Full Moon Gateway - June 2014

Have you noticed how much you have shifted? I shared on Facebook how we have moved further into being Ascended Masters on Earth. As part of our mastery, we have moved from a protective space to being in our Power wherever we are; no matter who we’re with or where. You see, we have anchored much of the higher energies and so are quite strong in our Presence. In the recent past, it has been important to protect our space as we were quite sensitive and vulnerable. And our Sensitivity grows, except that it is strong and not ego-based. The New Sensitivity is about being strong and aware and being profoundly guided by our Souls; our Hearts fully engaged. The New Sensitivity is not weak at all. Please know, however, that because we each are on our own timeline, wherever you are is perfect for you. Let go of any comparisons and know I speak in general terms, as guided.

While we have definitely moved into another new space, we are getting ready for yet another big leap with the Full Moon in a few days (June 12 at 10:11p.m MDT). To add even more Power to this Gateway, we will be receiving two large solar flares, which always adds more energy to anything. These erupted today and will reach us just in time for the Full Moon. So prepare for more shifting and more Light. Our Third Eyes will especially be affected, so perhaps you will notice more Light shows with more phenomena such as shapes, colors and an increase of Intuition. For many, the Veil is extremely thin or not there at all. This is the Veil that separates the 3rd Dimension from higher dimensions.

Energies have increasingly become more powerful and intense, especially since the Spring Equinox and we’re not done yet. This Full Moon will prepare us for the upcoming Summer Solstice, which will be an amazing and powerful upgrade of Light from our Galactic Sun empowered through our own sun. As you might have noticed, our physical bodies have and will continue to be affected as whenever we shift mentally, emotionally and spiritually, our physical bodies must shift as well, as there is no separation between our bodies. As we rise in consciousness our bodies then work hard to match. We also are releasing toxins that have accumulated for eons, and this is why it is so important to listen to what your body needs in any given moment.

Many of you feel the upcoming intensity before it occurs as what you may label as anxiety or nervousness. And yet, it isn’t that at all. It simply is our bodies preparing for a major download of Light. There is also some sense of something big about to happen. And when we are in it, often we experience the old “Ascension symptoms,” such as strange sleep patterns, dietary shifts, aches and pains, headaches, etc. This simply is our physical body adjusting and preparing, so don’t get attached to the symptoms, but flow with them in a dispassionate way.

As we shed the old, we step more strongly into the New. This can be thought of “bringing Heaven to Earth” or a merging of our Soul and ego. With this there is more that is revealed; things become clearer, much illusion is dispelled and our Awareness is more acute as to what to shift out of and into. As we place our focus on what we choose to create, old patterns drop away as if they were old scales on a dragon gracefully falling away to make room for new ones. All is much easier now, unless you are resisting the changes. You may have dreams in which you release much and you may see that roles you have played in other lifetimes are no longer valid. We have been releasing many lifetimes, which is appropriate, for those times no longer or cannot exist in the New.

You may notice also that everyone is being affected by the shifts, whether they are conscious of it or not. I find it so interesting to hear people, who are not consciously choosing Ascension, complain about certain changes (especially physical ones). I know what is happening with them, so I just smile knowingly and lovingly, being aware that it is not my place to jump in and tell them why they are experiencing such change…unless I am invited to do so. This is part of the mastery…to be a “Lighthouse…” just shining brightly without the compulsion to teach, save or rescue. Many who are resisting the changes are in deep pain, so being compassionate, understanding, patient and accepting is the path of the Master. For those who have moved beyond duality, it is much easier to be a Lighthouse, rather than a rescuer.

Discernment is key to evolving. Discern any distractions that intend to pull you away from the work at hand; and there are many. If you can maintain being in your Center; your Heart; and observe with Compassion without getting sucked in; you will more gracefully evolve. This includes personal drama as well as global drama. It also includes “spiritual phenomena.” If you are one who sees beyond the 3D Veil, instead of “ooo-ing and ahh-ing,” simply observe it. In this way, you are able to stay in your Center. Otherwise, you get carried off into the duality of “Oooh; isn’t that wonderful?” or “Ugh; that’s terrible.” The only thing that truly matterns now is to merge with your Higher Self/Source/Soul. And know that as you do, you are of much greater service to the planet and all of life, for who you are within flows out in waves to all of life. See Discernment as Neutrality. To do so, you must first know truly that you are an Ascending Master. Claim it; Be it.

Follow your Guidance at all times. Take a moment and truly feel before doing anything. This will definitely put you in the highest space for making a decision. As you practice this, it become easy to follow your Guidance, for you will receive instant feedback whether your choice was aligned with your Soul, ego or others’ expectations of you. If you feel a desire to spend time alone, do so. If you are drawn to being with others, then do so. Just be very clear that your choices create any future moments. It takes Awareness and being fully awake in each moment.

As you observe all as Compassion, you see that indeed you have shifted into and as the Truth of You…and that is Love. Simple and Pure.


ShelleyT 11th June 2014 11:32 am

Thank you.....not sure about the ascending part... More like... Wandering...in search of direction ...

Brenda Hoffman 12th June 2014 12:13 pm

Thank you Kara!


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