Powerful Leaps Forward

Since March, in particular, we have been expanding, growing and changing exponentially. Each solar activity, each New & Full Moon has been extraordinarily intense, pushing us forward as if we have been riding a wave that increases in speed as we get closer to the shore. This past Full Moon has been incredibly powerful and still is. Many “ascension symptoms” have returned…intense ear noise, sleep disruptions, digestive issues, buzzing in different parts of the body, headaches, nausea and the list goes on. At the same time, we are more intuitive, more clear and are experiencing amazing dreams; be they releasing, healing or showing us a magnificent view of the shore. Many are leaving the planet, including many life forms as well. And now we are moving toward the eclipse on September 13th, which will be rather huge for us. We are actually not only feeling the last Full Moon, but are also feeling the build-up of the eclipse energy. It is pushing us toward making even more changes, if necessary. Enough of the excuses and feeling victimized; you either leap fully into being Love or you grow evermore miserable in old life.

There is more integration of our spiritual beliefs; in other words, if you aren’t walking your talk, you suffer. Why? Because it is just not enough to talk about it; we must Be it. Talking without acting is of the old. Many say they want their New Life, yet how many are willing to let go of what they know and who they are (based on their history) in order to allow New Life to manifest? Living our Truth may not be easy, yet it is extremely rewarding. We are put in touch with the Ecstasy of living congruently. We question nothing; seek nothing; for we have all within us. As we integrate the many and ongoing downloads of Light, we realize that we are ready to live the lives we’ve imagined and have dreamed about. When we don’t use the Light we have, it sits dormant. You need no-one or nothing outside yourself. You don’t need a community or a guru or a partner to be whole. These are choices.

With both the last Full Moon and the upcoming eclipse we expand in our Intuition and feeling-Heart, moving more away from the need to know what, why, how, where or who. Everything is based on feeling and resonating. We no longer can tolerate anything less or anyone who is still “playing dumb.” For those less aware, they too are affected by the energy; they feel it as emotional turmoil. They have drama and chaos consistently and they continue to blame others and circumstances, which keeps them in a self-fulfilled prophecy. This is because wherever one places their attention is what manifests. The awakened ones perceive challenges as opportunities to grow in Awareness. The challenges do not stop them; they continue to move forward with more Strength, more Grace and more Commitment.

While the energy peaks this month, manifestation of the transformational energies may not be experienced till October or November. Meanwhile, release what comes up (old anger is a big one), meditate, stay grounded and be open to what shows up in your life. Stay focused on how you want to feel. Let go of the details, for the details are born from how you choose to feel.

Be the Compassionate Observer with everything that presents itself. When you are in Detachment, there is great Clarity and you see and feel exactly what you need to do…or not do. Be aware of core issues you may have, which may come up to be healed (transformed to Wholeness). These are the areas that keep resurfacing in your life. Before you release it, ask what it is trying to tell you in regard to what is important for you to change. For instance, if you are lonely, what is the core issue? Is it abandonment? Is it a sense of not belonging or rejection? Is it a fear of abandonment or rejection? Go deep and don’t be surprised if something bubbles up that you previously had no Awareness of before. As you release the old, choose your New name based on how you choose to feel and create from.

This past week on my Facebook page, I asked people to choose a New name. These names could be an essence such as Love, Acceptance, Joy, Peace, Commitment, etc. and then live that New name in each moment, letting go of all history; just focused on the New Now. By renaming yourself you place ownership of what you are currently creating. You keep your focus on whatever name you choose for yourself. It keeps you from the addiction of analyzing everything and brings you right into the present moment, which creates the New. When you analyze and need to know why, you become stuck in the intellect, which only knows the past and what you have been told by others. More information is not your friend.

Be aware when you are resisting change or when you perceive that what you want and how you envision it coming to you isn’t manifesting in the way you thought it would. Let go of resistance to change and let go of control. Allow Divine Order to work through you. When you assert your ego-control, you will always be disappointed, for ego cannot create; only Soul creates. Align with Divine Will.

Let go also of defensiveness. Being defensive of your position always is ego trying to hold onto the old. If you can trace any defensiveness to a root cause/belief, you can then let it go. Being defensive is always you attempting to hold onto something you don’t want to release or change. Also be aware of when and if you are critical of self, others or something in the world. Trace it back to an old belief. If you think you’re better than others and thus are critical of them; this is judgment and is a subset of fear. So if you are in judgment, are you afraid perhaps that you are more like that which you judge or criticize? What is it showing you?

With the energies of both the Full Moon and upcoming eclipse, we are in a space between realities; neither here nor there. We are moving into a bigger reality, which brings more opportunities for Expansion into New Life. This will push us even more out of our comfort zone. Its potential is to be a real “game-changer.” It is therefore important to remove distractions from your life. The more you can keep your focus on living your spiritual life the better. Go with what is presented, for everything has a deeper message. Know too that as the eclipse draws closer, ear noise, Heart “fluttering” and more may become stronger. It is all in Divine Perfection. We are in a quickening. Get clear on everything and let go of anything that is not supportive, loving, nurturing or inspiring.

Do not push or rush things. Take your time; if you feel unsure, don’t take action. Instead, wait till you are 100% sure of your direction and guidance. Do not compromise yourself and remind yourself that you deserve only the best. This is an act of self-Love, so necessary now. Any time you give up your Power or settle for something that doesn’t feel right through and through, you are cheating yourself.

Much is happening in your sleep as well, so if you wake up exhausted, this is why. Also, if you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, realize that your body is integrating what you just downloaded. Instead of being frustrated, meditate. There is so much that is shifting and there is so much old that is dissolving. Let it be what it is. Let it be all right also to change your mind about anything. This includes plans and what others want from you. Do nothing to minimize yourself by thinking you have to please others by “not letting them down.”

We all have shifted so much that you may wonder how much more there is to go. This is when you can let it be what it is. Remember that we all are releasing many lifetimes of clogging attitudes and wounds we’ve endured. Each thing we have experienced always creates a belief. Beliefs create. This is why it is so important to take a look at our beliefs to see if they match who we are and who we are becoming. Trust that your Soul knows the way and is helping to free you from limitations. Your Soul is pure Love. What does that mean to you? Do you think it is possible to be nothing but Love, free to be whoever you choose to be?

Your Soul wants to assure you that you can let go and let be. Your Soul wants you to trust its Divine Wisdom. Your Soul wants to let you know that if you choose, you can allow your separate ego be your ascended ego: the vehicle through which Soul speaks, thinks and acts. When you get angry at separate ego, you only strengthen its separation from Soul. Love it and embrace it and assure it, as you would an acting-out toddler, that it is loved and it is safe.

Do trust that you are loved and guided and supported in all you do. Source loves you so much that you are free to choose whatever path you want.


xihuan 3rd September 2015 9:01 am

Thank you for your wonderful article. My ear tones have been going nuts and I have been dizzy every day for the past month, with Friday last week being the toughest. It is somewhat reassuring that this is just part of the process and I found a way to especially use the dizziness to locate blockages within my physical and emotional body that I then could easily transform by meditating on love being integrated and letting everything else go.
If anyone else is having similar issue, I hope this might help them too.
Exciting times...

Peter fox 3rd September 2015 9:11 am

Dear Kara- This is just(as usual) a perfect summation of where we have got to now. Although I am gaining confidence in my own discernment it's a
wonderful confirmation when i know we are pretty much experiencing the same things(in uniquely different ways!). Thank you!

Nitebloom 3rd September 2015 3:06 pm

Feeling this........yes yes and yes.....BLESS~~

debs go lightly 3rd September 2015 5:36 pm

Hi Kara, thank you. I love the clarity your messages always bring. Strangely, this is a lovely part of the journey - helping the ego to let go of the fear illusion confusion, the brain-washing, to let go of the need to protect me. Ego/mind is exhausted, but playing like a happy little child. Being in her love again.

I'm so proud of all of us.

Much love and golden light to everyone, Debs.

Deeni 3rd September 2015 10:11 pm

Thank You, Kara.

My ears haven't stopped ringing. I am also experiencing dizzy spells, and the idea of meditating through it is a great way to get through it. Thank you, xihuan. Wow, so glad to pick up that little nugget of help. Good to know about locating blockages from that too.

I have been spending as much time outside as possible, watching the birds, the clouds, listening to the wind in the trees, while meditating. I can see/feel the change happening in each moment. It is mindblowing!

I have been feeling really fabulous. Although there are times that I feel quite exhausted too. I automatically approach every situation with Love, and it is soooooo liberating.

Much Love, Light, and Inner Peace to All. : )

Kara Demonet 3rd September 2015 10:28 pm

Thank you everyone for your great comments! I appreciate them all so much and I appreciate you! Yes, we're all in this together.

Much Love,

MareGrane 6th September 2015 3:03 pm

Dear Kara, thank you so much for the words of wisdom. This is exactly what I have been transmuting. I am feeling and praying for a breakthrough. I see Joy coming in my life. The new name I picked for myself in meditation a few months ago is Raja. I'm feeling more comfortable with me.

Forever in the Light, Mary



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