Taking Full Responsibility for Who You Are

We have been working so diligently for years to bring about our, including Gaia’s, Ascension. When we have so many lifetimes to integrate and release, it has been no easy task. And this year the energies have amped up and sped up. We are going deeper and deeper, releasing that which is not Love and we continue to do that; all the while receiving high vibrational Light that activates dormant Soul Codes and Soul DNA. Each one of us has a galactic job. Some are helping clear others; whether that is one-one in a healing/wholing profession; serving as gatekeepers to usher in the high vibrational energies, clearing Earth’s leylines, serving as emissaries at many of Gaia’s major gateways and portals, as well as simply standing in one’s Truth, radiating Love to all. As we serve Divine Will, the Earth ascends as well and certainly we bear witness to that as we watch the many cosmic events, earthquakes, volcanoes and government collapses. All of this takes us higher in consciousness, so that our separate egos become ascended egos aligned with Soul as the server of Divine Will mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

We are empowering our Christ Consciousness leading to a more expanded Cosmic Consciousness. Our physical DNA is transforming to Soul DNA as we stand together as One with our unique paths and expressions; like a rainbow. Thus we usher in the Golden Age. Many, in their humanness and expectation, thought that December 21, 2012 was the date we would magically transform. When this didn’t occur we thought we messed something up (this might not be a conscious thought), and perhaps we felt, deep down, that we didn’t do enough or were worthy enough. This is the old thinking of shame and that we aren’t enough. Yet, what is important to know is that there is no time; it is relative. So what we might have thought was a missed opportunity was really a major push-through in the long journey of Becoming. Even though you might think this has been a tough journey, it actually has been quite gentle.

With each step we take we lay the foundation of New Life. Without a foundation, there can be no evolution into being Ascending Masters on Earth. And if we were to instantaneously be in the New, it would be too much to take. Many years ago, when I was teaching a class, a person declared that he wanted to have everything cleared from him immediately. He got what he wanted and ended up in a psych ward for six months, because it blew his circuits. As a result of that experience, he withdrew completely from anything spiritual. This was not an isolated event, for I have witnessed many others experiencing similar events so that they would retreat back into the old life. So slow and gentle is key, even though we feel time has sped up and we’re on the fast track.

Ascension is ongoing and we ascend according to our Soul’s Path. Many have ascended to higher levels of being, experiencing a dissolution of the Veil, manifesting their Soul Desires, are abundant, creative and on to new and expanded paths. Others are somewhere in between, experiencing the magic and miracles of higher consciousness and still dealing with what needs to be released. Others are just waking up and others are still asleep. And it just doesn’t matter where along the path you are. This isn’t a race to the finish, as there is no finish. The Flow is Now and has no beginning or end.

So, in general, I share that we are in a phase of clearing others’ energies that we have taken on over lifetimes. And the reason for this is multidimensional. Simply put, we agreed to take others’ lower energies on to help clear them; this pertains to the Gaians as well, who have taken on Earth’s lower vibrations. However, this has occurred because of a deep program of victim consciousness. And that is what we have the opportunity to clear now. We are not victims; we are not here to save or rescue anyone, for if there are no victims, in Truth, there is no saving, rescuing or healing anyone. (Wholing is the New “healing;” feel the shift?) This is the New Way. Each has the Responsibility to whole themselves and make choices based on their higher guidance. There are no supposed-to’s or shoulds, for we are sovereign beings of Light; no less than any Archangel or Ascended Master.

Victim energy is very deep and tangled within. Any time you perceive that life has served you a blow or you receive a challenge; that life is happening to you; this is victim energy. Any time you perceive that someone treats you badly or isn’t nice to you; any time you take anything personally; this is victim energy. And it is such a gift to recognize it, for then you can own it and release it. If you have judgment or criticism or are complaining of anything outside yourself, if you trace it deeply, you will find victim energy.

Any time you allow others to have power over you, this is victim energy. Any time you feel less than, you can trace it to victim energy. So how do you love it and let it go and then step fully into your Power? The first step is to acknowledge it. Then release it in the Sacred Rose (or however you release the old) and then bring forth an essence you choose to replace the victim energy with; such as Power, Love, Acceptance, Discernment, Joy, etc. Bring this essence within you (these are Soul Essences) and Be the chosen essence. When you no longer react to another’s words or actions; and you realize you create your life based on feeling/essence, then you will know you have released the last vestiges of victim energy. Of course, you know that victim energy is illusion, for the only reality is Love. Still, whatever is within your subconscious creates your life. So pay attention to your thoughts and what you say, for they will lead you to an inner, deeper and old belief…or a New expanded way of being. Your life shows you what is within.

Since this year is rather intense as we go deeper and higher, there are some things you can do to Be Flow. Know that change is an absolute in Ascension, so don’t resist what is presented to you to shift. Instead of reacting (goes against the Flow), respond (goes with the Flow). Reacting or being defensive is resistance to change. It is separate ego’s way to keep you in the old. Let go of your attachments and expectations to how things should be. Know that as your vibration rises, so does your consciousness and thus New life is manifest. And be as gentle and loving with yourself as possible. By filling your cup first, you then are able to fully give Love to others without even trying, for who you are is what others receive.

Know that we are still integrating the power of the Eclipses. We are receiving downloads of Light and this continues to shine a light on what is important to focus on, in terms of what you choose to manifest more of, as well as what is surfacing to release.

Another area that seems to be strong is that you have the opportunity to see that what you perceive in others is what is within you…another gift; and you probably notice how you are continually growing in your Intuition as well as your sensitivities. Your Intuition is quite strong the more Soul-merged you are; and the more intuitive you become the more you absolutely know that you have everything you need within you. Your increased sensitivity is all about your body becoming more light and crystalline.

Know too that this month will be gentler than April and yet more powerful in the revealing of Truth. It is a time to be very clear about what is important to you and honor your Integrity. Integrity has nothing to do with old and outer rules, but has everything to do with what resonates in your Heart.  This can also be a month when everything you intend expands. So be aware of where you are placing your energy.

Above all, know how valued and loved you are.


KT 7th May 2014 10:50 am

I do think your explanation of victim consciousness is too simplistic we need to have strong boundaries in place to honour ourselves and our path and be true to who we are and yes sometimes those boundaries are crossed and we need to recognise that and honour our own power and sometimes speak our truth and sometimes not, that does not always mean that someone who dishonours our truth or challenges our path is causing us to press the victim consciousness button it means that yes we are more sensitive to energies than before and we can more easily recognise lower energies/vibrations but we should never negate how we feel for that is the way and in my view the only way to clearing and releasing, we are only victims when we believe we are powerless!!


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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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