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I know you know that we are in a whole new phase. Many are wondering if it is true, since they are experiencing much of the same purging energy and wonder what happened to the “promise” of being in the New World. Some are experiencing this New Life; they are the ones who have completed what they needed to let go of and have integrated the new high vibrational life of Flow and Ease. Most, however, are still needing to rearrange their lives according to how they’re guided and are either resisting doing that or are still in that process. And there are those who have done the work, but haven’t yet shifted to living in the New; not quite knowing how. Since my path is to address the highest potential of those who want to continue in their Ascension, I share this Note. Do remember, that New Life does not magically appear; we are the ones who bring it to fruition.

For those who are fully aware that they no longer relate to 3D dualistic life, you are now choosing to live fully from your Soul’s perspective; that of being and knowing your full Divinity. This includes knowing that you are abundant and create everything in your life. You live based on your own Intuition and Knowing. You know that whatever you think and feel create the next moments and you know that by being authentically true to who you are, your Light touches all others. It is easier to stay in the Moment and you see through all illusions, while judging none of it. You know that everyone and everything is right where they need to be, even when you see their struggle. You view everything with the eyes of Soul; of the Divine; in detachment and Love. You know that there is no stopping point, for Ascension is infinite, and you are fine with that. You no longer suffer, for suffering is resistance to change. You know that your sole/soul purpose is to create and what you create is entirely up to you.

You know that everything is an inside job. Your Joy is within you; it isn’t dependent on outside circumstances. There is no blaming of childhood or past lives or of others, but an Acceptance of all as gifts to bring more Awareness to you. Gone is any victim energy. You are fully awake and rather than being asleep to anything, you are in full choice of all you do, feel and think. When there is a challenge, you flow with it; not against it; for you know it helps you rise in vibration, for there is a gift of Awareness in every perceived challenge. In fact, you see challenge as opportunity. You have no needs; only the desire to Be More. You know how powerful you are and do not give your Power away to anyone else. You stand in your Authenticity.

The most loving you are is with yourself. You know all is in Divine Order and Divine Time. Do not judge yourself if you find you are still attached to some of the old, for this would not be so loving of your own process. You are moving, one step at a time, and are perfectly aligned with Soul. What you do for you, you do for all of life. Remember, we are One. Your very essence, thoughts and feelings affect everyone and everything.

Physically, your body is still integrating the New, so you will still be purifying your body and experiencing downloads and how they affect you (disrupted sleep, headaches, buzzing in different part of your body and however your body is transforming and integrating). You accept it all in stride. You can talk to different parts of your physicality and ask what it wants. You can also ask that your transformation be gentler. You can do so much for your body, including diet, being in Nature, essential oils, flower essences…just follow your guidance. Your body will definitely communicate with you.

Many of you see very clearly what your path and purpose is and this will shift as your consciousness shifts. Nothing is set in stone, as it was in 3D. We are in Flow; and yet sometimes we ebb, when it seems nothing is happening. Those ebb times are when we just rest and integrate more Light. What we are really getting used to in the New is that everything is flowing with Grace and Joy and we have learned to let go of anything that stops our Flow. There is Ease in the New. No more struggle, fear or doubt. There is complete Faith in us. There is no more wishing, hoping or needing. There is no saving or rescuing; there is simply being Love and Light; that is more than enough.

This is a time to build and create anew. Enough of “Oh, won’t it be wonderful when…” The time is Now. Walk your talk, live purposefully in each Moment and stay present. How do you build? Ask yourself how you want to feel and then choose how to create that. Do you want Freedom? Then make those choices in which you feel free. Do you want Respect? Then do those things that are self-respectful for you and others. Do you want Abundance? Then be grateful for all in your life and shift your perception from lack to Abundance. Act like you are abundant, for in Truth you are. You can stop saying things like “I can’t afford this” or “I wish I had more money;” etc. Remember that words and thoughts are powerful and they also help you see an underlying belief. Being attached to outcome, however, blocks the Flow. Being in the Moment without attachment to outcome or how it’s “supposed to be” is the only place to Be in the New. You can help yourself do this by asking in any Moment, “Where am I?” And if you are not in the Moment, place your hand on your Heart and take a deep breath. Stay present.

You are Love. Love is more than a feeling; it is the essence of you. Love is your birthright; your Divinity. Love is your consciousness; Love is Source. As you rise in Love, you rise in Divinity and the Truth of you. Love is not attached, nor is emotional in nature. Love is Acceptance and is never in duality, separation or judgment. Breathe into your Heart and feel that which you are. Feel the Peace.

We have just completed another rise in vibration; we have risen to another level (a human word that truly doesn’t exist in higher dimensions). And through this rising, we expand in more Knowing and Awareness, which always brings new insights that we didn’t have before. With each new Awareness, we grow in Strength and we see even more clearly the path to take. Stand in your Power and bravely take the first step.

We have moved through so much, haven’t we? And we continue with more resolve and commitment. We have chosen to clear the pathway for others to follow. We do this even while we don’t know what lies ahead. We do this knowing that others will join us, if they choose to. Yet, we do this without the expectation that others will choose to take that first step. We do this because we are Love.


debs go lightly 26th January 2015 3:46 pm

Oh Kara thank you,
your words have brought so much clarity to me,
helping me to dig deeper. I have had an accident and
this experience is bringing me so many wonderful gifts
of growth and love.
Much love and light to you,


Kahi Harawira 27th January 2015 3:24 am

You nailed it for me. It is for me as you say it is.
I thank you for the affirmation that the path we have taken is the way we should proceed. In some ways, those who connect with the ordinary person have the ability to convey more meaningfully than others but most of all, I thank you for the connection.


Kara Demonet 27th January 2015 10:48 am

Thank you, Debs! What a wonderful attitude you have about how an accident is bringing so many gifts; they usually do; they make us grow, as does any type of illness. Love that you're digging deeper to root out all that is getting in the way of your Ascension.

Much Love, Kara

Kara Demonet 27th January 2015 10:50 am

Thank you, Kahi! Wonderful that you are so aligned with what I share...And thank you for the connection.

Love, Kara

kay 27th January 2015 12:20 pm

Beautiful, Kara. Thank you.

LauriLumby 27th January 2015 12:57 pm

"Stand in your power" indeed! Friday night I have a HUGE activation/attunement (whatever you want to call it) after which there could be no doubt as to my origins and what I am here for. After a day of breathing and integrating....I "came out" to the world. I'm seeing the results already in an outpouring of interest in the gifts I have to offer, etc. while moving through the "healing crisis" brought on by this attunement. Amazing stuff!

Lauri Lumby

Vision Hawk 27th January 2015 5:30 pm

Go flowly, good folk :)

Kara Demonet 27th January 2015 7:40 pm

I am so happy for you, Lauri! So glad you stepped more into your Power and into more of your Authentic Self. That's exactly what we each are to do! And for sure, it usually comes with a "healing crisis;" yet that will pass as you integrate the high energies!

I am honored by your choice.

Love, Kara

Wayne H 30th January 2015 7:00 pm

If I just said "YES", would that make sense? :) As always, great Kara. Thanks


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