The 12-12 Gateway

This entire month is preparing us for an even more powerful next year. The 12-12 Gateway is just one more step of Power into being our Authentic Selves. Actually, there is no break between portals and gateways, yet they do offer a time in which to place our intentions and focus. Depending on where you are in your Ascension, this feels either freeing or challenging. The ‘freeing” is for those of us who have done the work along the way. The “challenging” may be for those who are resisting change. Of course, it is all up to one’s perception as to how it feels and perhaps it is a bit of both. When you perceive challenge, look and see where you might be holding on.

This Gateway will feel intense, either in its Freedom or in its challenge. Through all the work we have done, both inner and outer, we have been dissolving 3D/4D duality. That is such a relief. Most of us have done this by placing our focus on Unity Consciousness and Love, rather than being seduced by the worldview of duality and struggle. October and November were huge gifts for this very purpose, so December may feel lighter and this is because we see, feel and are experiencing more Light and more real Love. Many will breathe a big sigh of relief as 2014 comes to a close. We realize we truly are Divine and that we truly are creating our New Lives. With this Gateway we are expanding and filling up with even more Love…to Be and to share. We are more optimistic about life and we see how the many changes we have made have been beneficial for ourselves, Gaia and all of life.

We have been and are being gifted by tools for our mastery, which help us create anew; not just put a different face on old patterns. This is key. Don’t fool yourself by recreating the old in a different way. Be strong and see where you can step into uncharted waters to try on your new clothes. We will continue to restructure and anchor more firmly these gifts of mastery. The eclipses of October, which we are still in the energy of, did a great deal for us. As we look within and around us, we see how much has shifted. As you observe, you will notice that you are less attached to things you used to be so concerned with. Your body has changed, your habits are infused with choice and you might wonder where your “normal’ life has gone. Many are still letting go of their past by having memories of things that happened years ago and rather than assigning an emotion to them, we can view them dispassionately, which helps to release any pattern, belief or wound that was created then.

When we choose to jump backward into the 3D illusion through attaching to drama or the chaos of the world or by seeing things with 3D eyes, we wake ourselves up out of the illusion of doubt, confusion, dismay or disgust and realize we are much more than the little puppets we once were. What fun it is to have such Awareness!

I hesitate to use the term, that many have adopted, “the new normal.” Nothing is or will be normalized again. We will continue to grow, expand and evolve so that each day is a brand new opportunity to Be More. Each day of purposeful choice brings us closer to Soul-merge. We may discover that we have universal beliefs such as death, illness, aging, lack, work for a living and others that have been hard-wired for eons. Do you suppose that these are illusions? That may seem impossible, but is it? Aren’t we moving  from what we thought was impossible and into a time of anything is possible? Are you willing to see where your hard-wired beliefs are and begin to loosen your grip on them, allowing them to transform into possibilities and probabilities? Does God age? Aren’t we God-beings?

For years we have mentally dallied around with our Power. Now it is time to Be It! This means to stop doing meaningless things. If you don’t have Joy, Passion or energy-expansion for something, it is not for you. Be true to who you say or think you are. Rise up and Be More. See that every conscious and unconscious thought creates the next moments. We have transcended separation and that means we have stepped into our Power to decide and choose how we want to live.

Our journey is being greatly accelerated. This is not etheric only. This is real as it affects us mentally, emotionally and physically as well. In other words, it is time to get real and act from your highest knowing. If you are meditating and receiving the varied spiritual activations, it is important to walk your talk even more so. There is no avoiding the fact that we truly are the creators of our lives. No-one or no-thing is doing anything to or for us. We are in charge. This is another step into mastery. We are responsible for all in our lives, as well as for the energy we give off to others. We have awakened from the inside out.

Ask yourself, “Where am I going?” This isn’t to be answered in detail, because we don’t really know what lies ahead…or do we? In each moment we create the future. And it is not through our intellect that we do this; we do it with every feeling, thought and action we take in each moment. We are in a vulnerable place now; it takes great resolve and Awareness to keep our focus on the Now Moment, rather than being lulled back to sleep and stepping into auto-pilot. So it may help you to have some boundaries. What is it that you are willing to accept and what is it that you are unwilling to accept? Being loving and compassionate doesn’t mean that you are “supposed” to say yes to everyone that wants you to help them. You serve based on your Joy and Passion. It helps others know where you stand and helps them have Balance and Authority in their own lives. Some folks have not let go of their neediness or their refusal to empower themselves, so by you having boundaries greatly helps them as well, In fact, in most situations, it is more loving to toss the Power back to them, rather than have them give it to you. Stay balanced and put yourself first and then when you give, it will be from a full cup of Love with no resentment or the stress of “supposed-to.” Do you still feel that to be loving means you put yourself last and take care of, save, heal, rescue everyone else? This is of the old and is of separate ego. Ego then gets to say, “Look at me; see how many people I help?” And meanwhile you suffer from illness, stress, imbalance or however it manifests when you are out of Balance.

As you take care of yourself, you have more to give and are able to be a part of the Plan in a much bigger way, for you were born to serve Source. Your gifts help you and others. Others look at you as a role model. How you live your life is more important than all the words you teach. Do you flow with change or resist it? Do you share positively or vent your issues of victimhood onto others? Remember that everything is vibration. You are vibration. What are you sending out? One of our biggest jobs, that shifts so much, is to stay positive. This keeps your vibration high and affects all others as well.
During this 12-12 Gateway, be clear in your intentions and energy. And realize that this Gateway is not just occurring on December 12th. It is occurring now and the power of it goes to the next gateway of the Solstice.

You have reached a new level of integrating the high dimensional energies. With these energies come new information, new Awareness and an activation of the higher chakras and DNA. And while this seems etheric and esoteric, it is real and encourages you to step more deeply, purposefully and strongly into your Soul for your desired Soul-merge. Be patient with others (and yourself) for each is experiencing whatever they are ready for, as each of our paths are unique to us…based on where we’ve been and what we’ve agreed to before coming to Earth. Just know that we each have gifts and we each have a sacred path. Some know what their mission is and for some, it isn’t time to know. Remember, where you are is in Divine order and everything occurs in Divine Time.

Walk your talk, speak your truth and be all you have come to Be in this Moment. Let go of the outer worldview and know and Be the Truth.


Tiff 12th December 2014 6:15 pm

Beautiful. Thank you, Kara.

Kara Schallock 12th December 2014 7:20 pm


keryndawer 13th December 2014 2:14 am

Wonderful guidance, guidelines and questions to ask myself and reflect upon Kara. Thank you! You helped me remember that just a few years ago I felt that EVERYTHING in my life was an obligation, a burdensome chore. Wow, has that changed. Now nearly EVERYTHING in my life feels like a joy,a gift. What a profound change!!! Your message helped me realize how far I've come...and where there's still further to go.

:) :) :)


Kara Schallock 13th December 2014 3:56 pm

Dearest Keryn,
That is so wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. It is such a delight to see your shift into a higher place of Being.

Love, Kara

LivingOneVibrationalEnergy 15th December 2014 8:15 am

Hi Kara,

I've been reading your loving messages of spiritual guidance for a long time (and many of them have resonated deeply within the core of my Being); but I felt compelled to register at SpiritLibrary so that I could write a comment on your latest 12-12 Gateway post:-

I've been focusing (intensely) on integrating work and spiritual aspects of my life for the past month and haven't visited the SL website much. I woke up on the morning of 12-12 (not realising the significance of the date) and felt the most intense feelings of LIBERATION, FREEDOM and JOY (sorry, just had to write those three words in all-caps because that's how they felt to me!). "What on earth is going on?!" I thought. "I like this, whatever it is!!!" It felt like every cell in my body was ringing with sheer JOY....

LivingOneVibrationalEnergy 15th December 2014 8:16 am

I spent most of the day (at work) riding these wonderful feelings (like an exciting roller coaster); radiating this beautiful State of Being out into my world (until one particular work-related incident drew my attention) ... no matter - I shall not forget that experience in a hurry and realise that it will always be available to me through 3D memory and 5D experience ... and then a couple of days later I visit SL and read your 12-12 Gateway post! :-o

There are many spiritual advisors who fall into illusory 4th dimensional traps (I've read many of these posts on other websites); but there are also many spiritual writers who don't (I suppose it's a case of sorting the wheat from the chaff) ... no prizes for guessing which category I feel you belong to! :)

The point is that authentic posts resonate in spiritual experience - which is the ultimate confirmation that the things you write about are REAL.

LivingOneVibrationalEnergy 15th December 2014 8:18 am

Very interesting to see you write about next year being powerful - I've been having fun (for quite some time now) in the dimension of Archetype (integrating those experiences into 3D reality) and consider next year to be the Year of the Octopus (Octopus Being is a master of Infinity and next year is an 8 year (8 symbolises infinity)). You can explore her beautiful Being in a multitude of ways (Mandelbrot Fractal Geometry being a mathematical expression of her Being) - I intend to create a votive offering to honour this wondrous expression of Goddess energy (in silver) and throw it into the sea....

Love & Light,
(With tentacles of delight)
... )O( ...



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