11-11 Gateway

As we come upon 11-11, the power surge of 10-10-10 is felt even stronger. Each day after 10-10-10 our Souls have become stronger, so that this Thursday, we may look back on the past month especially and see that we have been pushed past previous ego limitations. This may look like lots of our buttons have been pushed emotionally, financially, with even survival issues coming to the forefront. We have been privy to what we really hold to be true and have had the opportunity to make adjustments.

May we be reminded that not only are we in non-linear time (one logical step does not lead to the next logical step), but we are non-linear as well. So while we may feel we are making great strides for a few days, we may get stopped dead in our tracks in order to take care of perhaps a piece that we might have missed that surfaces to be released. It is also clear that we each are on our own timeline and consciousness track, so what one person believes is true, that truth may not be appropriate for anyone else. This is a great example of our own mastery; no one can tell us what to do or how to be, but us! If we give our power to another to tell us who we are, it can result in confusion, for we are switching from being dependent on outside forces to tell us who we are to being autonomous and sovereign (while being One).

However, allowing confusion and being calm throughout, we are led to Truth. This takes trust in knowing that the cobwebs will be cleared as we stand in the center of certain chaos. Remember that all challenge or doubt is illusion and as we stand in our Soul’s strength, they dissipate like clouds on a windy day. We are no longer puppets. We stand strong in our Faith. As we do, we are led to the next big wave of energy; that of 11-11, which takes us to more of our potential. Using the power gained in he last month and the resolve to stand in our Power, we may feel stronger as more of what we thought was true is actually dissolved.

Know that 11 is when the Angels are present and so this 11-11 Gateway aligns us with the Love and Power of the Angels. 11-11 is also a code that is an actualization of our 12-strand DNA. What does that mean in every day life? In a word...more awareness. Why do we want more awareness? Silly question, but important...in order for us to break through and out of any lingering illusions that keep us in the dark, or ignorant and blind-folded. The Archangels are the ones closest to us, as that is their job...to guide and encourage us in our Power (never to give it to them, though). In many ways, 11-11 will feel more powerful than 10-10-10, because 10-10-10 activated the latent DNA upgrade in our Trinity (body, mind, Soul), and 11-11 actualizes it. And so we continue on this Path of Clarity and Power for the next six weeks, when we again meet an even more powerful portal (more on that closer to the time).

Of course, how each of us experiences the energy is a personal choice. By attuning to It through meditation and ceremony and welcoming the energy (instead of dreading it), the more we can integrate the Love more gracefully and gratefully. And all this leads to our next year, when anything left that blocks our Light is completely removed; all that will remain is Love; Love is Spirit/Source, and therefore will be reflected in our personality, our Soul and Absolute Godness. As we let go and allow ourselves to be in the Void of all possibility, we reclaim our high consciousness and know the powerful Love of being One with and as Spirit.

Our cells have been renewing and regenerating and any time we experience the ‘old,’ it is an automatic cellular response that pulls us back...it is the old energy in the cells that is being removed. This is why staying in the Moment and being as aware and conscious as possible is so essential, as it strengthens the new consciousness that is in our cells (not yet complete). So when the old comes up in the guise of guilt, fear, doubt, etc; rather than judge, allow it; witness it and watch it dissipate, all the while being in that still place amongst the confusion, but aligned with the Angels.

If we can stay centered and observe when an old ‘truth’ comes up, we have the opportunity to let it go and allow the space for New Truth to come in to replace it. What we are pulled from, allow it; whatever we’re guided toward, allow it. And the only way we can tell the difference between old truth and New Truth is to be in the Moment in full awareness. Letting go does not need to be painful; it’s only painful if we are trying to hold on to our comfort zones and resisting the change. If at first it is painful, let it be and you will notice it doesn’t last even for a day. And the reason it’s painful at all is because it’s the last vestiges of cellular memory.

As we release the last bit of control, we get to ask ourselves who we are becoming; are we leaders or followers; are we seekers or knowers; drones or queen bee; victim or victor; healing or whole; dead or alive? Who are you in the New Truth? Do you feel different; like you’re more you? Do you know why? It’s because your Higher Self is anchored, or nearly so, into your entire being. That complete Divine Being is Who you are. Our Higher Selves know where It’s going and through all the work we’ve been doing, we can trust It to lead us to our New lives. Why would we resist that? Surely not because it looks different from what we’ve always known.

In our old lives, did we feel fully loved and understood? Were we in Joy 100% of the time (no matter what was going on outside of us)? Were we plagued with inadequacy, worry, shame or guilt? If you answered yes to any of that, wouldn’t it be more grand to never experience any of that again? To help our Higher Selves/Souls along, resist nothing, control nothing, use discernment and honor your Integrity.

11-11 also represents yet another powerful wave of energy in which we may let go easily of outmoded relationships, habits, belief systems and karma without a lot of resistance. Of course, the awareness we have available to us also comes with a conscious choice. What do you want and what don’t you want in your life? 11-11 brings the clarity to choose. Yes, 11-11 is a symbol; a powerful one that leads to greater awareness, so that we can shift even more to a more enlightened consciousness, which affects every area of our lives. It serves as a bridge to the place we’re traveling to...enlightenment and mastery.

We have the opportunity to spiral up and out of 3D living. Be aware of the timelessness in your life and how every moment presents an opportunity to stay in duality or move into Oneness and multidimensional life. 11-11 helps move us into an evolutionary leap forward...as we surrender our ego-beliefs. What might they be? Putting faith outside of ourselves...believing media...that cold season is upon us; economic downfall; fear of those different than us; terrorists, greed...and so forth. What do you want your world to reflect back to you? For me, I choose to see Love and that within every challenge or ‘negative’ story, there is a gift of awareness; of Love. And actually, energetically we are no longer in 3D!

While those of us who have been on the Ascension Track for awhile, we may experience times when we feel we’re here and times we don’t. We may feel as though our eyes have been cleared of foggy film, so life looks and feels very different...things that used to bother us before, don’t now. Deepak Chopra writes that, according to Vedanta, here are two signs of enlightenment...you stop worrying and you encounter more synchronicity (thanks Cindi). Familiar?

Yes, we are catapulting into a new level of consciousness. We are being blessed with more intuition and clearer perceptions, along with the balancing of our left and right brain hemispheres...being whole-brained (like the dolphins). Oneness will have more meaning and we will gain even more insight from observing the world. There will be more of a balance between our male and female aspects, which helps to sharpen our mind with the wisdom of our Heart.

In fact, while the focus for the past year (at least) has been on the Heart and feelings, we are now moving to a place of balance between intellect and feeling; Heart and Mind; feeling Truth and then putting it to right action. The New Brain. Notice how your thinking is changing. And of course, we still have the choice to be servants of Love or servants of fear. We are choosing whether to have power over or power within. The power within is God Consciousness as our only Source of Guidance.

As we embrace our own shift, our Oneness opens the portals throughout the planet. I encourage you all to join the millions around the world who will be activating he 11-11 portal of pure potential on Thursday at 11:11 your time (am or pm). May we all choose Love; only Love. 



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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