resonate with this, wonderful; if you do not; wonderful. We are all in different stages of Ascension and Ascension Notes serve as a general guideline. These are not predictions or rules, as these don't exist in the New.

There are some who think that things should look differently. They may ask, “Where's the Joy? Where's the Love? Where's the Peace?” Joy, Love and Peace are within. If you look outside of yourself for proof, you will be disappointed, for the New is within you. And when you realize this, it changes your perception and then you see that your own Love, Peace and Joy affect everything you see. The New must be within you before anything out in the world can be infused with higher Light. What are you aligned with? If you are aligned with the world not filled with Love, Peace and Joy, then that is what you experience. If you are aligned with your inner Peace, inner Joy and inner Love, then you align with that and you see the outer with this perspective. It is all within. If your own life does not reflect that which you desire, what are you aligned with...what is wrong or what is right? Are you appreciative of all in your life? When you are in Appreciation, you expand those things you want...inner Peace, Love and Joy.

Being fully you, all is illuminated; those areas that are not Love are illuminated and brought to the forefront so that they may transform into Love. What still remains in you that is still in fear? Where do you still hold back in fear or doubt? Where do you compromise yourself; where are you not authentic? These are areas that call to you so that you may release them and be fully who you are. Choose Love; transform fear.

As we move beyond the eclipses of February and move toward the Equinox, we have an Opportunity to be more Love and to release more of what is not Love. The eclipses brought change and our Sensitivity upgraded, so that we are more awake and more aware and we know what needs to go and where we resist. There is an Opportunity to receive new paths as well as opportunities to let go of old beliefs, patterns and emotions. 

We have been in an intense healing phase where much change has taken place. We have had a potential Opportunity to let go more of how we have held ourselves back in the old; not fully trusting that the New is all that and more. Eclipses help us to do this, if we listen and pay attention and don't dig our heels in, refusing to be more. Eclipses help us to go deeper than where we have gone before; they help us spiral into more layers of that which we have claimed change. Anytime we have our inner voice say, “Yes, but...” be assured there are deeper, core issues being exposed. There are no assurances with the New in that if you want a promise that things will be better and shinier if you let go of the old you; the little you; you won't receive that. Yet, if you trust as you take each step forward, you will see that you need not live a life that is filled with suffering or pain. It is all up to you; nothing is done for you and you must make the choice to more forward. As you do, each step shines a light on what is necessary to let go of and what Beauty to integrate. If you align yourself with Love, anything that is not Love will bubble forth so that you may release it to the Light.

These last eclipses shake us up, so that we can move in the direction of our Soul's Guidance. The coming Equinox empowers this and then in August, we may complete what was begun during the February eclipses. Eclipses and the Equinox are extremely charged with high dimensional energies, yet it is up to us to use this energy to move forward. We truly have choice, even if it seems like we don't. All is choice, whether it is a conscious or subconscious choice or a Soul choice. When we realize this, we understand that we are not victims, for how can we be a victim when all is our choice? Every choice also has Awareness within it. If you don't like your choice, look beneath the surface for Awareness and see where the choice leads you. This could show you areas that are toxic or where you are guided to let go or where to take a step toward something. An eclipse can make you more uncomfortable in a job, a relationship or anything that is holding you back. It is uncomfortable when you resist change or when you are in a new situation that feels like it's a place that knocks you out of your comfort zone. Yet, if you can allows that discomfort for a bit, it will guide you forward. Many experience a desire to move to a different area or begin something new or end something old. This is guidance because perhaps you have outgrown your present life. Just realize that all is for your highest evolution, so trust your guidance and your Intuition. 

When you are aligned with Soul, you will hear guidance through your Intuition. If you're like me, guidance from Soul doesn't occur and then leave. It stays with you, so just be still for a bit and then take a step forward. Soul's guidance stays, while separate ego's “guidance” is fleeting. You feel Soul's guidance, while separate ego's guidance is more in the head based on old thoughts and beliefs. Separate ego does not want forward movement; it wants to keep you in the past, for its job is to protect you in the only way it keeping you from moving forward or changing.

Once you make a decision and act on it, all that must be cleared will be brought forth. For instance, if you move to a place you're guided to go, you will be in an adjustment period. You may have to adjust to a new energy and it may feel as though you're starting all over again. Actually, you are. When I got the call to move to Idaho from Southern California, I had to adjust to a difference in consciousness and density. It was not easy because I expected things to just flow, yet how can I just continue a lifestyle and consciousness when beginning a new life? Everything must shift. My old life kept trying to pull me back and certainly I thought, “Oh, what have I done?!?” This was separate ego rebelling. Whether you feel guided to move or leave a situation or start something new by ending something old, let go of your assumptions and expectations and allow what needs to shift; this is flowing with what is. The adjustment period is more about releasing the past than it is about making a “mistake.” There truly are no mistakes; only choices and each choice crates a new path; a new life.

As we each choose to move up in consciousness, our cells and DNA also move up to match our new consciousness. Our cells carry thoughts; old thoughts and old beliefs. If we don't change, our cells continue to create from these old thoughts and beliefs. As we have new thoughts, they replace the old ones in our cells and then we have new experiences. Our DNA then becomes new as we let go of old thoughts and beliefs. Our DNA then matches a new way of being without the old generational karma and all that was created in past lives. We need not try and figure out what to replace the old with, for it happens naturally as we allow our consciousness to rise. As we align with our Intuition and follow our Heart/Soul's guidance and we keep our thoughts high, our consciousness rises and then our cells and DNA match it. Our consciousness rises when we receive downloads of Light, when we meditate and when we follow our guidance. We then have a new perspective and from this new perspective, New Life is created. As we commit to this, our Light flows out in all directions, touching all of life. So the focus is to be all you are and have every choice you make reflect this.

The adjustment period of integrating the new energies may feel as though you're not grounded and you may feel rather spacey. You may also experience other things as well...headaches, nausea, dizziness, etc. It helps to ground to the Earth and to the higher dimensions by simply intending to be grounded to it all, with your body being conduit between Heaven and Earth. As above, so below. As within, so without. Trust your process. There are times when you barely eat and other times when it seems you can't eat enough. Keep your food healthy, drink lots of water, rest and get into Nature. Release any confusion, judgment, fear and other low energies in the Sacred Rose and just Be in the Moment without wondering what's ahead. Be in Gratitude for all that is occurring in your life...within and without. This is how you stay grounded and how you integrate the higher energies. You are New.

Another reminder: if you are on Facebook, come to my community page, Ascension: The New. I post encouragements every few days. 


spiritdiver 7th March 2017 11:46 am

Hi Kara,

Thanks so much for your message. I have experienced a major move over the Eclipse period very similar to your calling to move as you described. I also felt very directed by my higher self as the more I chose to move in this direction the easier it was, effortlessly it flow in me I cannot belive how much has changed ..360 degrees in fact over such a short period of time not even 4 weeks. I am here in my new environment! which feels great, in its miraculously. Yet still adjusting, grounding and just plain enjoying the reality of it all the transpiring of my dream; in-manifesting. However, I feel I need to get back to work, moments for ego pushing back onto the old mentality of fear, but somehow not getting the vibe of energy to move on that just yet. A bit nervous, I remain self assured. Feeling gratitude in knowing that there is no worry in my selected path. In other words, truly believing I am here for a purpose. That alone causes such feelings of excitement in me. Guess that's all I really need to be doing NOW. The rest will come as I am/when directed to further be

Kara Demonet 7th March 2017 12:12 pm

Hi Spiritdiver!
Exciting move for you! So glad all is flowing effortlessly. What is very cool is that you need not be in such a hurry to go to work; it is your choice as to what that work looks like. Follow your Heart and when it's time, you will know which way to go. All is in Divine Order and Divine Time. Enjoy your respite period. Trust, as I know you are, even when separate ego is in fear.

Love, Kara

Holly 11th March 2017 5:30 am

Dear Kara,

I always look forward to your writings. Your respect for your readers as divine beings comes thru and what you share is always so helpful and true. As is this writing, it spoke to my heart and made me smile. I recall around 2011 I was in the higher dimensions, what people call 5d and above BUT I was unable to sustain it when I rejoined the people and world. I often wondered why I 'crashed' and realize now I was given a several month glimpse of where I was going but had to develope more before being able to susrain it; traits like discrrnment, maturity, sovereignty, forgiveness, self-love and more. I get totally what you shared here, the new is in me and the world is indeed a divine place full of divine beings. I got here by my choices, I navigate now with presence and choices. Also a rapid way to discern someone's character is to notice their choices. Choice speaks louder than words. Thank you so much for sharing yourself Kara, you are a blessing!

Sincerely, Holly

Kara Demonet 12th March 2017 10:14 pm

Hi Holly,
Thank you so much and thank you for sharing your own experience. It's so important to be grounded. I remember when I was teaching a meditation class several years ago that one person, who had not been attending for a very long time, told his story. He claimed that he wanted to completely clear himself all at once, so asked for this. He ended up spending a year in a "psych ward." This was just too much for him and is why it's important to go slow; just one step at a time. Our bodies just can't handle receiving all the Light at once.

And seeing people for who they truly are is a gift; as we discern them through what they show us; no-one can hide their essence.

Much Love,

Rainbow Princess 13th March 2017 4:37 pm


Thank You Kara!
Always find your messages so helpful and uplifting! Wonderful!

Much Love & Blessings

Kara Demonet 14th March 2017 11:08 am

Thank you, Rainbow Princess!


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