1-11-11 Gateway, Life in 5D & Teleconference Ascension Class

As I write/channel, it is a little past 11 a.m. I am feeling an onrush of energy around my Solar Plexus and Heart. The energy is so big that it feels a bit like anxiety, and yet I know it is not anxiety…for that is an old term that we oftentimes lump everything into that feels bigger than ourselves; to categorize anything that is New within (categorizing is a 3D activity).

So I breathe through it and realize I am connecting with the many Souls who are receiving from the 1:11:11:11:11 Gateway. If you add all the ones, it comes to a 9, which is endings. Yes, it is a continuation of endings, as we step further into a higher version of ourselves.

We are in a Gateway of Power on this day, or at least we are invited to walk through. Envision a Gateway with Archangels and Ascended Masters waiting for us on the other side. The other side is not behind a veil; it is clearer than 3D; crystal clear. The Gateway is beautiful, with Light surrounding and infusing a decorated Gateway that looks like a marriage archway bedecked in flowers, vines and multi-hued ribbons.

The Gateway is supported by glistening white pillars that are there for our grounding of the high vibration energies and the promise that it is safe to walk through. The Light Beings on the other side beckon you to walk through for a marriage of Heaven and Earth; Body and Soul; Divine Union.

As we observe our lives and the world, we notice that much is not purposeful for a transformed body and world and is in the process of dissolving. What is up for you to release, release it gratefully and gracefully, for any resistance to letting go/letting be is sure to cause pain. In this year, more will leave and more Divine Love energies will be available for the Sacred Marriage of our current selves and our Soul’s highest expression.

This Gateway and the others to follow (initiated by the Solar Eclipse of last week) will continue to awaken more and continue to lift us higher and higher into a realm of Love; of Oneness…a place in which we see and experience only Love, regardless of what it looks like in the 3D world. All we have to do is receive and follow our Guidance. The Gateways help us to balance and align ourselves with the higher vibration of each Gateway. The vibrations increase with each Gateway, bringing us to a crescendo of vibrating Divine Love. Soon we will not even remember our old lives. We will only bring forth those memories of Joy and Love; without the details. Stepping through each Gateway, we will feel changed forever.

As part of this upgrade, we are asked to place our attention on our highest Divine expression; that of our Authentic Selves, along with what we intend to have our lives look like. Know that this particular Gateway is the jumping off place of experiencing our Divinity, and hold within our Hearts the highest vision of the world and all of life. As we step through the Gateway, know too that anything that isn’t of a high vibration is removed; anything that is not of Unity; that of duality. Ask for the Archangels to help, for they are most plentiful and powerful at this time. Instead of calling on just one, call on them all, for each has a particular energy and purpose to help the different aspects of our lives.

Know that in this year we begin a new evolutionary step into Unity Consciousness. In the past few years especially (although we’ve been preparing for many years), we have done much work in releasing the old; enough so that now we can take the leap forward. Our 12-strand DNA has been infused and activated and our new Body Grids upgraded so that our lives begin to reflect a new world of Love, Unity and Peace.

Staying in the Present Moment and acting on our Inner Divine Guidance further anchors the energies of this 11:11 Gateway. If you feel no guidance is coming when pondering a path of action, know this is a message to be patient and wait, for things are aligning for those next steps to be taken. This requires trust and faith and is often when little ego asserts itself and pushes you to action; any action…and yet, this is not Divine Action and is not to be taken. Making things happen, controlling, and strategizing are all 3D; things of the past.

Any action taken in this fearful way cannot survive in higher dimensions and so will be short-lived or create misery and mishap. Remember 3D; that of duality; cannot exist in the higher vibrations…it is why many things are being dismantled now. Folks clinging to the old will definitely feel the discomfort of doing so. And know that ‘can’t’ is no longer an excuse our Souls will tolerate.

I have noticed that in this past week, much has felt as though it was standing still. This happens when we are integrating a large energy and are being aligned. I have also noticed that I have slept more deeply and longer. It is often that we do our higher work in dreamtime. Some may have felt disconnected and a perceived standstill of their Path. If this describes you, be heartened in knowing the energy of today helps you move once more.

The energies of today are doing much to support the creativity of our Souls. So, do know that any guidance, intuition or inspirations can be followed and are supported by our Souls. To further enhance this forward motion, write out your New Story, beginning from today. Be born, write out your New childhood, who you are, your Path and so forth. Use language that is present, staying away from words like will, should, intend to, etc. Keep it all in present language.

To integrate the New it is essential to bring it into everyday life. Saving, feeling sorry for, having pity are all 3D energies. Instead, view everything as perfectly aligned for the transformation of ourselves and the planet. Compassion is of the New, while saving, pity, feeling sorry for…all is of 3D. Compassion is allowing things and people to unfold in their own way, and that includes ourselves…realizing our Souls are in charge. See everything and everyone in their highest Divine form; that is the most powerful and loving thing you can do and is the most powerful form of ‘wholing;’ not healing/fixing. Drop all blame and taking sides; see everything as whole; this is Unity Consciousness.

As far as physical symptoms go, as we shift from carbon to crystalline beings, we may experience headaches and ear ringing. This is the regeneration of our 12-strand DNA, the enhancing of our 3rd Eye and Pineal Gland, and the enlarging of our Crowns in order to receive and integrate all of the energies of our New Divine Selves. Be aware of buzzing in the body, along with flashes of light. Being amped up with energy, itchy skin, skin irritations and being energetically depleted (exhausted at times) are all in line with our transformation. Deep breathing, listening to our bodies as far as how to care for it and reminding ourselves that all this is happening for a Divine reason truly help.

This year is one of strengthening our consciousness with the knowing that we are the creators of our world. Know that the Guides you work with are not above you, but of you. To place anyone on a pedestal is to dwell in separation and duality. Our Guides and we vibrate the same; otherwise, we would not be able to connect. We are not subservient to anyone!

In closing, be reminded to trust your Inner Self and that whatever or whoever leaves now is absolutely aligned with your rising consciousness. May you know how grandly you’re loved and honored.




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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