Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of October 7/8

We are in the second phase of Eclipses, so expect some big movement of whatever is shifting in your life. We begin this phase on October 8 at 4:55 a.m. (MST) and culminate it on October 23rd with a New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Eclipse on the 8th is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, so old emotions are likely to bubble up. During the Solar Eclipse in a few weeks, there is likely to be a dramatic shift in how you express yourself and your life path. Just remember that all is designed to help you evolve more. Whatever you have begun will be highlighted during both Eclipses. The momentum and power of this Eclipse cycle doesn’t end at the Solar Eclipse; it continues and prepares you for a powerful 2015 (even more powerful that 2014).

The Lunar Eclipse will likely dredge up some angst and confusion about current life, as well as some anger at yourself for not making certain changes. It is never too late to shift things and the Eclipse energy helps you do that. So don’t just stew about your life, release old beliefs of why you can’t do something and then do that which you’ve always thought you couldn’t, which usually has to do with outer interference by others. Remember that an Eclipse does not have a particular proscribed energy, like good or bad; however, it does help you align with who you want to be, how you want to feel and where you want to go; and always Eclipses bring change.

Be sure to stay centered in the Moment and grounded, for you can feel emotionally-charged with lots coming up to be released and shifted into something New. Resisting only prolongs things and makes things even more difficult. So be the Compassionate Observer and look dispassionately and with Compassion at what comes up within you or projected by others. If you use the Power of this Lunar Eclipse positively, it will accentuate your Creativity and new dreams. Be sure to stay out of drama and chaos if it is not yours. The old way is to blame others for anything and everything. So if someone in your life begins to blame you for whatever, don’t engage; walk away. You needn’t defend yourself, for that is engaging in the drama. Stay neutral and detached and keep your vibration as high as possible by being in your own Integrity and Truth…no matter what others do or say.

Between the Lunar and Solar Eclipses, expect an amping up of intense energy. If you have been releasing, expect more of the same. If you have been wallowing in self-pity, expect more of that. And if you have been focused on staying above the fray in and as Love, then expect that to be empowered even more so. It truly is up to you. One of the gifts of this Eclipse cycle is a letting go of one’s comfort zone.

One big focus for many is relationships. It very well may be that one of the partnership folks may choose not to leave the old and face themselves honestly. There is no amount of pushing or prodding to get the other to face themselves, for we each have choice. Many of these partners will dig in their heels and refuse to look deeply into themselves and they may do things to sabotage the relationship. Yet, this is perfect, for if the two make it through, the relationship will be stronger and based more in Truth. If not, then each has a decision to make. Anything that is not healthy will be brought to the surface. If you can discuss it truthfully (and listen wholeheartedly without judgment), then you can move through it and yet, each still has a decision to make. Do you let another hold you back or are you going to be true to yourself? Do you wait for the other to catch up, hoping they will shift? You could wait a long time. Can you unconditionally accept the other, no matter what their choice is, and honor yourself in doing so? There is no judgment in leaving or in staying. Follow your Guidance.

This month is truly one of Balance and letting go of what no longer works for you, which means it no longer is aligned with who you’ve become. There is also an opportunity to feel and be the higher energies than ever before. This is an opportunity to be more of who you truly are; not being held back in fear or projected roles or expectations. There is an opportunity to truly feel Freedom in all you do and be. As you look back on this month later, you will see that it probably was the most intense, shifting, powerful, freeing, balancing and unpredictable months you’ve experienced thus far.

We also have some energy for reviewing the last few months. So go back to around June (Summer Solstice) and review what has occurred in these last four months. If there is any area to clean up and finalize (and forgive), this Eclipse period will be the time to do it. Be honest with yourself about what has been expressed and revealed. Have you taken full Responsibility for it all? (This isn’t blaming oneself; it is being clear that you create all in your life, for there is a gift of Awareness in even the harshest of lessons). This period of review can be powerfully instrumental in seeing any negative beliefs that may have created stress in your life. In fact, anywhere you experience stress is an area to be explored for old beliefs wanting a let-go.

At the same time, we get more in touch with our Passion, Inspiration and ways to more fully express our Souls. As well, our inner Joy and Courage are also amplified. What better energy could we have to add to our life missions? We are expanding in many ways with this Eclipse cycle. There could be a huge shift in our lives if we allow it…one that aligns us more accurately with who we have become. Along with this, our warrior-selves (the impetus within us to move and act) get a big boost in whatever direction we choose to place our attention.

Because the energies will be very high all this month, and especially during the Eclipse period, be sure to self-care in whatever way you are guided. We have a choice to empower the New in a big way or stay stuck in the old in a big way. Our choice!

Open up big; your Heart is receiving a huge download of Love. Ceremony helps to stay grounded in the energies and on Earth, so do what you’re guided to do. Ceremony does not need a structure; intention is enough. Ceremony is nothing more than focused intention/attention on what you want in life.

Stay in your Integrity; your personal Power. Be comfortable with the unknown; trust your Wisdom and Guidance. Let go more of the outer governments, news, banks and other old institutions and follow your own Truth. Stay guileless and trust in you one step at a time. If you don’t know, that is a good thing…it keeps you open and innocent. Know that “normal” is an illusion. Normal keeps things in status quo and in these times, the status quo is dissolving. Know that there are miraculous solutions to everything if you stay open. The solutions may be different from what you expect and yet, they will be solutions for your highest evolution. Say yes to the unknown. As you do, you open up to amazing New Life.


Paula Boylan 8th October 2014 9:15 am

Beautiful post Kara!

We can't expect another to follow our spiritual path. We come together to learn from one another and when the lesson is learned, it's quite often time to part ways. I realize how hard it is to let go of a relationship when dogma and the expectations of others cloud our better judgement. Staying in something we have outgrown hurts, so we must follow our heart and trust in the process. We all have what it takes to move on to the next beautiful life lesson.

I have written extensively on relationships. Here's just one example. I hope it will prove helpful if you find yourself paralysed by the thought of leaving a relationship. It's never easy, but most things in life which are difficult, end up teaching us the biggest lessons.

Heart hugs everyone
Paula Boylan

queens4freedom 8th October 2014 9:35 am

Whoa! i feel like a tumbleweed! LOL! Thank You!

Kara Demonet 8th October 2014 10:26 am

Nice analogy, Queens4freedom!
Keep on tumbling!

Kara Demonet 8th October 2014 10:29 am

thanks Paula!
So correct! It's of the old to stay in something painful; old conditioning, as you say. When the learning is done, it's done.

Thanks for sharing and thanks for sharing your writing for all.


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