Eclipse Energy

Did you have expectations about life after this series of eclipses and the Equinox occurred? Did you think and assume that all is now set in the New; our Happy-Ever-After; just to discover that life hasn’t changed all that much? It has changed, yet it takes you to see it as such. Remember, life doesn’t happen to you; we are all sovereign beings. That means that it is up to you to use New Eyes and behaviors and have new attitudes. If you are disappointed, look again and see through a new perspective. Life has changed; only if you choose to not look through your old 3D eyes. In fact, you may feel rather agitated. You see, if there is still more you need to release, then that is up for you to do. This isn’t a magic show, where you suddenly find yourself in a completely new place; yet there are those who do find themselves in a new place. They have done their work; they have let go of the old dualistic way of viewing things. They experience the Truth of the New; that of Unity Consciousness and that of a Flow in which there is no struggle or the meaningless mind chatter that holds one back in the old as if the separate ego is saying, “See? It’s not true; life is still the same old thing it always has been.”

We are in a state of flux; one day you feel as though all is flowing and the next day, Wham!...the old presents itself. Why? Because this powerful time did do a lot to help us shift more, yet if one still is acting as if nothing has shifted, that is what they will experience…that nothing has shifted. If you feel the flux, just know that that is all a part of Ascension and flow with it, attending to what still needs to be transformed. Remember that your perception is key. What you are within is what you will see in the world. It doesn’t mean you haven’t shifted; for the shifts are almost imperceptible. What is required of you is to make a decision; a decision to grow; a decision to let anything go that is not serving you or is not joyous or a decision to do and be something completely different from what you may have chosen in the past.

If you are still thinking you need more instruction; more input; more information; you are holding yourself back. Step into your Power of Knowing; you just don’t need anything more to prove to yourself that you’re enough. You are enough; you have everything you need to stand in your own Power without thinking you need just one more workshop, one more activation or one more reading to prove you are enough. What this eclipse cycle has done is to help you see yourself for who you are, which is much grander than you thought. It is up to each one of us to recognize this gift and then act on it.

If you are attached to a particular time and date of an event like an eclipse, remember that we are timeless. Therefore, the energy of the eclipses and Equinox continues. Energy is patient; it will wait for you to act on it. You can’t be left behind, even if it takes you an entire lifetime to recognize your Divinity.

As a reminder, the last eclipse was the sacred marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within you. This means that you intuit a life change and then act on it. When you recognize this inner marriage, you will then be moving quickly along your path. You see, we’re now in another new phase of Ascension. You will notice new colors, scents and your senses will make you be acutely aware of your surroundings. This is all a part of your continual awakening. Each experience you have has a deeper message within it. You are not just hearing better; your hearing is being upgraded so that you hear beyond the 3rd Dimension and you actually hear your guidance physically. During the first eclipse of a few weeks ago, I lost my hearing entirely as part of my hearing upgrade. Afterward I could hear actual voices, although I couldn’t quite understand what they were saying (which will come in time). The noise in my ears sometimes is intensely loud and at other times soft and sometimes not there at all. I just notice without assigning to it a reason. I encourage you to do the same; just observe, for in this way you heighten your experience without the mind chatter.

You may notice old doors closing and new ones opening; or you may notice old doors closing without new ones opening. However it occurs is just for you. You can’t compare your experience with anyone else’s; comparisons, like analyzing, is of the old. Flow with it all without having to know what it is or why it is occurring. This is what flowing means. If it feels unrecognizable, it’s because it is. Flow with any discomfort you have. Meditation, Sun Gazing and Earthing help as does deep pranic breathing.

We are in the greatest turning point this planet has ever seen. We have taken a great leap forward into the New. Some recognize that their consciousness has shifted higher, which means their lives have shifted higher (consciousness creates life). Some will experience a huge event in their life, while others experience this more subtly. Creativity is really important now. If that is making art or living in a different way, it is all a larger Creativity. From the word create is creator. We are here to create what it is we choose. If you feel you aren’t creative; this is a judgment call, for we each have Creativity within us. Creativity is living life in a new way. You can empower it by creating whatever you are drawn to…writing, painting, making collages, arranging flowers, making music or whatever; it awakens a powerful Soul connection in you. Creativity awakens dormant parts of you that want expression. If you already are tapped into your Creativity, expect a leap forward in whatever you are creating. Whatever is born is a blending of your inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is uniquely you.

Some believe that for there to be Light, there must be dark. This is of the old when we had to have a “bad” experience in order to have a “good” one. In the higher dimensions, there is none of that, for that is the duality we have experienced for eons and the only way we have known how to live. Because we have risen in consciousness and have received the high dimensional Light and codes, it simply isn’t true anymore. This is why I’ve suggested to keep your vibration high, avoid the chaos of drama and stay positive, for as you do, you empower the Light more, including your consciousness, and step more out of duality and into Love. As each being lets go of needing proof that something is happening out there and realizes that real change happens within, they help the world out there be created anew. This definitely dos not happen in one moment; it is gradual, so as you continue to focus on your own evolution, it is broadcast out in the world and this is how we create the New World.

We continue to expand in energy and consciousness for the rest of the year and into next Spring. Walk your talk and be in your Power. Do not worry about others; simply be who you are. And trust that this isn’t happening to us; we are a hologram of Source. We are doing it. We are Source; we awaken from the inside out. The Angels and Ascended Masters and other Light Beings are our cheerleaders; we are doing this. We are not separate from Soul or Source. We continue to build on this. And along with this knowing, lack consciousness, victim consciousness and duality may certainly arise within you so that you can release it. After all, if we are Source, we are not victims nor are we lacking anything and Source is not steeped in the duality of good/bad, right/wrong, love/hate, war/peace, etc. Source is neutral and as we embrace Neutrality, we see that this is the way of the New. You could even ask, “What would Source do?” This then is the marriage of our Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine; is it not?

Remember, this all occurs gradually; it does not happen in a minute, although all time collapses into Now. Be patient; stay focused and aware and take one step at a time. If you’re not feeling it, you will; be patient. Continue to walk your talk and be who you are authentically. When it is time to leap forward, do it. If you already have, then you will continue to be presented with more leaps of pure Faith. I suppose one could say that Ascension is a series of leaps forward into the unknown.

During this time of Integration, you may also feel a tension between the old and New ways of being. In other words, if in the past you gave your Power away by letting others choose for you and the New way of being in your Power is choosing for yourself, let it be fine for now; just notice. And then when you’re ready to make the change from the old way to the New, here is another way…If an old way of being was indecisiveness and the New way is to be completely in charge of what you want, take some time to see how you want to be and take a step in that direction, regardless of what others want you to do or be. This may feel a little uncomfortable at first, and as you honor how you’ve been while taking a step into the New way, the New will become more comfortable as you continue to honor who you now are.

Honor who you are becoming without reacting against the old. Love who you are in this moment. All is in perfect Divine Order for you.


Peter fox 2nd October 2015 3:36 am

Dear Kara- How about this for up and down- yesterday your message was "slightly disappointing" and this morning it is "inspiring"! Seriously I have
been a conscious member of the "one day on,one day off" brigade for (it seems) a couple of years or so and whilst the "good days" have always got
better the "bad days" haven't. But something has changed- yesterday was a "bad day" but it was more tolerable. It was as if I had become stronger in
being able to handle it. Then,this morning,in the bathroom I felt like a "spiritual warrior"! Of course I've heard the description many times before but
never felt it. Furthermore,all these challenges suddenly felt like "initiations" into a higher order. This really is a personal and collective pilgrimage into
a brand new paradigm in which the "new" is completely different to the "old". Kara,thank you for your wonderful example not to mention persistence!!!
Lots of Love....Peter.

LightBeing44 11th October 2015 8:42 pm

Thank you, Kara, for this reminder and invitation to simply step into my own KNOWING and POWER. <3 Anna


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