The Magdalen Gateway

We are in a most powerful shift. As you already know, we have had bigger and bigger shifts, one right after the other, with hardly any time to take a break in-between. The current shift is extremely powerful as it leads right up to the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. (8/8/2015=8/8/8). Eight symbolizes Power and certainly, Power to be all that we are is what we each are guided to be. The Magdalen Gateway, the shift we are currently in, helps us prepare for the Lion’s Gate by empowering the Divine Feminine in each of us. Please know that the Divine Feminine holds both sexes within and the Power is in manifesting our creations, which is a blending of both female (creativity) and male (manifestation).

The Magdalen Gateway brings with it the vibration of The Magdalene. Her main essence is Courage…Courage to transcend the small separate ego and step more completely into the fully integrated ego. having Soul and ego be One. In the past it seemed as though separate ego and Soul were in conflict. This Gateway helps the separate ego be what it is intended to be and that is the expressor of Soul in all ways. As we use the Power of this Gateway to merge as One (Soul and ego. and female and male energies), we prepare for the culmination of this Gateway at the Lion’s Gate. Each day brings more Light and more Power onto Earth and into us as we build in momentum. The Full Moon, our 2nd Full Moon of the month, on July 31 (in the U.S.) helps to further empower this Gateway. So you see, not only are we in one Gateway, it immediately is followed by the most powerful Lion’s Gate. And the energy will continue from there, as dates are only a guidepost.

We can feel the build-up, can’t we? Emotions are more intense and those lower emotions from separate ego are right in our faces saying, “Whatcha gonna to do about it?!” Well, what are you going to do about it? Will you play the victim to them or take a stand and say, “No more. buh-bye!” If you’re willing to drop your old people-pleasing patterns and step more into your Authentic Self, it helps greatly to move gracefully through this powerful time. It takes being fully honest with yourself and not holding back from others in order to keep your old mask on to keep the peace. Remember that when you stand in the Power of your Authenticity, it helps others do the same…if they choose to. Of course, they may choose not to and will become quite upset if you change the rules of the “game.” For you, you simply cannot abide games, lies or deception any longer. And you see right through those who choose to live their lives in a fake role.

Since the New Moon of last week, we have gotten more in touch with our Authentic Selves as well as through choices we’ve made. There may have been some big drama especially in relationships, family and our own version of security. The more intense it has been is equal to how fervently you and/or others are resisting change. If you have flowed with it and have observed, rather than attach to the drama or conflict, you have empowered your Courage to be more Authentic. With this shift, which is also part of the Magdalen Gateway, we have not only felt it emotionally, but physically as well. There may have been a big shift in your sleep patterns as well as in other areas of your physicality. Women especially may have felt it in their reproductive organs. all a part of the upgrade of the Sacral Plexus. This is a huge wave of Divine Feminine energy and the urge to heal any part of denial is present. There may be a return also of some headaches along with Heart energy in the form of palpitations, pressure or other manifestations. This is all a message to love yourself more. every part of you, for that is the message of the true Goddess.

Yes, the energy has been building and will continue to build, as if we are riding a huge tidal wave that continues to grow. This all prepares us for September’s eclipses. yet another huge wave of powerful energy. Stay on top of the wave and let it carry you, lest you get swallowed up in it.

I shared some time ago that the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light have passed the torch of guardianship to the Sirian Emissaries of Light. These Blue Beings are guiding us through our next Ascension years and eons. Part of the Blue Beings’ gift is the empowerment of the Magdalene and her Twin Flame, The Christ, as One…the Divine Feminine. Yes, they were/are of Sirius and is why this Magdalen Gateway is extra powerful. While the old guard has maligned Her, She and The Christ take Their place now as the Courageous One and this is a most powerful aspect of the Divine Feminine/Source. Please remember that the Divine Feminine is not about gender, for it holds no separation between female and male. This entire evolution into the Divine Feminine is guided by the Blue Beings of Sirius and greatly empowered by the current Magdalen Gateway. The Blue Beings of Sirius have actually been with us for a while now and have helped us rise in Christ Consciousness and will further help us evolve into Universal Consciousness, as our DNA evolves and we access our New blueprints. As you know, our cellular structure is slowly changing, which eventually leads us through different consciousnesses and into Diamond Consciousness eventually. the most brilliant of all. There are some now that hold this frequency, yet few really know this nor express it.

We are taking one step at a time, and the first step is to let go of all that limits us. This gradual evolution is important to build a strong foundation. When we are clear and when Soul and ego are merged as One, with no remnants of separation, we will continue to evolve into the higher consciousness levels. For now, it is important to just put one foot in front of the other and follow our Guidance. We will be led. So continue to meditate, release what is for you to release and if there are big changes for you, take them, for each step and each choice leads the way into the Lightness of Being. You needn’t rush things, so stay in the Moment and be ready to leap into the unknown when it is time. your Soul knows what is best for you.

As we each follow our Guidance we will be led to wherever we are meant to be. We will have new paths that are aligned with our evolving consciousness. Be aware in each Moment, for it is only through Awareness that we evolve and this Awareness helps you choose. When you say Yes! to the Universe, the Universe says Yes! to you. Be aware of the people in your life and for the messages they bring. Some will be painful messages and you will know that it is time to let go. Align yourself with Joy and you can’t go wrong. Joy is the highest vibration of all and without it there is no evolution. Remember that Joy is not based on anything outside of yourself. it is a Soul Essence within you. Now is the time to face your life honestly and be willing to let it go, if that is your guidance. Hold onto nothing. Be free. be You.


Mermaid Deb 24th July 2015 12:14 pm

Dearest Kara,
This is a very noteworthy article. Thank you for continually helping us see the path that we are on and to keep moving forward. This path can seem difficult when we are in our mind yet very wise when we are in our heart. Good to hear that they are joining together.
Golden Love and Light, Mermaid Deb

spiritdiver 24th July 2015 12:49 pm

Kara, Thank you so much for this exciting message. Everything you say resonates with what I am also picking up. Interesting, you mention reproductive organs. My period always primarily has fallen on the full Moon, (prob due to my Cancer Sun) yet over the last couple months it started shifting. Then fell on the New Moon this Month on my Birthday no dought, Trans Sun conjunct Natal Sun. I thought yes! this brings a good sign of the physical (along with the heart and mental) transfiguration at hand. :)

Kara Demonet 24th July 2015 2:15 pm

Thank you so much, Mermaid Deb! You are so correct; the path is difficult (if not impossible) when in the mind and so gentle and easy when in the Heart. The High Heart is where Heart and Mind are One...the marriage of Soul and ego.
Love, Kara

Kara Demonet 24th July 2015 9:42 pm

Spiritdiver, thank you! So blessed that you resonate with what I share and that it matches what you are receiving also.
Reproductive issues...for both men and women...certainly is about the Sacral Plexus being upgraded. So many wonderful messages come with all that we are experiencing. New Moon? That is such affirmation that your Second Chakra is renewing itself.
thank you for your comments.

Lorelei63 25th July 2015 4:02 am

Thank you, Kara - This is one of the most powerful and impactful articles, and really stands out for me. It is packed full of critically important information at this amazing time of letting go and standing forward ... whew. It really takes serious reflection and courage to realize that, we must own our sh_t and clear away this emotional debris. I find that the connection with how it has caused circumstances in our lives can be elusive and subtle, but can hit you over the head when you finally "get" it!! I am left with this question: "Without resentment and repression, who would I be?" SO POWERFUL. Hello, New Me!! : ) xo

Kara Demonet 25th July 2015 8:53 am

Thank you so much, Lorelei! It truly does take reflection and Courage to clear ourselves. Separate ego can be tricky, as some of our core beliefs have been passed down for generations in families and cultures and have become part of our DNA and cellular structure. Brave are we who can see the Truth. And indeed, your question is powerful; who indeed are you/we without the dross of the old?
Love, Kara

Lorelei63 25th July 2015 2:20 pm

Thanks, Kara - Love your response. : ) xo

vancarper 25th July 2015 4:17 pm

Kara, so much gratitude! I AM a Starseed and I listen to different channeler's. I meditate too. I am going through this round of ascension. Integrating my Higher Self, 5D-6D, Christ consciousness, etc. Anyway it is just nice to find another affirmation out there. I am in Key West, Fl and haven't run into anyone meditating outdoors as of yet. So doing it alone 3D but with so much help from my 5D Self, Archangel Michel, Jesus and Mary, Archturians, Pliadians, Salusa, Hypoborians, Sid ( Buddha), my Angel, the Aquatics, The Galactic Federation of Light, Celestial, Angelic, Gaia, THE CREATOR, the list goes on. I am feeling a million other expressions of the Creator going through this as well. I am seeing the Diamond crystallization everywhere. The full spectrum rainbow. In meditation I send attributes from mother/father God through this expression to Gaia's crystalline core. It is becoming diamond. Anyways there is much much more but thank you! And I am keeping a journal. Thank you again. Much love, light and luxury to us! I am excited, obviously.

MareGrane 26th July 2015 2:31 pm

Hi Kara, thank you so much for the truly inspired and insightful message. Everything we are doing becomes much clearer with every word as we grow closer to our most authentic selves. Peeling away the old skin has been painful at times but necessary for our growth. My birthday is 8-28 and I always go through a major internal shift from the first forward. This sounds exciting and feels perfectly right for me at this time in my life. I am truly being guided by the archangels and meditating daily for a clarity and insight. It is not just about me but what the universe is calling me to be which is part of the divine plan for me and us all. This time was chosen long ago for us by us.

Forever in the Light, Mary

Kara Demonet 26th July 2015 8:14 pm

Hi Mary! Than you so much for your beautiful comment. I resonate and feel very deeply all that you write.
We both are guided my Archangels, or I should say, we are both partnered by the Archangels and our very own Souls, of course.
I realize that every time I honor myself, I honor all others and help the Earth ascend, for we truly are all One; and yes; chosen by us long ago.

have a wonderful and powerful birthday.

Love, Kara


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