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A woman I know was given a vision earlier this year. She was guided to begin a healing center based on “paying it forward,” where no money is exchanged; just a promise to pay the healing forward in some way. She trusted she would be shown the way. Her Soul told her that a new opportunity may very well present itself, which at first may seem beyond her financial means or expertise. She had no idea how her vision would be manifest, yet she trusted. She asked where this center would be and she was guided to a piece of land. She also was told by some that it was a silly idea; after all, there was no house on the property and she needed a place to live. Months later a friend sent her a listing for a 7-acre piece of land…the same land she was guided to! She bought it. She does not currently know how it will unfold, yet is trusting in her guidance, as she is led step by step. She does not have the details of the vision and she has no idea how this all will transpire. She just knows that she is meant to do this, even though she has periods of fear and doubt.

In the 9th Century B.C. there was a powerful prophet named Elijah. He went through many trials and suffering, yet always followed his guidance, regardless of not knowing where it would lead. He also had much doubt and did not believe himself to be a prophet; so unworthy he felt. He was often visited by an Angel. The Angel told him that if a person doubted and questioned, that person was indeed blessed, for those who never doubt or question are led to false pride of separate ego. When Elijah was in great doubt about what he was guided/told to do, the Angel said, “Use your Power!” Elijah told the Angel that he had no such Power; only God does. The Angel replied that all have the Power of Source and do not use it.

I share these stories because we have walked through the Magdalen Gateway and the Lion’s Gate, which awakened our Power further to create and manifest to a much higher degree than before. Yet, most do not trust this and act as if they are still in the old, limited way of living. Take off your old clothes and dress in your New garments of Light and take just one step toward your vision; toward New Life. Let go of the end result, for it may not be what you envision. All is in Divine Order and all you are asked to do is to take a step. You can use this exercise, if you resonate with it:

The Golden Rose
Visualize a Golden Rose before you, with the stem going 1” into Earth. The blossom is golden and fully blossomed. Place your vision from beginning to end and in detail into the blossom. Watch the blossom as your vision transforms into White Light. Then release the Rose into the Universe, watching it float from sight.

When you release the Rose to the Universe, Source helps you manifest your vision according to Divine Order. Divine Order may not be what you envision, yet it will be perfectly aligned with your Soul’s Love. If you stumble and have doubts, know that that is all part of it and it keeps you humble and true to your Path. Just don’t forget your vision. You can set it aside for a while, yet you will always return to it, renewed.

I have had definite lapses in Trust. During these times I doubted all spirituality and let it go. It was during these times in which I actually became stronger and more committed too. The vision and my Path always returned stronger than before. One very powerful time was many years ago. I had just lost my job and since I was the mother of two teen-age girls, I went into a deep depression as to how I was going to provide for them. I went from the bed to the couch day after day, spiraling downward in despair. I consciously was aware of allowing myself to let go and not try to pull myself together. One day I even thought I would kill myself and went into the bathroom and tried to take apart a disposable razor. I couldn’t do it and returned to the couch. A friend told me, “As deep as your despair is now is as great as your Joy will be on the other side.” I didn’t believe him and tossed away all that I believed spiritually. There was no way out. Then a voice came to me and said, “Stand up and turn to your right; there will be a door.” I stood up and physically made a turn to the right and saw the door. I opened it and walked through. I saw that I was to open a spiritual center. My entire body lifted from the depths. Just then the phone rang. I had to tell someone of the vision or it would dissipate. The person who called me was a graphic designer. Upon telling her of my intention, she told me of an office space with cheap rent and that she would make a business card for free. She said, “What will you call it?” Without thinking I replied, “Heart Center.” And all details manifested one step at a time. It was not without challenge and work, yet I was in a completely new space. This was not an isolated event; I have had similar situations and have always risen higher. When we do not say Yes! in order to remain in our comfort zone, that is the greater sin. As the Angel said to Elijah, “You have the Power” and it is true for you. We are as powerful as Elijah the Prophet was and more.

We are vibrating higher and our consciousness has expanded. If you are experiencing vibrations throughout your body and your ear noise has increased along with other physical sensations, know that you are more Light and more Love and more powerful than you have ever been before. Even if you are continuing to go through changes, you are doing it more effortlessly now. The Gateways brought to us huge waves of Light that engulfed us and continue to affect every area of our lives with powerful Transformation. Our old foundations crumble so that new ones can be built and as we build our new foundations based on the vision of our New Lives, we create and manifest according to the consciousness we now are. As each one follows their Guidance 100%, as Elijah did, we are led to and create Heaven on Earth. Our multidimensional selves are empowered. Every aspect of life is bathed in Light and Divine Love. The higher goal is to awaken and evolve not only ourselves, but all of Earth and Her lifeforms, which happens automatically as we rise to all we are and through our Awareness and choices.

Our Intuition and connectedness is enhanced. We see through illusion into Truth. There is a deeper Awareness and Understanding of Divine Wisdom and a greater opening of our High hearts, blending our Heart and Mind as One, so that what we think, feel and do is congruent with our Souls/higher Selves. This will be enhanced with the eclipse in a few weeks. You may question your purpose and how you live your life and who is in your life and where you are going. You want Clarity and guidance about your next steps. This is true for not only those of you who have just begun your Ascension, but also for those who have been on their Path for many years. Everyone has shifted higher.

Stay in the Moment, meditate in your High Heart and follow your Guidance, even if it takes you so far away from what you know that you don’t recognize it or yourself. Get out of your head, looking for results and proof. Trust your Heart’s Knowing as you allow your Intuition to guide you. Allow Divine Wisdom to write your story.

Yes, these Gateways have been extraordinarily powerful! The Light of them has shifted things permanently and will continue to shift upward. Your physical body may very well feel like every ache and pain is present, making them known to you. It is adjusting to this Expansion and releasing old toxins as it integrates more Light. Love it all, so that it can fully adjust and release what doesn’t serve you. Continue to honor your Integrity, regardless of what others are saying or doing. We no longer can ignore our Guidance. In each moment be aware of what you are creating; is it of Love or are you continuing to create old patterns? We can choose how we want to be and at some point, you will realize you are no longer choosing, for you are being your Authentic Self in every moment without consciously thinking about it.

We are learning how to work with the incoming Light in an easier and more joyful way. We are learning that we can view our challenges differently, so that we perceive them as opportunities for evolution. Intentions become actions as we each let go of our attachment to “how it’s supposed to look.” Be aligned with Divine Order and Divine Time; not just in thought, but as a way to Be. See so-called miracles as the way New Life is, so miracles become commonplace. Of course, being Gratitude continues to expand you into this Knowing. If you want to manifest something, surrender it to your Soul. Allow the details to evolve out of your Stillness. Remember, there is no more controlling, wishing or managing anything; just as there is no more saving or rescuing. You can try and you will find that it simply won’t work anymore. In your Stillness, your consciousness expands; the Truth of who you know yourself to be. You needn’t strive or figure anything out. Focus on your Heart and follow your Guidance.

The energies that are flowing now require you to stay focused without being distracted by worldly stories. The energies are shifting many areas of your life. Allow the changes, even when it feels so alien to do so. Resistance causes pain. Anything that does not align with your higher purpose will shift. Let it be. Be the observer, for in this way you can clearly see what and who belongs in your life and what and who doesn’t.

As you focus on the Love within your Heart, all aligns and your consciousness expands. Your expanded consciousness is what creates your New Life. Even if you do not feel loved and supported by those currently in your life, you are loved and supported by so many others. Let go. If this brings up fear and anxiety, release these in the Sacred Rose and know the Truth…you are loved and supported more than you realize. Ask how you want to feel. If you like feeling small and miserable, you can. If you want to feel loved and in Joy, see what is in your way and let it go. The Truth is…you are Love.


bets 20th August 2015 12:57 pm

Thank you Kara. This is a beautiful message and one I really needed today. Perfect timing!

Bonnie Waters 21st August 2015 11:38 am

Thank you for sharing, Kara! So many of us have come through those despairing moments, when life seems so far from what we know it could be. After much releasing of old ideas and old pain and suffering, it feels like things are starting to line up in a new way. Some manifestations are just appearing from a thought or feeling that I would like something - coming from a place of joy rather than need. Very interesting experience!


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