Since 10-10-10, we have gathered in many numbers with a sincere Heart to bring into us and out to the plethora of Life upon the planet great Light. And so, 12-12 is yet another golden portal, connecting the Great Pyramid portal with that of Australia and South America’s Peruvian Gateways, creating the Trinity. For on 12-12-10, there will be the number 33; the Christed number; a part of the Trinity...Body, Soul and Spirit. This energy then is completed on the Solstice, which is a 3; the Full Trinity.

Three brings balance and so helps us balance out the intense energies of the last three months. The 12-12 Gateway helps ease the many emotional and physical symptoms of the regenerating of our bodies into greater peace. Because of this, we can then not focus so much on ourselves, but on the Unity of all of Life. And yet, so many still will feel the ongoing phenomena, especially in the ears, teeth and 3rd Eye. Our Hearts expand as well, as we feel more Love, Forgiveness and Acceptance of ourselves and others. This may also be felt as heart pounding and ‘butterflies in the heart.’

By doing ceremony and meditation, connecting to the Crystalline/Christ Grid, the New Consciousness Grid and our own Evolving Body Grid (again, 3), we enhance the harmonization of the energies that have been continually streaming into us. The harmony and peace brought in by connecting consciously will bring more peace, openness and ease into our daily lives. The reason for this is that we are settling and acclimating to our new consciousness; thereby, our new bodies.

Even during this Season of Peace, Love and Great Light; of preparing to celebrate the Solstice, along with family and friend gatherings, we are in peace and awareness, which we share with others. This is the energy of Love. The quality of Light we bring into us during 12-12 is also broadcast to all life forms and is integrated and transformative within us bringing an even greater awareness of Who we are. During each point of alignment during Solstices, Equinoxes, Moon phases and eclipses, we create openings and all of life is touched as we gather physically or etherically with others in celebration and ceremony.

Alignment during these times of Great Light helps the Light flow effortlessly without impediment. And this helps us create new and shared realities, touching all...even those who know nothing of ascension. And so, the Light we are in touch with at this time is doubled.

Those of us who honor and take conscious part in these Gateways help prepare for others to effortlessly join in. Our focus helps the new energies become stronger, so all may feel the shift from 3rd to 5th Dimension.

On December 12, there is a powerful download of Christ Consciousness; and this is the birthright of every being. Christ Consciousness is nothing less than God Consciousness; the knowing that we are One as Spirit/Source/God.

On 10-10-10, we were able to fully access our I AM Presence and on 12-12 we anchor that awareness. If we choose to connect at 12:12 pm or am tomorrow (12-12-10), we will do much for the final clearing of 3D ‘reality.’ We will be able to ground our new multi-dimensional selves in a conscious way (for in reality, we have always been multi-dimensional). And this, along with 10-10 and 11-11 merely prepares us for the final push from 3D illusion into the 5th through 7th Dimensions of the next two years, as well as the full manifestation of our Trinity on the Solstice.

While this affects us as a whole, we will especially be able to see how this new consciousness creates a newness and innocence in our relationships, work and other aspects of life. And so tomorrow we not only anchor the new consciousness, but prepare for the big gateway of manifestation on the Winter Solstice/Eclipse...the full manifestation of the Trinity; Body, Soul, Spirit. Do you see how we’ve been slowly building to a crescendo of I AM Presence?

12-12, being a 33-day, is an activation of our I AM Presence within our Hearts. And this anchors into our entire body. If we have felt as though we have been somehow stopped along our Path, it is ‘all systems go’ now. All is aligned now for us to absolutely know (not believe) of our Infinite Power...that of Divine Love.

The biggest energy that 12-12 brings is expansion into Joy with all veils being removed and the absolute knowing of our Divine Authentic Selves. Ceremony aligns us even more powerfully with this beautiful, unhindered energy of our Infinite Divinity. 




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Kara Schallock

For the past twelve years, I have focused on sharing about Ascension and the time we now find ourselves in. This has evolved into the Ascension Notes, channeled from my Soul. They are practical guidance for those awakening to their Authentic Selves. I have helped others connect with their Souls through Soul Transmissions that help others be guided into stepping fully into their Authentic Selves.


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