The New Now

While most celebrate the “new year” labeled 2016, I see that separating years is a reflection of the separation in us and Source. I choose not to play in this game of illusion and rather view it all as a continuum. There is no separation between last year and this year. We continue to evolve and release just as we did “last year.” So rather than buying into the hype of “the New Year,” I view all as the New Now. There is more Awareness and more truths and lies revealed now, be they within, in families, in society or globally. With everything, you are the ultimate Authority, so that rather than accepting all you hear and read, check within for Truth. Also realize that we all are in different phases of Ascension, so I speak of our potential. Do honor where you are and then take a step forward.

Look deep within yourself and see where you are enslaved by certain familial and cultural illusions. Ask yourself if you still want to play in the illusions or free yourself by stepping away from convention, even if it means you step away from being a part of something and more into being your Authentic Self. This is standing in your own Authenticity & Power. It takes Courage to not play in the old game. Old structures and beliefs and illusions and patterns are revealing themselves, so that you can choose to either keep them or let them go. We continue to let go of our old stories that have kept us in old energies of guilt and shame. Isn’t it time to let them go? Can you choose now or do you need a shake-up or catalyst to get you to change? The choice is yours. Remember also that anything that looks like it happens to you is actually created by you. You designed everything in your life so that you wake up to the Love you are.

We are moving more strongly out of our comfort zones and as this occurs we walk away from any silliness and living on the surface. During this time, one may feel uncomfortable, which is a sure sign you are stepping further away from your comfort (old familiarity). Surrendering and non-resistance helps you not cling so fervently to the old you. We are more and more becoming New and it simply isn’t familiar. By acknowledging the change in you, along with anything it brings up, you surrender to the Truth and to the New. You can avoid it all you want, yet avoidance is also resistance and both create pain. It is much like the hermit crab, who looks for a new home, exposed and vulnerable, because the old shell/home is too small to be in comfortably. We are the same. While we transition into the New, we are vulnerable; yet this vulnerability is the opening of our Hearts. This is when you trust that all is flowing in Divine Order. As you focus on Love, all is taken care of.

Many state “love the pain and the shadows.” Yes and then ask how you want to feel. If you hold onto the pain and shadows because they are what you know and you like being their victim, you will continue to create your life from those. By loving (accepting and being responsible for all you have created) and then releasing and choosing a different way of being, you evolve. Realize you are worthy of a different way of living. Honor Who you are. Be your Authentic Self. This means letting go of the old limitations and being fearless in who you are without excuses or the fear of being alone.

When you deny anything, you are not being authentic and you empower separate ego, rather than strengthening Soul. This creates more pain, because when you do not honor your Soul and instead continue to embrace the old (separate ego), you resist your evolution into being more Love. By pretending that all is O.K; when deep within you know it is not, you create more pain within you and all around you. Be and speak your highest Truth. Be aware that all you share either keeps the illusion going or transforms it and everything around you. Your life is only a reflection of who you are within. This is consciousness.

Face without fear all that you discover within you, your family, your culture and the world. Dive deep, for playing on the surface simply will not do anymore. Do everything in a deeper way; see beneath every word and situation, feel more; do not run from confrontation; rather, see what it is showing you. You needn’t react or become defensive. Be still and go deeper into Truth. If you do not like what you find, let go without defensiveness or reaction (these are ways your separate ego keeps you from releasing the old). Be objective and own what you discover. As you do, you evolve. Everyone has an opportunity to change, evolve and rise in consciousness. We are in the New Now, where anything is possible. So, do you choose to remain in the linear, dualistic old or are you courageous enough to be more?

During the 12:12 Gateway, we received an upgrade in our ability to merge the spiritual with the material. This is the merging of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It is manifesting what is spiritual into physical form; bringing Heaven to Earth. One without the other is incomplete. This is feeling being merged with doing…Feeling first and then taking action. Now we are experiencing ongoing manifestation based on consciousness and this is a major adjustment for many of us. We at first acted without feeling; then feeling without acting; and now we balance both. This is the Sacred Marriage; the Balance between the two.

We have removed so much and have been in a phase of Purification. Now we are called to completely walk our talk…act on our inspirations. We must come fully out of the closet, for there can be no more hiding; we must step all the way into our Power and our Truth. While we have been so focused on letting go, we must now balance it with being our Authentic Selves in every thought, feeling and action. We are called to put complete focus on our Soul Presence without pretending we don’t know or offering up any excuses. You do not need to explain yourself to others who might not understand anyway; just be who you are in Truth. We are in the New and it requires each of us to live our fullest potential.

This is a time of no-seeking; but of all-knowing... Don’t pretend you don’t know. Only you can know the Truth of you. By knowing that all is in Divine Order and Divine Time, you can let go of the distractions of the old Earth. Every time you groan and complain about this or that, you empower the old within you and also within the Earth. In other words, you stop your evolution and that of Earth’s. As we continue into this New Now, we may have our limits challenged. Everything calls you to pay attention to what is going on beneath the surface. In this way, we can experience profound breakthroughs into manifesting our New paths and dreams. When you focus on this rather than on duality (good/bad, right/wrong, etc.), you manifest where you place your attention.

There can be a major collapse of those things we thought were true in the old. After all, we have blindly followed what was told to us. Now we can wake up and choose for ourselves. This is a time when our Love expands exponentially and that is to live unapologetically in our Truth.

In this New Now, many will make some very big decisions in order to truly step all of the way out of duality and surface-living to being their true and Authentic Selves. It is best to choose before situations force us into choosing. Any time we avoid choosing it only makes it more difficult if we procrastinate. Remember, too, that everything is designed to move us forward. Let go of any dualistic thinking such as, “They are bad (or good);” “That is wrong (or right);” or “This is awful (or good).” All are gifts that are catalysts into being more.

The sands of the New Now are shifting right below our feet. It is a perfect time to be clear about what you create, for nothing is set in stone or unchangeable. It is very important to make conscious choices in every area of your life. This includes relationships, jobs, health and all areas of life. In the old, we would just go along with the program and never question it; it is entirely different now. These choices will either prompt you to go deeper into that area or will prompt you to leave it. As you let go of the old world “rules,” you are free to choose. Go deep into each area of your life and if you find anger, fear or resentment instead of Inspiration, Love and Joy, what does that say to you? You are supported in whatever you choose.

Have a higher perspective; view your life as if you’re an Angel. What do you see? Can you let go of convention and the old rules? Can you claim boldly that you are Divine? What does that mean to you? Many throw that word around without taking the time to discover the Power within it. Being Divine means you are Source/ Soul/I AM. What does that mean to you? List some words that come to you to describe your Divinity.  One might be Limitless; another might be “fully awake;” and another might be Perfection. And yes, in this very Moment, each of us is perfect. Perfection doesn’t mean the end. It simply means that in this moment of timelessness all is in Divine Order…and then we take a step into being more. Nothing is static; everything flows and shifts and changes.

Follow your guidance and energy with everything. You might discover that what you had previously planned doesn’t resonate anymore. You can change at any moment. First you need to take a step into it and feel it, then you can decide if it is right for you or not. Do not force anything and let go of doing something, even if it no longer resonates, to please others.

We are integrating the New and as we do we can see where we are still playing in the old game. We can then let it go and choose how we want to be and feel instead. This calls for some challenging choices; yet each of us is equipped to face anything. We wouldn’t have created it if it was beyond our ability to experience and transform it. As we continue step by step to be more New than old, we create more Love and Bliss in our lives, which flows out to others as well.


reva3s 6th January 2016 4:07 pm

This message is so helpful and inspiring for me right now! I've finally made the decision to leave my boyfriend of 9 years, and even though it's scary, it's what I need to do for myself. This helps so much! Thank you!

Peter fox 7th January 2016 4:47 am

Thanks,Kara- perfect,as usual! So much changing and moving so quickly now and no attempt to even remember as things just keep flowing and
getting better and better. Yes,some disruption but much better at "almost enjoying it!" knowing how further elevated we feel afterwards. In any case
the "angelic overview" is starting to feel like it gives us the ability to "transcend" pain even as we release it!? And yes a great "deepening" into the
heart bringing forth what you have described as an exponential growth of love. Feels like a new platform to start living from. Thank you,Kara-lots of
love .....Peter.

Liza Elliott 7th January 2016 11:37 pm

I printed a copy of this just so I can sit with it and MARVEL at the Truth of every single word!

Each word a key in doors already open. Flowing. No Separation or other sides of the door. Oneness All. Amazing!

Thank you so much, Kara!


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