The 2017 March Equinox

Feel beneath the words. Each word is an energy; and there is lots beneath the words shared here. Read between the lines. Feel with your Heart.

We are here at last...the powerful Equinox. If you haven't awakened yet, you will; and if you have, you will awaken more. You awaken to anything that isn't flowing and you get to change it! It takes prioritizing what is most joyful and important for you. If anything of the past bubbles up that is painful, perhaps it is time to let it go and choose a different way that is more aligned with who you are now. The Equinox is a time of celebration. It occurs March 21st at 3:28 a.m. on the west coast of America. It is a big leap forward to anchor the New. The New is created and now we take a big step in manifesting it in our own lives and in the world. There will be big movements as we go forward; in Earth and in us. It all depends on where your focus is. If it is maintaining the old, then that is what is manifest for you. If you, along with so many of us, choose to manifest Peace, Joy, Love and Abundance, etc. then that is what is manifest in your life. Create first; manifest second. As you meditate or rest and open up your Crown Chakra with the intention to receive, you will. Then you put it all into action. Remember that you are in the world, but not of it. You are an Earth Angel. As above, so below; as within, so without.

It does appear as though there is separation in the world; that of 3D and that of higher dimensions. How you choose to live affects all of enhances or degrades. It is your choice as to how you want to manifest. If you choose the higher dimensions (not just the 5th Dimension), then act accordingly. Visualization manifests; thoughts manifest; any way you choose to express Love, then do it. Remember that Love is much more powerful than fear (fear is actually an illusion, while Love is Truth); it dissolves fear. All that is not Love can then return to the Light for Transformation. Let go of separate-ego thoughts of why, when, where, how and who. These only delay you and send you in a downward spiral of ongoing, circular thinking. Instead, take a step toward being more Love. Keep your Heart-feelings high and have your thoughts match your feelings. Heart: feelings; ego: thoughts. By bringing them together in a high vibration, you bring separate-ego to be Soul's expression...its rightful place.

The Equinox is a powerful jump up and through. It brings more Balance. What is Balance; what does it mean to you? Balance is when all our bodies (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, etheric, astral and aether) all work as one unit. It is having all our chakras clear and connected as One. It is being in the Flow without interruption. It is being grounded to higher realms and to Gaia, serving as a conduit between Heaven and Earth. When we are balanced, we move up in vibration and we anchor the New. Anything that interrupts the Flow is of the old. We can begin a new chapter. To be in Balance, slow down, be simple and be aware of every thought and feeling. Be in Nature. Realize that everything is a part of you, even those things you might judge as not being a part of you. Everything shines a light onto what you've integrated or where you have stopped the Flow. Always look to see what pushes your buttons, for it is here that you can still see what wants release and transformation. Do those things that are only what you are inspired to do; these are things not based in old responsibilities, but on what is joyous and passionate. When you do, you step more into Balance.

When you celebrate the Equinox, you may be guided to leave your crystals out overnight to absorb the beautiful energies; if you live in the U.S. You may also place them in the sun, as our sun is a conduit for the higher energies of Source. Realize too that your intentions are echoed in all the sacred sites, temples and grid of Earth. 

The Equinox has the potential to transform any area of your life that is lagging behind. It has the potential to light up the New Earth Grid in a spectacular way. It has the potential to unite all as One Heart; Unity Consciousness. It is a passage, if you aspire to be more. It activates new DNA, a new voice for our cells and new expression for each of us. How do you choose to express yourself? You may embody your highest self in order to shine ever brighter. As we shine our expanded Light, it touches all Hearts on Earth, whether human, flora or fauna. We live by example; we are the wayshowers; we are the avatars. Together we are One Heart.

We are Peace. How do you express Peace? If you are against anyone or anything, you are not Peace. Peace is being Love. It is expressed through your Heart. The Equinox is feminine in nature. It is a full integration of the Divine Feminine. It is soft, yet powerful. It does not push or control. It welcomes with open arms. The Divine Feminine is within every life form.

The energies of the Equinox are peaking now, as they have been in the past weeks. Each passing day, the energy has amped up, and after the Equinox, the Beauty of this passage continues. This can lead to old energies bubbling up. Some of these might include indecision, physical adjustments and other things of the old. They come to our conscious mind to let go of them. We are challenged to stay out of busy-ness and circular thinking. Not clearing old energies is an attempt to be held back in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions, which are rife with separation and duality. This could result in not knowing what to do, being torn between trusting and not trusting, stress and confusion. You may see very clearly what works and what doesn't. While this pushes us to let go of our old comfort zones, it may be difficult to surrender to what we are not sure of and yet, this is what is asked of surrender to the New, even if we don't know what that means. What does it mean to leave duality and surrender to the New? It means that there isn't that push-pull many have been experiencing. We may experience a resurgence of duality in our lives. Yet, often it is darker before the dawn. Many may experience a return of old physical manifestations such as fuzzy eyes, a return of dietary shifts (eating things not so good for us and then shifting to what is nutritionally sound); ask your body what it needs in each moment and follow its guidance; and other manifestations of adjustment.

As we shift higher, lots of the old may very well bubble up. This all leads to a new anchoring of the New, once you let go and allow Love to flow freely into you. Follow your energy and trust. Just flow; no pushing and be simple. Love and care for you. If your buttons are pushed, please do not react, for then you attach to the old energies. If you do not react, you are free from perceiving yourself as a victim of others' projections and patterns. When you do not react, you can see what is yours and what is not. Being a victim means you are hooked by blame, shame, guilt  and attachment to being right, along with fear.

Trust that all you experience is for your highest evolution. Everything you experience you have chosen; whether Soul-chosen or by conscious choice. Be gentle with, play, draw, sing or whatever is fun and light for you to do. Whether you are alone or with others, it doesn't matter, for we are One.



Cheri 20th March 2017 1:04 pm

Beautiful, thank you!! When I first started connecting to the higher realms within, several years ago, the first words I heard were flow, flow, flow and know no woe. Since then, I have had to allow alot of grief to flow through me as well as everything else in order to simply become me. We are in the process of becoming one consciousness with all things, it is about transmuting all the sticky stuff until we are feeling the energy of everything just flowing through us without attachment. Still working on it (haha!!) but it is becoming much easier!! Love you!!

Kara Demonet 20th March 2017 2:18 pm

Hi Cheri,
Thank you so much for sharing; You're right; it gets easier. I love you too.


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