New Moon/Solar Eclipse of May 9/10

Are you feeling it? On May 9th and 10th (depending on where in the world you live), we have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse. While the Lunar Eclipse brought to the surface hidden emotional dross and hidden beliefs, the Solar Eclipse will activate those beliefs that we are well aware of in order to release and transform them. As I have been hearing from lots of folks, the Lunar Eclipse has been quite intense for most and the Solar Eclipse intensifies that which we got in touch with during the Lunar Eclipse period. Each Eclipse builds in intensity, and we’re not done yet, since there is another Eclipse at the end of the month. Eclipses help us get in touch with what we’re either not releasing consciously or to get in touch with what we’re not aware of in order to release and as well, they activate further downloads of Light, DNA activation and anything that our Souls require of us.

During this Solar Eclipse, there will be high dimensional energies, which will kick-start anything we’ve ignored or have been resisting, as well as our higher visions and intentions. This energy brings Awareness and an upgrade to our New Blueprint, higher consciousness, new elevated life purpose (or an expansion of our current one), along with physical manifestations. This is especially intense now and for the next three days. Remember that Eclipse energy does not dissipate, but does mellow so that we have time to integrate the burst of Light downloading into us, bringing us closer to our “ascended mastery.”

We have been experiencing redirection and energy shifts since the Lunar Eclipse of late April and this continues in a big way. The Solar Eclipse brings a new beginning; a start to whatever vision you’ve been carrying; whether that is fear, struggle or a knowing that you are being carried higher on the wave of Ascension. I would say that the wave we’re riding is a tidal wave, with the potential to wash away another deeper layer of what does not serve our upward motion. Are you surfing the wave or fighting the current? It’s up to each of us as to how we handle the energies.

There has been a big release physically, resulting in physical illness for some and a healing for others. This continues. And depending on how much you believe in your power to heal yourself, many will run to their doctors just to find out “nothing is wrong with you.” True! Nothing is wrong with you; everything is right with you. There may also be a return of headaches that linger, digestive issues, deep bone pain, anxiety and other manifestations that you thought had ended. Just know that it is another layer of physical release, which is always a culmination of what you’re releasing mentally and emotionally. The physical body must respond to the release, as our system is One; there is no separation between our spiritual, mental, emotional or physical bodies. The Light we have downloaded for the last several years pushes to the surface anything that is not Love.

Old issues resurface as do old memories, past life wounds and anything else that stands in our way of Ascension. Whatever we have focused on becomes manifest more during and after this Eclipse. The potential is that we will manifest abundantly whatever we have been focusing on or energizing. If it’s fear, then what you fear becomes manifest; if it’s anger, then more anger will arise. What you can do if this is the case is to release in the Sacred Rose to clear these old, limiting emotional energies from you and bring in more Source Light/Love to take their place. On the other hand, if you have been energizing a New Life; a new vision and Love; this expands exponentially and manifests as an incredible boost in your mastery with no doubt, no fear, no hesitation, and a full-on Yes!

How you can work with this particular Eclipse is to be aware of how you feel about your self-worth. Do you love and respect yourself? Are there old values or beliefs that hold you back? Are there gifts you do not express out of fear or insecurity of expressing them? Do you hide any part of yourself because you want to keep the peace or fear rejection or are afraid of stepping out of an unfulfilled life? You can let go of any areas of unauthentic life more easily now and step more strongly into being your Authentic Self, fully aligned with your Soul; your Divinity.

Many have been in isolation. Know this has been purposeful in creating a New You. If this has brought up loneliness or a feeling of separation, release these illusions and rather, know it’s been aligned with your higher evolution into your Authentic Self. It has been helpful in protecting you from lower energies, so that you can see how powerful you are. This is because you have been fragile as you shift from your old self into your New Self. The isolation has strengthened you, rather than depleted you. It has helped you get in touch with the higher truth of yourself and has strengthened your Divinity; evolving you from an old, limited life to an expansive New Life. It has been a healing and wholing time. Whether this continues is according to your Soul’s Plan for your Ascension.

We are being encouraged to keep our attention on the Now Moment in order to create the future. What do you intend to empower? What values or Soul Essences are you energizing?

This powerful Eclipse, together with the other two Eclipses (yes, we’re in the middle of this powerful enhancement) is bringing a lot of purification, which comes in as Light, shining a light on our old baggage from the past; that which holds us back in the old, shackled ways of life. This can be an easy process if we surrender to what is and observe neutrally. It is only difficult when we resist what is coming up out of us or if we attach a judgment to it. If we can observe and realize that the driving force behind all of it is Love, then we can ride the Wave of Grace and Ease. And if you are guiding another through this, be there in Love, Support and Allowance. You do not have to fix or convince others of anything; just allow them the space to heal and whole. Stay out of any drama as well; this means to not take anything personally. In other words, Be in your Center of Grace and Love for all others.

So generally speaking, this Eclipse brings huge expansion, enhances your Christed Self, activates the Source Codes within you, which all help you rise in vibration and consciousness AND potentially, it brings a sense of Enlightenment to you, lighting your way with nothing but Love…seeing that Love is the powerful Source energy behind everything and everyone; no exceptions. This then, enhances your Power to live completely from your Heart in Peace, Love and Unity. And from this place, you step ever more firmly and grounded onto your place in the New World, which is here now!


Peter fox 9th May 2013 8:22 am

Great posting Kara and very welcome and encouraging confirmation of
my own experience. Yes I'm feeling it and it's a full blown YES!
Thank you so much for your tireless effort in bringing this wisdom to us
all. Peter

Kara Demonet 9th May 2013 9:08 am

Thank you for your comment Peter. I appreciate it and you. Happy it resonated so strongly with you.


zoe 9th May 2013 11:40 am


COBALT 9th May 2013 6:27 pm

Thanks Kara. I appreciate it so much that you shared this with us. The isolation periods always seem to arrive at exactly the right time, and I always feel so relieved. :smitten:

starlightseeds 9th May 2013 11:04 pm

I experienced old wound came back suddenly, and also had too much intense teeth ache yesterday. On the other hand I received super high energies, that was nice but strong....
I can feel I could let myself just flow these energies and lights, and today I read your article and that encouraged me a lot, thank you so much.

Kara Demonet 10th May 2013 8:26 am

Thank you, Cobalt! It has been intense, so glad I can help in understanding what is going on. Many of us are together in this!

Kara :angel:

Kara Demonet 10th May 2013 8:31 am

Starlightseeds, lots has come up with this 2nd eclipse! And interesting, my teeth ached yesterday too! Super high energies indeed. Last night I had a switching out of old DNA with brand new strands. Flowing with it all is key along with the knowing that all is happening for us and not to us!

Much Love, Kara

mamta 11th May 2013 5:46 am

On 9th May early morning, I had a severe bout of diarrhoea, rest of the family were ok. Then on 10th May, I woke upin the middle of night and had severe nausea and discomfort. I was surprised, as I had no reason to be sick! or have diarrhoea. Well, i m tired this morning. Is it somethin to do with the eclipses, releasing of past etc...

Kara Demonet 12th May 2013 8:24 am

Mamta; it definitely sounds like this has to do with the eclipses, releasing as well as downloading high dimensional Light! Happy Ascension! :smitten:

Love, kara

Rainbow Princess 13th May 2013 3:18 pm

Thank you so much for this great message - explains alot! ie.various symptoms (yes me too with the teeth aching).

Definitely feels like I'm shedding old and new is coming in.
We're all in this together everyone - bless all of us!



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