11/11 Gateway

Never before have I been so strongly urged to write Ascension Notes as this one. Tomorrow, November 11, is the most powerful Gateway of all. It is why I’ve been suggesting to do a final cleanup of old patterns and beliefs and to use the sacred power of Forgiveness to release ourselves from the attachment to duality. Many of us have had dreams of people in our past (especially), as well as have had people resurface in our lives both physically and symbolically so that we can forgive them and ourselves to free us in order to step into our multidimensionality ascended selves. At the same time many have also experienced a heightened expansion of who they truly are and have felt the energy of their Souls so profoundly. I have suggested that this time leading up to the 11/11 Gateway has been a time of preparation. We can see this entire year has been about release and now we can see that we are about to step onto the threshold of a New World, created by us. This 11/11 is the final download of this year.

The purpose of the powerful alignments of 12/12 and 12/21 is to anchor the Ascension energies gathered all this year onto Gaia and us. Of course, there is not an automatic “poof” on a particular date and we completely ascend, for it takes a while for all the energies to assimilate and reorganize themselves, so have Patience with the process and be in the flow of the energies that have downloaded during all the Gateways and other times we’ve been receiving. It is not a time to abandon all we’ve learned either, just because it is the final Gateway (of this year; not sure what next year brings,) but it is a time to be absolutely in our Integrity and Impeccability as masters; creating, knowing and being all that we are.

Of course, this will be unique for each person. Many will continue to awaken, integrate and release the old. 11/11 is the potential  we all carry of just how far we can go. It requires us to be authentic, congruent and walk our talk. It calls for great Compassion for ourselves and others; not judging another’s path as better or worse than another’s or our own.

11/11 is for Ceremony, which sets an intention to step fully into our empowerment and as always, it is based in choice. We can let it pass and therefore, feel no different. Yet, if we align with the power of this Gateway, we are infused with tremendous support for the Grand Transformation. It occurs gradually and requires us to not look backward, but to observe the changes in ourselves in the Now. Many will be doing meditations and Ceremonies, so know that as you do, no matter what time or where, you are connecting with others and forming a powerful grid of higher purpose. This then radiates out touching all, no matter where a person may be in their Ascension; even if a person is clinging to their old beliefs and thinks this is all a bunch of nonsense. It doesn’t matter; simply stay focused on being your Authentic Self.

Back in 1992, I led a Ceremony in Boise, Idaho to activate 11/11 energy. What I didn’t fully know then was that that Ceremony opened the 11/11 Gateway/Portal in our area, while other Ceremonies around the world did the same. It is this Gateway/Portal of 2012 that completely empowers the ones we opened in 1992, and will remain open till everything is complete. I am told in this moment that we may revisit this Gateway/Portal any time in the future, especially when we need to tap into the energy of it. Also know that this Gateway is not in one location; it is a global Gateway; a grid; linked together at many different places of power, as well as other places, and people who are holding the Light. Can you see that?

The eclipse on November 13 will add its energy to this Gateway as well, making it even more powerful, and creating a continual loop (it looks like the Infinity symbol)between Gaia and Source, us and through all dimensions. This enhances the Oneness between Gaia, us, higher dimensions and Source; no separation.  Since the Full Moon of October 29, the energies have been building in preparation for this. Our Hearts have been expanding in order to receive and BE Divine Love, and Unity Consciousness has been more integrated on the planet. While you might look at different areas on the planet and certain events and think they are not embodying  this; know that they are, it just may not be visible yet. Trust this. Also know that we are the wayshowers of this time and it is essential that we hold the consciousness of Divine Love and Oneness always, in spite of what others say or do. There are many who want no part of any change and they will attempt to ridicule or judge. Pay no heed and know who you are.

This 11/11 will (and already has) create a huge expansion in our Awareness and Consciousness. Many of us are already experiencing this. We also realize that life is not limited to Earth in that Angelics, Ascended Masters and other benevolent beings are reminding us to see beyond Earthly realms. This is the meaning of “the veil is thinning.” Believing something only if we can see it is of the old. In the New, there is a Heart-knowing whether something is aligned with our consciousness or not; we don’t need proof.

This powerful month we will have deep adjustments, attunements and wholing. This is true for both Gaia and us. This is ongoing with a few power boosters along the way: 11/11, two eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, New and Full Moons; and because beyond the Earth there are no months (timelessness), we continue into and beyond December with the 12/12/12, 12/21 and more. While this may sound intense, it doesn’t have to be. By now, we’re used to the intensity and body shifts, and have learned that as long as we surrender and allow the Grace-Flow to carry us, with no resistance, we are carried on Angels’ Wings through this power time. As we do this, we become stronger in our Heart/Soul and negativity and anything of duality simply dissolves in our Light. If you do have old emotions that come up, recognize them for the gifts they are and release them in the Sacred Rose; and remind yourself of the Truth.

As we will be more in-Light-ened, we may see aspects of ourselves we haven’t recognized before; gifts we haven’t explored and a sense of just how loved we are. We will step more into our true Power and take steps to integrate it more. At the same time, many more limiting beliefs will dissolve, leaving us free to create fluid perceptions, if we wish (not to exchange one belief for another, however). We will be more Compassionate; not really caring if a person is right or wrong; good or bad and so forth. We will see that it is what it is, be in Acceptance, and that certainly shifts the forms, does it not? We only hold old patterns in place by our unwillingness to let go of our beliefs about them.

The gift of the 11/11 is that we are moving into a new consciousness and higher vibration, which affects everything in the world. As we hold this vibration by being the silent, strong lighthouse, all things begin to match our vibration…like a tuning fork. How quickly or how this happens doesn’t really matter and we’re not in a race. Whether it is gentle or harsh depends a lot on us and what energy we are expressing. Love creates more Love; fear creates more fear.

We are encouraged to step fully into our Grandness of Actualized Beings of Love. As we take our rightful place, our consciousness expands and creates a life we have only dreamed of. In this, we realize that the only obstacle is in our perception that it is one. Obstacles are illusions and dissipate when we detach from them and do not empower them. Instead, let us perceive them as gifts that lead us Home.



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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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