Unity Consciousness...The End of Duality

Realize that all are in different phases of their Ascension. What is shared here is the potential of all sentient beings. So look truthfully at where you truly are, and then take a step forward.

Most important is for you to be honest with yourself; for it is essential for your true rising as a Divine Being of Love. Being authentic is being true to your Soul; your Divinity. Your life will reflect to you your truth. If one is defensive, it surely is separate ego attempting to hold them back in the old. If one is judgmental, then that one is also of the old, anchored in the duality of right/wrong, love/hate, good/bad and so forth. The potential of Now is that duality is dissolved and Unity is the way of the highly evolved being. And it is true that we are anchoring more and more of our Higher Selves; our Newness. There may be those in your life who will rebel against your New self. Let them, while you maintain your loving kindness, realizing that all have a choice. The schism between New and old is quite prominent now and as you disengage from battle, you strengthen the New within you. If your separate ego is begging you to engage to prove something, either ignore the urge to be pulled back into old behaviors or write it out. Journaling is a powerful healing tool.

Since the eclipses, we have slowly but powerfully moved more and more into our new space. For those reticent to address some of their deeper core issues of dross, it may have been a difficult time. When one ignores what surfaces, it only goes deeper and continues to create life. It will resurface again and again until it is accepted and released. It takes Awareness, Acceptance and self-Responsibility to do so, and most do not like it when these things surface. Why? Because it is of the old and our natural state of being is Love. Yet, it is truly essential to let go of all that is not Love; not simply ignore it. Ignoring does not release it. It will continue to create circumstances in order to get your attention. Since we are holding more Light and more Love, the old issues will become more and more painful, for the old duality cannot coexist with Love.

Regardless of what is occurring around you, realize that you are in a whole New life. If you are not conscious of this, you may continue to act as if you are in the old life of duality, which of course, keeps you in that tenuous state of straddling both worlds, which can be quite confusing and detrimental to your ongoing Ascension. Know too that when you are in proximity of lower energies, you may feel confused and doubt your worth. This is the time to be strong in your Love. To do this, you may have to disengage from others as well as from the outer world. Yes, the outer world can tell you what is still within to accept and let go…or what to empower. Because we are so much more in the New, the outer can actually erode how far we’ve come. This disengaging, if we choose to do this, allows us to be stronger in Love and to strengthen the foundation of the New. When you are firmly in the New, you want to only be with others who support your New You, rather than have it be chipped away with subtle judgments and other lower energies of duality. Love yourself enough to step aside and not engage or fight, because that does nothing but empower the dark.

On May 3rd we receive more anchoring of the New through the Full Moon of Wesak. This upgrade will help us balance, even with all the changes happening in personal and global life. Remember that we are building, step by step, our New lives of being Love. Be patient with yourself and stay in the Moment without old expectations or busy-ness (which keeps you from receiving the messages that help you move forward). Every event in your life, whether in a dream or waking life, has a message for you. Nothing is random. All is designed to move you forward. Resist nothing and go deeper within each event to receive your message. It could be what is still left to review and a choice to change or it could be a new way of being or a new direction. Be the Compassionate Observer, detached from what your mind wants to do…put it in a box of old understanding or experience…and see what message you’re receiving. All occurs for your highest evolution. Of course, it is your choice to disengage or to dive deeper.

Since the eclipses of March and early April, we have continued to receive downloads of high dimensional Light to help anchor Unity Consciousness (the end of duality). Solar activity has helped with this and now that the sun is being rather quiet does not mean that we’re not receiving high dimensional energy that flows from our Galactic Sun…as we receive through our own sun the downloads from Source. When the sun is quiet, there is a deeper transformation occurring, much like the deeper and quieter movements of Earth. It affects our deeper, unconscious core beliefs, so it is a deepening of our transformation. And when it seems all is at a standstill and quiet within us, it does not mean we have stopped growing. Much goes on beneath the surface, whether it is us, the Earth or the sun. Stillness is not only a time of integration and rest, it is also a time of really deep shifting.

We are moving into a time of more Wholeness and Peace. There is more observation, rather than attachment. As you maintain your center, you integrate more of your Christed Self, so remain observant, yet detached, from what is occurring in life. Be of Compassion, which is detached Love. It is a Love greater than the smaller love that we have known, which is strife with expectations and hoped-for end results. Real Love has no judgment, attachment or expectation; it is neutral and it is Who we are. Since 1987, we have slowly dismantled the old paradigm and have very slowly and perfectly created a new foundation that is built of Love…and we continue to build and we continue to dismantle any of the cracks or weak places of which are not solidly Love.

During this rather short period of time, relatively speaking, we have brought forth the Divine Feminine as we have let go of the rougher edges of the masculine patriarchy. The Divine Feminine is all about Unity and Love and Flow. The patriarchy was about duality and push/pull and separation. Feel the difference within you and you will know where you are. It is not either/or, for that would be more duality; it is a gentle movement that helps the patriarchy become One with the Divine Feminine; a marriage of God and Goddess…Unity Consciousness.

As we continue to shift, so does Gaia. We are not done yet and neither is She. Remember that when the Earth releases energy, She reminds us to do the same. As we shift; She does; as She shifts, we do. Stay in your Center of Love without attachment to what is good or bad, but rather be in Acceptance that all is in Divine Order.


Liza Elliott 3rd May 2015 3:44 pm

Thank you for a wonderful read, Kara! This is a nice place to be. . . as is your website! :)
May we ALL know Peace. May we ALL know Love.
May we ALL be Peace. May we ALL be Love.


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For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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