The Power of Bringing Heaven to Earth

May has been gentler, yet deeper in excavating the old and activating higher vibrational Soul Codes, all the while being grounded. Being grounded is so very important, for it is our task to bring forth the high dimensional Light and anchor it onto Earth, through us; in other words, bringing Heaven to Earth. Because of this, we have had to clear our own density in order to receive and anchor the Light. And don’t we know it! It hasn’t been easy to awaken fully and see what is blocking the Light. As we awaken more and more, we see exactly what is not Love as we disengage from the old constructs that “puppetized” us. Can you believe how numb we have been and how we never questioned anything before our awakening?

Know that our chakras play an important role in all this. The lower three chakras regulate our mental, emotional and physical bodies and help us stay grounded. They have carried a lot of old patterns and karma and so our release is mostly about these lower three chakras. They have served us well…in the old. Our upper chakras, with the Heart being the gateway between the lower and higher chakras, are the ones that receive high dimensional Light. Our job is to allow that Light to infuse our lower chakras, which helps bring Awareness to what needs to be released, thus the vibration rises in the lower chakras so that there is a flow between all chakras. Grounding is receiving Light through our higher chakras and bringing it through all chakras and then into the Earth. This grounds us to Heaven and Earth…bringing Heaven to Earth. This, simply put, is what we’ve been doing and as we clear and rise in consciousness, life shifts to the New.

Many are transitioning out of their physical bodies to complete their work elsewhere. Many are still asleep and operating in the old matrix, which holds it in place, while those who are awake and in body continue to focus on Love and Transformation, which has been slowly but surely building the New Grid of Life. Sometimes it may seem that we will never make it and we see how much there still is to do and yet, we’re doing it…one step at a time. And we are being heralded as heroes; have no doubt that every bit of dross that we release and every act of Love does much to bring forth the New.

In the month of May many new portals opened throughout Earth, bringing forth high dimensional Light. People who live in those areas then absorb the Light and distribute it along the New Earth Grid via the leylines, whether they are conscious of that or not. Do you see how important it is to clear all your chakras? For unless we are clear of the old duality, the Light becomes stuck. This is why there has been so much change and release occurring. It is all very purposeful. The infusion of Light continues without stopping in order for us to continue to release and transform the dense energies of the old…for ourselves, others and Gaia. It begins and ends with us. Resistance to any change in one’s life makes this transition difficult. So be the Flow and allow.

So what will June bring? Many will be challenged in any area in which they have not become aware of yet and/or have not allowed transformation. One important area is childhood and all that got projected onto us at that time. These are patterns which did not begin in this lifetime, but brought forth from other lifetimes to finally heal and whole in order to choose a different path. When one becomes aware of the beliefs and patterns placed on them by family and culture, one can then choose to let them go and be free to choose how they want to live their lives. As one then has a vision of free life, it is created step by step. It is not a quick process, so be patient.

It helps to be detached and in dispassionate/compassionate observation, free of judgment whether something is right or wrong, and in doing so, one is free to choose in Clarity. Realize that when you choose for yourself, you choose for all others as well, for what one does or feels affects the whole. Letting go of blame and shame, brought forth from the old beliefs of thinking that things are the fault of something “out there,” we take Responsibility for all in our lives. As we do that, the blame and shame are dissolved and absorbed by the Light (which is Divine Love). Placing Responsibility elsewhere is based on an old ego (separation) belief of being a victim and then we give our Power away to institutions, parents, karma or what have you. Being fully Responsibility is taking your Power back and when you do that, you truly know that you are the creator of your world and the world at large; that life doesn’t happen to you, but by you.

Trusting yourself and your own answers is essential. As you do so, you empower yourself and transform the “what if I’m wrong?” debilitating belief. Trust your knowing and guidance. Seek within first and then if you need confirmation, you can ask another whom you deem wise and you will see that you had the Power of Truth all along. And in this way you continue to empower your own knowing. You begin to trust yourself more and more. And this Trust reaches into all areas of life…the fact that you can heal yourself; that you need no-one else to tell you what to do or how to be and your Discernment becomes so strong that instantly you see others clearly and can discern Truth from fiction.

As you rise in your own Power, you release any fear, control or manipulation from the old matrix, and thus you release it from your own self as well. When you choose to value yourself, no-one can interfere with who you are and your chosen Path. You are becoming incredibly strong as you stand in your own Power. This is because you are a spiritual sovereign being…a Warrior of Love. And as you stand in your Power, you automatically release and transform old family karma and wounding. You need not have a particular disease because “it runs in the family.” You need not continue a pattern of dysfunction, abuse or fear; you are a Warrior. You create your own life…if you choose.

Because we are in the New and our consciousness has shifted to higher dimensions, we are free to choose; free to create. We’ve broken the chains of karmic life. Realize too that because you’re in a higher vibration, you cannot recreate old 3D forms. You can’t go backward even if you want to recreate what was once comfortable. It is all new now. Old forms are done with. We create new fluid forms that will continue to shift as our consciousness continues to expand higher. If you try and hold onto the familiar, you will realize it just doesn’t fit and it will be very uncomfortable. I suppose we’re like the hermit crab who outgrows its shell and continues to grow, creating new and larger spaces to hold its expanding form till it’s time to move again. We are continuing to evolve; there is no end goal.

Take a moment and look at your life. Notice how different you and life are. Perhaps nothing looks like it has shifted in outer life, yet as you look inward you see you simply are not the same person you once were. If you’ve always been a planner, you may see that plans are not set in stone and as you perhaps make a loose plan, you see that it shifts into something else. And as you stay in the Moment, Divine Providence brings to you the perfect next step and thereby, any plan you make shifts according to your consciousness and it always is perfect. If you’ve always been a worrier, you come to realize that worry is wasted energy and based on something in the future. As you pull your energy back to the Now, worry dissipates and all unfolds according to Divine Providence. If you can see all of life as “it is what it is,” you truly set yourself free. As you focus instead on the essence you want to experience, and you see that that takes precedence over any plan or worry based in the future, you see how New Life is created. So let go and allow your Soul to lead. Ego will follow if given the chance.

We have transformed ego-emotions to Soul-feelings. We have let go of controlling our lives to allowing our lives to unfold according to our consciousness and our Soul’s Guidance. And because Soul is so much stronger, due to our diligence in allowing and not pushing, life becomes a perfect expression of who we are now. We are powerful, free and creators of New Life.



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LordJesusChrist 4th June 2014 10:24 pm

The Good Force be with you!

Nice posts, Kara! Thanks for sharing & keep it up!
Yes, the perfect truth is we have the power of bringing Heaven or The New Jerusalem in our New Earth!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen!
:smitten: :) :coolsmiley :angel: :thumbs:


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