Going Deeper: Choosing Love & Going Beneath the Surface

We’ve gone through lots of changes and intensity, guiding us gently or kicking and screaming to our destiny; that of living our Soul’s Plan and in the higher dimensions of Love (Who we are) and Unity (who we are together). There is no duality in this space. And if you are still experiencing duality (opposites, which is a 3D illusion), ask yourself if you are perpetuating it by actively taking part in it or are looking outside yourself for answers and/or confirmation that duality still exists or that you experience it based on the fact that that’s what you’re used to; not paying attention to your Inner Knowing. Go below the surface, let go of outer illusions that dictate to you that indeed nothing has changed. I want to tell you, those of us who choose to see life with 5D (and above) glasses, see that in Truth, we have transcended the schism of duality. It’s your choice as to how you see the world. One choice is to see Love everywhere, thereby empowering a world of Wholeness. Another choice is to see duality everywhere and see the world as broken and you empower this. However you choose to see the world is truly how you see yourself. What do you choose to empower, thus creating more of?

Each of us are probably somewhere in the middle. Remember that we are spiritually sovereign, meaning that it’s up to us to create our New Earth. In the old, life dictated to us what we were and what the world was; a subtle victimization. In the New, we hold the power to create what we choose. Obviously, this takes constant vigilance as we empower Love. We are still clearing our past and two areas that may be affected most are health and relationships.

Just remember that health and relationships show us what is within to whole. Health issues do not happen to us; they happen for us, created by us. Get in touch with the deeper issue and then release in whatever way you’re guided (I use the Sacred Rose; gentle, yet powerful). In relationships, it’s never the other person, for they are a mirror to our hidden issues. What is going on is that there is a deeper wholing happening and these two areas show us where our deepest issues are, which is a blessing. As we release old energies, we then fill up with more Love; more Light; more Awareness, which leads us to Clarity; our crystalline selves, activation of our New Blueprint, activation of our higher chakras (8th through 13th) and a regeneration of our entire system (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual). And then after we clear, we may make a choice to leave the relationship, transcend the current level or stay in it via status quo. With health, we also make a choice; to make certain changes that we are guided toward. It is entirely up to us.

The unconscious is becoming conscious.

We are still choosing to either live in Love or fear. We are still choosing to be either Responsible for all in our lives or blaming/crediting others. As we take full Responsibility for all in our lives, we empower ourselves and anything that is not Love is revealed. As long as we either blame or credit anyone, any event, any institution, etc. for our challenges or gifts, we keep ourselves in the old; the 3D world of duality. Even by listening to others tell us how wonderful and gifted we are, often we give them the credit, rather than seeing them also as our mirror. So rather than letting the compliment or information go to the ego, which perpetuates separation, just know it is actually being mirrored to you, revealing what you are within; in other words, don’t attach to it; just know it is you. Know; truly know and feel that whatever a person reflects to you simply is, and give thanks for whatever your message is without judging it as good or bad.

Do know that we cannot evolve when there is still fear or judgment within. Fear cannot coexist with Love. World events do a lot to show us whether we still hold fear within. Do we blame? Do we see “evil”? If so, we are not living in Love; we are perpetuating the schism of duality.

We’ve entered a time of introspection; a time when we can be very clear what energies and attitudes we still hold. The purpose for this is to adjust to being more Love (if we choose to), thereby releasing anything that is not Love. We have the opportunity to release anything that no longer serves us as we evolve. We are releasing on a very deep, deep level. It’s why we are dreaming strangely and often our dreams don’t make any sense at all. Trust that even during our Dreamtime, we are releasing and integrating. And we don’t have to know what the dreams mean. The need to figure things out; the need to know what, why, where, how and when is an addiction; it is separate ego. Our Higher Mind is the feeling state. Letting go of the details enables us to let go and move forward. The need to know holds us back in our intellects. If it is meant for you to understand something, it will be given to you; as all is orchestrated for your highest evolution.

On April 25th, we get a big push by the partial lunar eclipse, which is the first of three eclipses. The lunar eclipse highlights what is hidden deep within. Even if you don’t know what that is, know that this eclipse helps us release what does not serve us. Often it is best we don’t know, for then we often attach to it and whatever we attach to cannot release.

It is essential now to be honest with ourselves and others by being authentic. Nothing less will do. This may mean that we let go of that propensity to take care of others’ feelings. We are not responsible for their reactions or feelings. This is an old program designed to hold us back. It comes from a fear of rejection and yet, by being authentic, we allow the other to take responsibility for themselves if they choose, as we take responsibility for ourselves. This is being in Integrity.

We are going deeper and deeper into who we truly are. More and more we are integrating Soul and merging with our Divinity. Go beneath the surface of everything and discover that there is only Love. Do not take anything at face value, for that is illusion. Go beneath and discover the Truth. When we judge something as good or bad, we’re not seeing the Truth; we’re attaching ourselves to duality. Everything is in Divine Order and it is always Love. If you find yourself in judgment, this is showing you where you still hold duality within you. You have a choice; release it or continue to have it create situations in your life that are dualistic.

As you may notice, we are much more sensitive, empathic and intuitive now. We are reading others’ energies without taking them on, seeing shapes and shadows and more, for indeed the Veil separating us from higher dimensions is gone for some and thinning for others. No one can hide from us, for we feel who they are and they feel who we are; whether or not you or they are aware of it. This gift helps our perceptions be amplified and to see ourselves and others more clearly. Just notice; there’s nothing to do about it. Some things to do to deal with and integrate this upgrade of our feeling-state is to spend some time alone, especially in Nature, keep our energy free from negativity, meditate and align/merge with Soul and stay grounded (which Nature does magnificently).

We are in a time when so many high frequencies are connecting with Earth. We are constantly being infused with Light Codes and are in direct communication with the higher realms, whether we realize this or not. We are awakening fully to our Divinity and that should be our only focus, for when it is, everything else aligns with it and is created from it. Our consciousness is rising and expanding, which creates New Life. As we focus on how we feel, we are guided. And as we focus on Love only, we see that the old dissolves and we step more and more into our placement of being the Divine, Christed Beings that is the Truth of Who we are. Also, you may receive new Guides as a result of your heightened consciousness. Indeed, we are definitely in the New Earth, and it is becoming more and more obvious as we observe dispassionately at all that is occurring. It is all in Divine Order. Take a deep breath and Be Gratitude for your place and purpose of bringing a new consciousness to Earth and all of life, transforming the old into a higher Grace.


kaykay 21st April 2013 4:53 am

I love this message! :)

Thank you Kara

betsy. 24th May 2013 9:29 pm

"The unconscious is becoming conscious." Wonderfully stated. I agree. LOL. I also liked what you stated in your message about dreams. Thank you so much for that. Much love to you!


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