Embodying the New

We continue to calibrate new bodies through letting go of the old and embodying the New. Easily said than done for sure. As we integrate the tremendous energies flowing into us, we may simplify our lives by releasing anything that no longer serves or inspires us. This includes people, things and beliefs. Anything that holds the past in its energetic fingerprint needs to go, as the old simply cannot exist in the New and everything holds energy; for everything

Many do feel complete and it takes a while for this completion to integrate throughout one's life. It can be a confusing and disoriented time and yet it all leads to a greater new level of purpose and new ways to express it. Truly all one can do is to take one step at a time as it presents itself. As we let go, we also receive more Light. With each let-go, we integrate the same amount of Light that is equal to the amount of energy we let go of. New choices come with this New and if we attempt to make decisions based on old beliefs or what we've done before, nothing happens. We are no longer separate; we are sovereign Divine beings of Light. Be aware that any calibration must move through our cells, our mental, emotional, physical, astral, etheric and the many bodies that make us who we are. Know too that each being is of a particular dimension, so the calibration also moves through your Home Dimension that is also a part of who you are. Your Soul orchestrates all of this, so relax and get out of your intellectual ego that wonders how to do this.

As Your cells absorb the New Light, the Light helps dissolve old beliefs, which are energy, held in your cells that keep you repeating the same situations over and over again, for beliefs create. Your cells are fed by your DNA and your old DNA is transforming to your New DNA and all this affects your Blueprint, which holds your new potential. I speak of your New Blueprint; not your original Blueprint, for that one is obsolete.

This transition is only easy if you let it be, even while you physically feel so much! You may have highs and lows; you may be forgetful, have headaches and cry easily. Your Awareness is acute and this leads to be being very intuitive about others and all dramas; however, you may find that you are no longer sucked in unconsciously. If you choose to play, you do so consciously. You may feel as though there are so many choices that you may feel pulled in many different directions. Observe it all. Observe the lies and manipulations unconscious folks play out without the ego-need to change them. Just be you; stay grounded and detached and be who you are in every situation.

We are moving from being linear to being multidimensional, where there is no time. You may forget what day it is and may not have the desire to take part in others' ceremonies or group gatherings. You may not even feel as though you want more information or take part in more and more education. Know too that the 5th Dimension is simply one dimension among many. You are of a higher dimension than the 5th almost assuredly. The New Earth Grid is made of many dimensions and each being brings their own dimension to be a part of the New Earth Grid. I see it as a grid of leylines with each leyline activated by one's own dimension. Stay in the Moment. Because we are no longer in linear time, there is no past or future; all is in the Moment. Being in the Now Moment is the only place where you can be aware. Awareness is not in the past or the future, for the past is complete and the future is created from choices made in the Now Moment. If you are in the present Moment and a memory becomes conscious, then you have a choice to let it go or continue to have it create your life.

Your body changes when you are transitioning to the New. You may find you are more sensitive to chemicals and certain foods. Your skin may break out as you detox. Food is important to pay attention to. Eating organic, non-GMO and pesticide-free helps tremendously. If you live on any land, you may be guided to treat the land as you treat yourself...with care and no pesticides (I love my dandelions, as do the bees and birds). You may experience changes in sleep and other phenomena. Your mind is blending with your Heart and you are more discerning with what you watch, listen to and read. Your Intuition sees through illusions and lies; whether they  are of the government, advertisements or individuals. You are becoming more creative, which is actually a connection with Soul. You may choose more Silence and alone time and a desire to be outside. Time is different. Sometimes it seems as though time slows or speeds up. This again is the shift from being linear to multidimensional.

Meditation is essential; for it not only expands your Heart; it connects you with Soul/Source and empowers your Awareness so you do not mindlessly repeat old nonsensical patterns. It balances you and aligns your chakras. It does much to help you be in the New, rather than staying in the old, which perpetuates being an unconscious puppet of the 3D matrix.

We are becoming New; we are embodying it. When we intellectualize the New by looking for more and more information, it merely keeps us in our heads and the New cannot be embodied when we intellectualize it. The New must be integrated/embodied. Walk your talk. Pay attention to all synchronicities, for they guide you. Be aware of how you limit yourself and how when meeting a challenge, you retreat...if you do. Rather, see what the challenge teaches you. Perceive the challenge as an Opportunity to grow. 

There are many kinds of addictions...to food, to others, to T.V; to purchasing things...the list goes on; it is a way that separate ego fills an empty space within. Separate ego always thinks it's best to go outside of oneself to be happy. Really? Addictions are created any time one unconsciously does something and repeats it over and over again with no Awareness. Addictions are attachments. Addictions are a way to avoid something. Is there something you are avoiding? In each Moment, ask what would serve you and what holds you back. Speak honestly and express yourself in loving ways. Listen to your body and ask what it needs. Pay attention and follow your Intuition (Guidance) always.

The Divine Trinity of Faith, Surrender and Flow helps you awaken (more) and empower your Awareness (more). When you trust and have Faith that you are much more than what you've believed, you grow. When you surrender the old and flow through life, following your Intuition and Guidance, you grow. Be in Acceptance and be patient, for there are eons of unconscious lifetimes that wait to be transformed. There is no rush; we are not in some kind of race or “deadline.” Rather, we simply take one step at a time so that the changes we make create a foundation. Otherwise, it's all fluff. The world and you actually are transforming rapidly, although it may seem so slow. We are not in linear time, where there is a continuation of Step A to Step B to further steps. There very well may be growth, integration, a sense of going backward, repetition of old patterns, then movement and so forth, with no particular pattern. All growth ebbs and flows. Do not be discouraged when and if you find yourself repeating old patterns or engaging in old dramas, for these are times to simply strengthen what you started. Trust it is all a part of your unfolding into being more. If you feel the stress and fear of others, transmute it in Nature. Trees especially are wonderful transforming beings. Pay attention to all of life; human, fauna and flora; for each has a message for you. I especially like Aodaoin Hathaway's (Dances with Dragons) Nature Essences (my name for them). They include messages from the Elementals, Sacred Sites and the Green World. Montserrat (The Sacred Feminine) has created messages from Light Codes, which I also love. The two oracles together balance Earth with the higher dimensions. 

Simplify your life; uncomplicate things. The New is simple. There are no rules and no exhaustive list of “how.” I like that! It is then easy to stay in the Moment. Sleeping with the window open blesses me with the birds' early-morning song and perhaps the singing of coyotes and owls at night. Looking up at the Moon and stars is another favorite blessing of mine. Keeping life simple is a way to stay present without the overwhelm of worldly drama.

Breathe deeply into your Heart, the gateway bridge between the lower, personal chakras and the higher spiritual chakras. There is no need to visit sacred sites around the world when it is sacred right where you are. Whatever you choose to do always blesses the Earth with your Presence.



Toni 9th May 2017 10:55 pm

“we simply take one step at a time so that the changes we make create a foundation. Otherwise, it's all fluff.” Kara

Yes, after one of those choice points life throws at you, I recently separated with someone most special as I now need to move forward with Truth as my new foundation; having the courage to speak truth and ask for truth with what life presents. This presents as “shy or sly” when one has emotional blocks.

I look at the past and see how hidden truth or lies only manifests in warring factions after 12 generations. Bad parenting if you ask me. A parent that lies to the child creates a child that lies and we end up with a world like the old one where lying and the illusion of hidden truth is the norm.The heart and mind become separated within body without truth.

This golden ascension timeline is better than the original.

Not sure what to do with this addiction I have to breathing tho. :)

Hugs beautiful Kara. :thumbs:


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