We're On the Move

We are in a place now in which we are moving rather quickly into a new space of being more New than old. More Soul-merged than ego-based. in Oneness more than dwelling in duality. On a personal note, since everything is a message, let me share with you just a few things that have occurred in the past 24 hours for me. A dead limb from my tree fell (yay!) and my bank destroyed my old bankcard because someone had purchased something I had not. This is a perfect example of an easy release of what no longer serves me (the dead tree branch) and a new level of Abundance (having to get a new bankcard). What is your life showing you?

This is not to say we’ve “arrived,” for there is still more to let go of, yet it is easier now than it has been. We are more focused on serving a purpose than merely living out our lives. Some have arrived, fully immersed in Soul, while others are still in the struggle. Some are straddling the old and New worlds. Wherever a person is is just where they are and there is no judgment in this. Clearly it is very easy to see where a person is in their consciousness through Intuition and the words they speak. I personally see this very clearly and honor each one for their chosen path and I also see where that path takes them and yet, it is not for me to correct or guide them, for that is insinuating my path onto theirs. Gone are the days of rescuing, healing and saving. These are ego-trips. to think we can save anyone is to say they can’t do it themselves.

Realize that Ascension is ongoing and infinite. While some use words like “mastery,” what is mastery? Is mastering something the end point? No, it is not and it is an illusion to think that mastery is the end of the trail. When one has mastered one level, there are more levels to “master.” While the Solstice brought forth a great leap into New Lives, it is not the end-point or culmination of anything. There is no end or beginning. life is a continuum going from old to New and beyond. Therefore, there is no “mastery.” We continue our upward spiral into being Divine and growing infinitely.

All we have is this Moment. All we need is to be aware in this Now. Everything will be presented for us to either energize or release. Being in this space, we know exactly what to do…if we take the time to see what each Moment is trying to tell us. When we pay attention to how we feel, we will know. If you feel peaceful and expanded, that is a message that all is fine with where you are in this moment. If you feel doubt or if something doesn’t feel quite right, go deeper and see what your message is. Sometimes fear tells us something isn’t quite right and sometimes fear tells us we’ve entered a place outside our comfort zone and it may be a good thing to follow it, even if it is uncomfortable and unfamiliar. In fact, feeling uncomfortable and unfamiliar may be the best place to be, for there is great growth in this. We just do not know the future. all we have is this Moment to feel our way through. No choice is wrong. each choice takes us on a path and in time we see what that path is. This takes radical Trust in ourselves.

We have been working diligently to transcend separate ego for many years, eons really. And we have been doing a great job! Now it is more important to focus on what we’re creating anew. We are more Soul-merged. more Divine. than we’ve ever been. This is not to say we haven’t been Divine all along. it was just hidden beneath layers of fear-based thoughts and actions. We’ve released many layers so that we can hear and act on our Soul’s Guidance. We can more easily see what old patterns we have held. many passed down for generations and lifetimes of being led by the nose in total darkness. There is now so much Light that we can easily and clearly see the path of Love.

Ascension is no longer something in the future. it is right here and right now. It is more challenging to stay in the old than it is to be in the New Now. We are in a place now that instead of saying we are ascending, we can say we are descending. What this means is that we have reached the higher dimensions of multidimensionality and are bringing it into our physical bodies and onto Earth, for that truly is what Ascension/Descension is. We’re not going anywhere. Our mission has been to bring the Light right here right now. As we embody this high dimensional Light, we effortlessly share it not by proselytizing as in the old way, but by authentically being ourselves. This is more than enough, for others are raised up by our Light/Love.

We are becoming stronger in our Light Essence and for the rest of this year we embody and integrate more of our natural state of Being. We continue to be recalibrated and reorganized mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, as our Divinity is fully in the driver’s seat. The Solstice, along with the immense solar activity that has been occurring, helps assure us that indeed we are who we have been meant to be all along. All that we are we share. We aren’t concerned whether another “gets it” or not, for that is their choice. What is important is that we come from a place of Love. Love has no expectations or attachments. It simply is. Love is authentic. Love is who we are and therefore, all of what we say and do is of Love…to the degree that we have revealed it within.

The most powerful thing to embrace is radical Trust and Faith. that every step we take is ordained by Soul. No longer do we have to limit ourselves by fear…fear of change, fear of something new, fear of rejection, fear of leaving the comfortable and familiar. We needn’t fear anything in life, for everything we experience is designed to help us evolve. When we thought we were victims of circumstance, we never saw it this way. Now we can clearly see that nothing is random and that we created it to help us evolve. This is the full impact of self-Responsibility. And I love it, for there is no shame, no blame and no excuses. It is fully my expression and experience and it all leads me Home…to Me.

As we surrender to the Grace of Flow and Acceptance, our cells and DNA let go of old programs. If our minds still want to spin stories from the intellectual memory of old beliefs and patterns, well then, that is a choice too. It needn’t be that way, for deep within we are changed. Yet if we have the Courage to see those old stories as false and illusory, we free ourselves to be authentically Divine. It is a choice and it takes being in the Moment and in full Awareness. Do you see how we’ve shifted 180 degrees? And this will be stronger and more integrated over the rest of the year.

Each time there is a new gateway/portal opening, such as an Equinox or Solstice, we have a period of time in which we go through a recalibration in order to integrate the high dimensional light that entered us. With this last Solstice, much solar energy accompanied it, which makes this recalibration more intense than usual. Instead of groaning about it, give thanks, for it means that we are receiving and integrating more Light and Love. This can be experienced as anxiety, except it’s not anxiety. it is an amping up of our energies. This new expanded energy is positive, as we can move finally rather than feeling stuck in some old patterns. We can take a step toward new missions and a new way of standing in our Truth. Take care of yourself in the best way you know how. This may include Earthing, deep breathing, drinking more water, taking Epsom Salt baths and in whatever way you are guided, so our most recent recalibrations can integrate gentler. Resistance to it in the form of complaining or blaming or being too focused on physical ailments prolongs the passage. Realize that the Solstice and solar activity bring forth Light Codes of energy from the Galactic Sun (Source) and this does much for our central nervous system, consciousness and behavioral patterns. Along with feeling “anxious,” you might also feel jittery, nauseous, forgetful and have Heart phenomena…or if you flow with it all, you may experience none of these things. It all depends on what is for your highest evolution.

We are definitely shifting and changing. Our cells are releasing lifetimes of old memories and emotions. These may or may not come up through dreams and memories of trauma. The flares help residual energies bubble up so that we can release them and choose a different way of being. As old cellular memories surface into the conscious mind, we may experience grief, sadness, anger and other lower emotions and we may not know why or where they came from. We may even blame life “out there.” Don’t look for a cause or reason. just release them. your cells are doing the work. You may feel periods of being really hot, which lasts for a few minutes, because the hidden energies are burning off. All of this helps to bring more Awareness as to changes to make in order for your New Blueprint to be realized.

As we become more aware, it is best to place attention on what you want to create or how you want to feel. For instance, if you focus on feeling free, the details are energetically created, so that all one has to do is to focus on the feeling. It is so much simpler in the New. By focusing on feelings, the separate ego does not busy itself with managing the details, because you bypass separate ego. In this way, all manifestation is taken care of by Source. It only requires you to put your energy where you want to grow. You will manifest whatever you focus on, including  what you don’t want. We all know by now that what you focus on, you create more of. All energy is electromagnetic, so doesn’t it make sense that it responds to whatever you’re thinking and feeling? Electromagnetic energy creates without judgment, passion or desire about the outcome. it simply responds to your own energy field.

With the increase of electromagnetic energy through solar activity, there may be a whole new set of what has been referred to as “Ascension symptoms.” Some may have been experiencing these for a while as well. They include, but are not inclusive, changes in sleep patterns (sleeplessness or “knocked-out” sleep), timelessness, inability to remember certain words or events, vertigo, nausea and definite moments of euphoria and excitement (without a so-called reason). Your ear buzzing, if you have it, changes pitch and loudness, especially during a solar flare or download/upgrade. You might have to pee more and have a runny nose, which is unlike you. There is a lot of releasing going on and there is a lot of Light integration occurring. However it is for you is designed specifically for you, so comparing yourself to someone else doesn’t really help. While we may have unique experiences, we truly are in this together, so you definitely are never alone.

Just know that while the Solstice is over, the energy it brings is not. We are in the fullness of it and the Light continues to rearrange us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This is a time to play and celebrate and be Joy. Everything else is being taken care of. The lighter you are, the easier it is. We are in the phase of enjoying our lives, for that in itself does much to remind us of the beautiful beings of Light we are.


Peter fox 26th June 2015 11:12 am

Wonderful Kara! Your messages are always so re- assuring as,somehow,despite the simply amazing progress we know we are making sometimes it just doesn't feel that way. Well,you know what I mean! Thank you so much- you are brilliant! Love Peter

LauriLumby 26th June 2015 11:37 am

So many things releasing and so many "new" (but things I've known with my heart for a LONG time) things coming in. One of the recently letting go-s was the idea that I need to reach a global audience. One of the ways this manifested was in my laptop hard drive crashing and losing my video recording functionality. I've been struggling to replace the software and nothing has worked so far. Just yesterday it hit me, my audience is RIGHT HERE is little ole Oshkosh, WI. Most of my paid-for subscribers are here. All my students are here. Even my e-course students are here. What am I doing trying to reach a global audience when I have access to half-a million people right in my own backyard?

The great things that are finding a place - a Sunday service, a full curriculum of courses (supporting people in their self-actualization), a subscription meditation newsletter, my blog, a women's business networking group.

Great Things happening!

Lauri Ann Lumby
Authentic Freedom Academy

Kara Demonet 26th June 2015 11:41 am

Thank you, Peter; yes; it does feel like we aren't making any progress...until we look a little closer. <3

Kara Demonet 26th June 2015 11:49 am

How beautiful, Lauri! You are doing some wonderful work and as you touch your community, the energy flows out globally. So wonderful that you get your message! If you are to reach out globally, you will know, for you are guided...all is in Divine Order and Divine Time.

Just by being aware and going through the open doors, rather than banging our heads on closed ones is the perfect way to follow our Soul's Guidance.

Much Love and Gratitude for you and your work!

debs go lightly 26th June 2015 6:57 pm

Thank you Kara, your words are really helpful and gratefully received.
As I read your message I was reminded of wise words from another wise being -

Don't make it a mountain, just walk lightly across the plain.

Much love and golden light from Debs.

angelpie 26th June 2015 9:01 pm

Hi Kara,
Been following your work and always look forward to your posts. Just curious as to why your user name is Kara Demonet - seems to have a negative connotation to me. Thanks for responding!

Kara Demonet 27th June 2015 9:24 pm

Thanks Debs! Yes! "Don't make it a mountain; just walk lightly..."
Much Love for you too!

Kara Demonet 27th June 2015 9:26 pm

Thank you Angelpie.
Actually, Demonet is a beautiful name; it means "of Mary."

zorro 29th June 2015 5:50 am

This is very encouraging!

As ascension is "ongoing and infinite" it is a delight to see the "Muster-y" of lightworkers, the ability to muster the courage to move with the flow of things within a thinning "Mystery". This forward movement, "on the move" creates a self and group "efficacy". This strong sense of efficacy is snowballing to the point that new attempts by old 3 D patterns and behaviors set to undermine it, no longer are having an effect. This is marvelous to experience and witness!

angelpie 29th June 2015 5:48 pm

Wow Kara, I didn't know that. My maiden name is DiMaria which means 'of Mary' in Italian. No wonder you resonate with me - no coincidence of course!

cyndy 29th June 2015 7:36 pm

Zorro, loved your comment. Yes, it is palatable now and is gathering speed to move faster as it goes. Oh YES!


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