Infusion of Light

Many call April 23rd a Gateway; a Portal; a cardinal cross. I suggest we move beyond labels and realize that there is actually an explosion (for lack of a more peaceful term) of high vibrational Light. And this isn’t just for one day; it is happening now and began with the Lunar Eclipse, building in momentum till the Solar Eclipse of the 29th. And it doesn’t stop there, for there is no beginning and no end to the Light that is showering on and into us. We have seen this since December, 2013; each “event” has taken us higher and finer into the New. We are so fond of dates and labels and yet, doesn’t that somehow limit the energy; placing it into a box? Our language is slowly shifting, so I know I still use certain words that may seem limited, because New words have not made themselves known yet. So, please do feel the energy behind the words.

We are in a most powerful surge that began last year and will continue to build in power. (Of course, this has actually been occurring for several years, building in momentum.) Time has certainly changed, hasn’t it? Sometimes it is slow; sometimes it is fast and we often lose track of it altogether. Why? Because, in Truth, there is no time. We are timeless. Time is made up by humans to keep us in a particular consciousness. We celebrate the weekend; why not celebrate every moment? We gather with families on holidays, because we’re told to. When are we collectively going to say, “Enough already; I will celebrate when I want to.” This is another example of the illusions we are controlled by that keep us in a particular place. I speak collectively here; many who are awake; fully awake; see time, holidays, and events as illusions of control. To be a master, we choose when and how we celebrate. We choose how we use our time. We choose. And as we choose in Discernment, we help others dissolve their predictive patterns and illusions as well; this is Oneness. And yet, we are still on Earth and dates do remind us of the powerful “time” we’re in. Someday, we won’t need reminders.

This powerful shower of Light creates a monumental leap forward; especially for those who have completely cleared the old constructs within. Many refer to a new matrix; and yet, isn’t that just another box? If we are to be completely free, we really need to see that there are no containers of Truth and Freedom. We are moving into a timeless and placeless space of manifesting (for that is what Earth energy is for) what is within our consciousness. So, if your consciousness holds the idea of a paradigm or some sort of form, then that is what is manifest. If, on the other hand, you want complete Freedom, go beyond any container and by focusing only on evolving your consciousness (the extent in which you know you are Source; with nothing below or above you), you manifest amazing forms that match your consciousness. So the only thing to do really is to align yourself with and as Source. There is no hoping, wishing, praying or even intending for something. It is in the Being in which you create and manifest. This is the bigger picture.

For the smaller picture; a step into the bigger picture; know that this period of powerful Light infusion brings more transformation, more Truth and Transparency, more feeling (moving out of the head), more Freedom, visions, Unity and I AM consciousness. Much is revealed individually and planetarily. Old beliefs and illusions bubble to the surface and then you get to choose what to do with them. Will you let them go or let them stay? As you follow your Integrity, Discernment and Guidance, you will know. This is not intellectualizing, but is feeling through everything. When you feel expanded and energized, that shows the path that is calling to you. If you feel your energy drop and you feel constricted, that is showing you the path of limitation.

The Truth is revealed either through you or through others. Often it is easier to see limitation in others than it is with yourself. By observing others, check within to see if any little remnant is still within you and then choose what you want to do with it. There are no rules in the New; there are no “supposed-to’s.” You have free will and therefore, you must choose for yourself how and who you want to be and express. As you observe others, can you stand in your own center without the desire to rescue, correct or teach; or do you succumb to lower energies in order to keep the peace? There is no right or wrong way; so you must choose and your choice will reflect your current consciousness.

As we move more into our Hearts, we are much more sensitive. This is not ego-sensitivity, when one takes everything personally as though they’re being attacked; this is Soul-sensitivity, when one sees the Truth behind everyone’s words and actions and part of this is also seeing beyond the Veil into other realms (orbs, colors, shapes, energy, etc.). However your sensitivity is manifest, it is specifically for your own evolution. As you grow more sensitive, you may long for more quiet time, more Nature, softer music, less words and less people. Follow your guidance. Also your diet may shift back and forth from being very hungry to not at all. You might not care for a favorite food any longer or perhaps not be able to tolerate it. This sensitivity then extends to all areas of your life…activities, work, friends, etc.

It is best to slow down and feel. Don’t push or rush into things. Question everything, for surely everything is and will continue to be much different than how they have been. If you have old emotions or thoughts come up like anger, judgment, impatience, etc., let them go. Breathe. Remember, you are evolving, especially now. If you are one who is experiencing “spiritual phenomena” like orbs, colors, etc; just observe and realize it is merely a part of the New. Often folks get carried away by the phenomena, becoming attached to it and when it stops they think they’ve done something wrong; this is old thinking. Remember, there is much so-called magic and miracles in the New; yet it is and will be commonplace…just like we expect to see the Moon, Sun and Stars. We simply observe, give thanks and focus (not attach) on Being the Flow. Yes, Being the Flow; not being in the Flow. Feel the shift?

So what is this period of Light influx bringing us, if we choose to align ourselves with it? A dissolution of rules and systems and time, as well as illusions and disillusions. It brings more evolution into being Soul-guided and our egos become servants of our Souls. It is a time of stepping more powerfully into being authentic and free. It is a time to be Home. And Home is right where you are; in body and the knowing that you are a very high dimensional being. And it is time to laugh and let go of the intensity of being so serious!

Walk your talk, speak your Truth and dare to be authentically you. The present energies support you in this. You really can let go of the edge and be free. The only one holding you back is you. So, where is your Bliss? Be there/here. Now.


Piroska 23rd April 2014 8:44 am

Thank you dear Kara...from the "bottom"of my dancing HEART.
In Love's Embrace....

queens4freedom 23rd April 2014 8:48 am

THANK YOU so much for this wonderful clarity! NAMASTE!!!

Kara Demonet 23rd April 2014 9:35 am

:smitten: Thank you so much, Piroska. I feel you dancing in your Heart's Love!

Love, Kara

Kara Demonet 23rd April 2014 9:37 am

You are lovingly welcome, Queens! Namaste, Beloved One.

Peter fox 23rd April 2014 9:45 am

Thank you,Kara-words are completely inadequate but this really does FEEL like the start of something absolutely wondrous-and we are always
at the start! How brilliant is that! Thank you for continuing to assist us on
our unique journeys. Love. Peter.

cyndy 23rd April 2014 10:41 am

OH YES. We are not in the flow. We are the flow.
We are flow(ers).

Kara Demonet 23rd April 2014 11:13 am

Thank you as always, Peter. Always New; each moment is New.

Love, Kara

Kara Demonet 23rd April 2014 11:15 am

Cyndy, YES! Not IN the Flow; we ARE the Flow. What a shift, isn't it? And I love this: "We are flow(ers)...constantly blossoming!

Love, Kara

blissbunny 24th April 2014 3:18 am

Surprisingly (to myself) - one belief that is leaving me is the concept of past lives.

I'm beginning to think it's all just one vast energy soup and that the past life 'memories' that I have had, are actually more of an archetype energy that came forward to bring those qualities as needed at that time (a warrior bringing 'strength') and somehow integrated within.

I know this goes against a lot of 'new age' thinking, but it's something I've been musing over (how can we have a singularity of the soul) when it's all one energy.
Wouldn't singularity of the soul needs to 'be observed' for it to exist?

I dunno, just musing- but it's actually kind of liberating.

Kara Demonet 24th April 2014 9:09 am

Blissbunny, thanks for sharing that. I relate to not stating popular views, which is actually a compliment. The New Age is just a term and often is wrapped up to look like the New; kind of like the fairy tale about the Emperor not wearing any clothes, thinking he was wearing new clothes. Regarding "past" lives. In actuality, past and future and present lives are all happening in this Moment. I read a book written by physicists long ago who spoke to this. So actually all lives are being lived now and perhaps that's why we recall certain gifts and memories now. I think using the term "past lives" is used just so others can understand what they're talking about. Again, it's all about the limitation of old words.

I love the Awareness that you and others are having about how beliefs they've had just don't fit any more. Everything is being revealed! So many illusions we cling to!

Love, Kara

blissbunny 24th April 2014 5:27 pm

I have been reading about Leonardo this week and he was exactly that (He wasn't a fan of 'inherited wisdom').

I relate to what you said about the Emperor's new clothes :)

Thank you Kara, have a great day!



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