The New Now

Many wonder what this year is about; what it will bring. Is this the year we all live in Blissful Forever? Did the promise of December 21, 2013 finally bless us with the Golden Age? The answer is yes and no; depending on each person. As always this is a choice. There are a few hallmarks that may help us know whether we are in the New or simply living in hope and illusion.

First, to be ascended means we are timeless. The idea of a particular year is an old illusion. After all, the Gregorian Calendar, of which most of the world follows, was created by the Catholic Pope Gregory. Before that was the Julian Calendar, created by Julius Caesar what calendar was before that? So you see, the calendar is actually a human invention. We are not really in any year; we are in a continuum of space.

Since Ascension is about merging with Soul and our Home Dimensions, and our job is to infuse Earth with the higher dimensions, what purpose does time and calendars have? Well, we are living here and time and calendars are useful; and yet, can we live on Earth and yet not be of it? Are we not asked to be in the present Moment, for that is where all occurs? Have we been told that past and future are illusions and yet exist in the present Moment? Do you lose track of “time?” Do you forget what day it is? Isn’t time a perception? You might want to ponder this and decide for yourself.

Have we let go of attempting to label everything; placing things in a description box? And do we watch our words and thoughts and keep them in the Moment? Letting go of past tense words like “I should have,” “I could have,” “I used to,” etc; and letting go of future tense words like “I hope,” “I wish,” “I will,” etc. and bringing all words and thoughts into the present Moment like “I AM…,” “I choose,” etc. is a huge shift into the Present and into being ascended.

Have we let go of attaching to people, events and outcomes? Have we become Compassionate Observers, where we dispassionately view things in the Moment as is, without wishing things and people were a certain way? Have we let go of fighting against, which energizes the very thing we abhor? Do we still judge, still criticize, still feel victimized, still playing small?

While I could go on, you can see that we are still reorganizing, still learning, and still integrating, for this year is a continuation of previous years and yet, indeed we are definitely in a new space.I keep a journal and after a year passes (I use the word “year” because it’s a word we all relate to), I like to review where I was just a year ago and it always amazes me at how much more aware and conscious I am. We have made incredible leaps in just an Earth year.

We’re not done yet and there is no timeline as far as completion goes. What is important to know, however, is that where we put our attention is what is empowered. This year, if I may use a particular description of “time,” is really about empowering who we have become. We will continue to grow into our Authentic Selves and we will continue to let go of all that is not Love. And it still is an individual choice.

Much has occurred; we have had our Soul’s DNA activated, we have begun to express our Christ Consciousness, we’ve been rising more and more vibrationally and our consciousness has expanded leading to amazing lives. We’ve made changes and we have released a lot! Our bodies are becoming more and more clear as we’ve gone through so many physical changes as well (“Ascension symptoms”) through changing our diets and caring for our physical vehicles. We’ve done a lot; those of us who have been on our Ascension Paths for a while, and there have been many more who are joining us. And there’s more to come until we are completely clear. So this year and the years following, we will continue.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” the saying goes and Ascension doesn’t happen in a second for most (it does for some though). We are guided step by step into our evolution of being Ascended Earthly Masters. So this year is about continuing to rise into mastery.

We will continue to shift, we will continue to make choices based on new and expanded awareness, and we will create new lives. We will let go more easily without resistance and be more in the Flow. And certainly we will see that our lives become more refined and reflect the many miracles of magic as we do so. We will disengage more from the 3D illusion and strengthen living in higher dimensions while remaining on Earth.

Some wonder when it will ever end. Ascension is infinite and so it is ongoing. Our evolution does not end and as we witness our lives, we see the Beauty of transformation, for how we view ourselves is how we view the world. We will still live in the world, but be detached from it; not being concerned with what is going on “out there,” and being more concerned with what is happening “in here.” For we know that as we shift within, our perception of the world shifts out there.

There is a danger in judging the world. If it is not where you think it “should” be, then you might decide that nothing is happening. Let me tell you that so much is occurring. As you pay attention to your own growth, your perception of the world will shift as well. And through your New perceptions, the world reflects them back to you. We might even become so attached to our old ways that we don’t realize that we’ve shifted, and so continue to live in the old when in Truth, we’re in the New. Let it go and choose to do things in a completely different way.

Be open to change, be open to new ways of thinking, acting and being. Feel your life. Choose a new way. No one is doing this for you; you are a powerful, sovereign being. It is entirely up to you. Yes, we have our Guides and Angels. They cheer us on. They are our partners. Know that those you partner with vibrate similarly to you. No-one is to be placed on a pedestal. Each of us is right where we are perfectly, so there is no comparing. All serves as a mirror. If you admire someone in the physical or out of body, they mirror Who you are in Truth. Our job then is to rise to the occasion by seeing just how grand each of us are.

Realize too that while we each have a purpose in life, it is mostly about being all of Who we are and shining our bright Light. This is how others also rise in vibration. It truly is a choice as to how we want to express our Light. We are urged to do that which impassions us and elicits our Inner Joy. For in that way, we rise in vibration and Love and that is radiated out to all others. We are learning that saving and rescuing others is of the old, as we understand that each being is powerful in their own right to choose. When we see others as a Light and powerful, we understand that that is the greatest gift of all. As we seeourselves as Light and powerful, we offer this gift to all others.

So, as we continue to expand in this new cycle, be in Gratitude for all you’ve achieved and for who you are now, who you have been and who you’re becoming. Remember that being in the New Now is being in the Flow, where you are effortlessly guided to your next steps of being an Ascended Earthly Master.


Peter fox 6th January 2014 6:16 am

Lovely Kara! A joyously unfolding New Year to you! Lots of love. Peter.


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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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